Until last night, Big Brother All*Stars has not been living up to its name.

Some have called it plodding or predictable. Lynette Rice of Entertainment
Weekly said, "things go seriously wrong...missed opportunities, and a stupid
eviction make for a frustrating week on ''Big Brother." According to the
live feeders on JokersUpdates.com, James said he expected more out of the
All Star Show. Marcellas seconded that, saying, "It's All Stars. I thought
it was going to be over the top, easy breezy beautiful."

That was then; this is now. Tonight's show should have the television
audience jumping off its seat.

One competition changed everything. Until now, the game had been falling
flat. The competitions were based on memory or physical prowess.
Yesterday, the Big Brother producers changed it up by making contestants
prove how badly they want to be in the game.

Kaysar wanted to be in the game. Remember, this is his third time entering
the house. It took a lot of determination to go back in season 6, only to
be voted out again. This time, it is clear he wants to stay.

George seems the most determined to stay in the house. He quit his job in
Las Vegas to have the time to do the show, and sold his Nissan car to
finance a seven city campaign to get himself voted back into the Big Brother
house. Possibly more than anyone else, George wanted to be successful as a
Big Brother All Star.

That was the key match up. From what we can surmise from the feeds, there
was a betting game, a game of Chicken. If they had been driving cars,
chicken is the game where two cars run at each other until one backs down
and turns away, or else the cars crash.

The players were George, James, Jase, Kaysar, Mike, and Will. Will and
George played because they were nominated for expulsion from the game.
James played because he is head of household. Three more were selected:
Mike, Kaysar, and Jase.

Then Big Brother played Chicken with them. First dare was eating slop.
Will backed out quickly and gave up his chance to earn veto. Why did he
back out? No one anticipated who would win in what would turn out to be a
showdown between Kaysar and George. Will thought whoever won, he would be
safe. Plus, Will's strategy has been to say he wants to leave the show and
lose before he would be stuck for two months, off camera, in a sequestered
jury house. Hey Will, if that is true, why are you fighting so hard to stay
in this week? Why don't you let them vote you out now?

Then, they had to burn their clothes. George went forward and burned his
favorite shorts, and George's wardrobe is already quite limited compared
with the others.

Jase, James, George and Kaysar said yes to the next challenge, which was
being covered with a blue colored glue. Mike dropped out at that point.

Next we believe the group was told if they compete, they would not be able
to compete in the veto competition next week.

In this game of chicken, the next dare was shaving their heads. By now,
only Kaysar and George were still playing. Finally, the last challenge was
to eat slop for 60 days. It seemed undoable. Kaysar said no. If George
had said no too, there would have been no veto winner. George said yes and
won the veto.

This changed everything. Suddenly, Will's nomination became very real.
Will reacted by sending Boogie to plead for him, telling people "he wants to
leave by himself in two weeks, or vote him out then." Of course, few in the
audience believe that remembering Big Brother 2. Why are the BB7
contestants buying into this deception?

Who will be put up in George's place? Jase tried to convince George NOT to
use the veto. Is Jase that arrogant, or "stupid," as Nakomis said? Recent
conversations point straight to Chilltown. Will Mike and Will be the final
nominees for this week, as they should have been for the past two weeks,
with Chilltown being divided in the end? Or next week will there be another
Season 6 head of household, and will that head of household do what they
consider safe (to eliminate a floater, thinking that will keep them from
earning the wrath of someone in a strong alliance)?

The bottom line here: George's veto win shook up the house. It screwed up
Chilltown's "We really want to go home" phony strategy. It angered James,
who called for the producers and their legal staff. It limited the players
in the power of veto competition next week. Finally, it made everyone
realize that George wants to play this game more than anyone else currently
residing in the Big Brother house.

A recap on the challenges, courtesy of citanul:

1. Eat a bowl of slop.
2. Burn clothing.
3. Get body autographed.
4. Blueberry dive.
5. No competing for veto next week.
6. Shave your head.
7. Eat slop tiebreaker, write amount of days willing to eat slop.