The day after the first major uproar in the BB House
left everyone still wondering who is going to be
evicted this Thursday, Kara or Frank.

With what seemed to be one of the longest days ever nothing
major happened in the BB House. It can best be summed up by
saying the houseguests spent the entire day bad mouthing each other.
Ashley is turning out to be the biggest flip flopper in BB history
or the biggest liar. The entire day was centered largely on her
making everyone believe she is voting with them. Due to Ashley
flip flopping it appears she is the only vote everyone is unsure of.

Ashley's coach Janelle wants her to vote Kara out so she was
babysitted by her coach Janelle the entire day in an effort to
stop her from having conversations with others that involved
saving Kara and voting out Frank.

Janelle spent the day pretending to want to hang out with Ashley and be chummy.

About 1:30am when everyone was winding down to go to bed
when a loud alarm like beeping noise went through the house
in what appears to be the first twist of the season occured
accompanied by a voice saying
"BB TV Specical report BB TV breaking news on the TV!".

The houseguests all scrambled to the tv to watch the BBTV alert.

The live feeds went down and returned a few minutes later
and the houseguests were talking about what they just seen
and heard on the tv. It would seem things have been stolen
from the BBHouse and the houseguests are going to have to
figure out what items were taking.

Several more BBTV alerts occured for the next several hours.
In between all the alerts the houseguests racked their brains
thinking of what items have been stolen.

Through all the back and forth getting up and down out of bed
to watch the BBTV alerts one there were 2 incidents with Jenn
that may change the way she votes. Her coach Mike (Boogie)
ignored several alerts and remained in bed. This upset Jenn who
is on Boogie's team and while talking to Kara she said
"at least your coach gives a s***".
The other incident was when Frank passed gas right next to Jenn.
Jenn tells Frank he should go out of the room to pass gas.
Jenn is not happy and is clearly annoyed by Frank.

The 6th and final BBTV alert occurs about 5:15am and the
houseguests finally go to sleep after the alert.