Fight Night in BB Uk

A food fight ensued between a few of them including Nadia, Marco and Emma. Meanwhile Michelle was filling Stu in on her week - how she and Emma watched everything in the house and swore him to secrecy.

In the bedroom Vanessa was having a breakdown, not wanting to live with filthy animals who don't respect anything and threatening to walk. Shell cried along with her while trying to get her to stay. Jay comforted both.

Then Michelle told Stu she needed to tell Emma that she had confided in him. Next thing I know Emma's telling Marco and Nadia that Jay and Victor said many bad things about them all week long.

Marco started yelling then, but Victor came in and he quieted down in an attempt to keep the Bedsit stay a secret. At some point Jay went into the lounge but we didn't see this on the feeds. All of a sudden Dan and Vanessa noticed Jay flipping the table over from their vantage point in the bedroom and the cams focused on Jay screaming at Marco. He was telling Marco basically that he felt Marco was taunting him and dancing around, because Marco knew something that he was upset with Jay about. (Obviously that Jay had talked badly about some of them during the week re Emma and Michelle)

All of a sudden Emma and Nadia joined the fray and were screaming at Jason. Jason was screaming right back - it was chaotic. Then Victor joined in to calm the situation but it didn't work. Victor and Emma began screaming at each other, while Jay and Nadia stood next to them screaming at each other.

Then it goes completely crazy with the cams focused on the garden and lots of screaming and cackling. There were glass and/or smashing plates sounds and people screaming no to Emma. At some point the video showed Victor being called into the Diary Room and being restrained by Stuart as Emma was being physically carried out to the bedroom by Dan. Emma was screaming that she was going to kill Victor several times.

The rest is still a little sketchy but it appears Emma may have been ejected from the Big Brother house and the house is segregated into a few in the bedroom; Dan, Marco, Nadia and Ahmad, and a few locked outside the bedroom, separated by security guards.

This video clip is the hour and a half before the fight, then the 25 minutes or show that we heard and/or saw of it.

(Fight begins around the 1:40:00 mark)

File can be found on Efnet in #bigbrother.