For Those Interested in Signing Up For Future Big Brother Shows.
Please read the following before proceeding with your sign up.

This is a competition. (noun; from Latin competere; 1: the act or process of competing as for profit or prize; 2: An occasion on which a winner is selected from among two or more contestants.)
A competition with a grand prize of $500,000.

You will be playing alongside a house full of strangers with whom you’ve just met and whom also want to win the ‘Half a Million Dollar’ grand prize. Therefore, it can be expected that these fellow competitors will play a fierce game. They do not know you, are not devoted to you, nor necessarily love you and may not always be honest and kind to you.
This is NOT band camp.
This is NOT
This is NOT Club Med nor a local club where you might go to meet new friends.
These people will try to ingratiate themselves to you as they pretend to be your friend but often times will not be, and are simply trying to avoid being voted out.
It is commonplace for your fellow competitors to be deceptive and everyone...even you (imagine that!) to win the game.
The last thing we want to hear is how surprised you were because you trusted a competitor in the game and then found out they lied to you.
We also do not want to hear that it is just a game -- right up to the point where you are evicted -- then bawl and bellow as you realize you’ve been played.
More than likely, you have seen this game before (if you signed up without having seen the show, your judgment is questionable) and clearly understand all these things for which I am mentioning. We know that. So, if you whine about any of these things during the show or especially AFTER being evicted, we will know you are desperate for an excuse merely to save face and explain erroneously why you lost (of course, at no fault of your own).

Some of you may simply be looking to bolster your acting career and are hoping for a heightened status above the rest of us (the general population). You crave national fame, as you have realized for some time now, that your beauty (whether natural or enhanced) and/or your charm is very disarming to many people and are quite familiar with the effects that your attractiveness has on others.
Admittedly, you will get many fans that will support you through every bad decision you make throughout the game, only to defend your name passionately in the forums. They will root you on faithfully, while competitive strategy takes a backseat, as no amount of proof will alter their position. This is something that many who are interested in discussing the sober strategies of the game, must endure. Should you be voted out please allow those who have proclaimed their love for you and have spent the last 3 months faithfully defending you, the opportunity to send you monetary donations so that they may have a proper outlet to demonstrate how they truly feel.

We have all enjoyed the competitors who played with humor, wit and cleaver deception. A variety in contestants is crucial in this game as it makes watching so much more interesting to the viewer.

Finally, as the overused phrase states, “It is what it is.” But, please be aware of these issues before signing on the bottom line... it’s worrisome to hear viewers state how they actually cried upon hearing the news of your eviction.

Thank you and enjoy playing.