9:00 AM
Wake up time!

Boogie is first up and talking to the live feeders already. "Sh*t's about to go down. Whether you're at work or at home, better tune in midday post veto meeting. Things could get very interesting around here." He tells Dr. Will to tune in Wednesday he has a surprise for him. He apologizes to the superfans who love Janelle. He says but at least you all will have her all summer in the blogs and to chat with. He tells Dr. Will to watch his flirt mane go out the door. Gloating, smiling, he says totally awesome. He mentions maybe you guys meaning the fans will not be mean to me now.

Now Frank is outside with Boogie. Boogie says, "You don't think I am being paranoid that people stayed up?" Boogie says she stays up late. He says he doesn't think she can get to them. Frank says Britney is the one that brought up Janelle when we first went to them. Boogie says that Britney is mischievous, that she is a little mean. Frank says she got f'd in the Brigade thing. Boogie says Britney thinks that if she sticks with this Frank and Boogie are just added on. Frank says we got to get this rolling. Boogie says we have to work on our external relationships. Buddy up to Joe a little bit. They mention having Ian maybe putting up Shane and Britney. Frank talks badly about Jenn, Joe and Ashley and how surprised they will be.

9:30 AM
Meanwhile, up in the HoH room . . .

Wil and Danielle are up and talking. She has informed Wil that he is coming down and tells him no one else knows she is going it. Wil says I can assure you some votes. Wil says who do you want out, Janelle? Danielle says yes. Wil lists the votes he thinks he can get and names Joe. Danielle asks if Ashley will be mad at her and Wil says Ashley wants Janelle out. Danielle tells Wil do not say that she is my target. Wil tells Danielle Joe has been very vocal about getting out coaches. Danielle says she has been nothing but honest with everyone and that Janelle has been slinging her name around. Wil laughs and says oh my god this is awesome Danielle. Danielle says she feels like she is the only person brave enough to put Janelle up. Wil says she is nasty. Wil says Janelle said she knows she is safe because she has been nothing but nice to her. Wil says Janelle is a *itch. Danielle tells Wil that he was never ever her target. He says I had a feeling it was for a reason.

10:40 AM
Trivia! BB HG's are playing a secret game. Feeds should be back shortly.

11:40 AM
Feeds back! Wil taken off the block and Janelle nominated.

Janelle with Danielle in HoH. Janelle, "I just can't believe this." Danielle tells Janelle she's sorry. Janelle (to Danielle): I'm not mad at you. You've been lied to. I'm not planning on putting you up. Danielle playing stupid to Janelle in HOH- sticking to the "script" she planned with Dan. Danielle pretending to cry and saying she's sorry to Janelle. Janelle saying its ok, it's fine. I was never coming after you and Dan. And asking her if she feels like she made the right decision? Danielle saying she doesn't know.

11:50 AM
Janelle takes Ash into arcade room. She thinks Wil is getting voted out and that Danielle thinks she is coming after her. Britney enters. Ash asks Britney that I thought you knew everything. Britney says I didn't know. I've been kept out of conversations.

12:30 PM
Now, Janelle is talking to Dan in the storage room. Dan: You have 3 days to get votes. Janelle: But I'm a coach. Dan: You're team won't vote for you? Janelle: I'm sure Wil is the one that threw me under the bus. I might have Ash and Britney and hopefully you, I need two more. It just sucks, I mean did Boogie and Frank pitch it to her. Dan: If they did, I wasn't there. I mean I don't want you to leave. Janelle: It'd be terrible, at least I make it. Dan: Yeah. Janelle: You know, do you think Shane will vote for me to stay? Dan: I think that's under Britney's control. Janelle: I can't believe Danielle thinks that if I win HOH next week I'm gunning for her. I mean this is crazy.

Meanwhile, Frank to Boogie: Janelle f'ed up her game even more last night. Danielle told me that Britney said Janelle said that showmances are strong and that newbies need to be separated from the coaches. Boogie: Were our names brought up? Frank: Not that I know.

2:00 PM
Wil and Britney meet up in the bathroom and Britney tells Wil, "We need to talk. Go to fire pit area." She tells Wil she had no idea this would happen. She mentions Janelle said Danielle said someone was coming for her. Janelle asked if it might be Wil. Britney wants Wil to know it didn't come from her. Wil says, I've been with her for 3 weeks. I know how she plays. She's done this to me time after time. Wil leaves and Britney says to the camera (us), "Danielle has some freakin' guts. This will be the move later on I'll look back on and either love or regret." Janelle joins Britney on the couches. Britney, "Are you upset?" Janelle, "No, I'm just surprised. Danielle ... I was just not targeting her. It would be like me putting up you are Ash or something. Brit: like a freaking blindside or something. Janelle: Right. What was said when you were up there last night when I couldn't come in? Brit: Frank was saying he was loyal and that he doesn't lie. That they would keep Dan and Danielle next week, never targeted them and that they forgive them for last week, last week is water under the bridge. Janelle: Well all these stupid things that people said I said about her, from week 1, I said that Danielle would go far. I said that to my time. Wil and Joe probably sold me out or something. Brit: Obviously they knew I would tell you stuff so they didn't tell me anything. Janelle: Whatever, if I leave I leave, I get the same money anyway. If they are going to send me home, ***** it, I don't care. Why would I want to stay anyway, I'm such a huge target. A few minutes of silence and then Janelle says, "God my boobs are huge. Are you sure they're not the same size as Rachel's? Britney says, "I'm not sure."

4:00 PM
Frank, Wil, Ashley and Jenn out at the pool discussing Janelle and what lies they think she told. Ashley said she guessed the Trixie and Pixie thing is over. Wil says he wishes she would have never gave him the key and saved him because Janelle holds that over his head. Ashley asks Frank if he thinks he has the votes to stay and he says yea.

5:00 PM
Jenn and Wil are in the storage room. Wil telling about his deal with Dani, but if they backdoor Dan he will be gone and it won't matter. Of course it is just his deal no one else has to stick to it.

5:45 PM
HGs are on outside lockdown. Ashley and Danielle are on the backyard ottoman game chatting and Britney is playing corn hole with Ian. The others are on the backyard couches.

6:50 PM
Joe, Janelle and Ashley are talking. Joe tells Ash and Janelle he thinks there is an alliance they don't know about. Joe: I just want to know where it's coming from. Janelle: I think it's Wil like you said. Remember week 1 when I said no one would put Danielle up, she will make it far. Ash: I don't even remember you saying that. Joe: What do you think Ash? Ash: I have no idea...I get booted out of HOH room...I haven't even heard anything. Have you heard anything? Joe: No. I want to get a word alone with Dani. I was told up until midnight last night that everything would remain the same. Ash: I think Frank got to her. He was up there like an hour. Joe: I think Wil got to her. I think something is floating in this house that we don't know...I think an alliance is floating somewhere. Ash: It just doesn't make sense. Joe: There is something missing. I can tell you that, it's not just Frank and Boogie. Janelle: I said yeah I did. He goes yeah that's interesting. Joe: I think they are f*in idiots if they keep Frank here. Janelle: And Jenn will vote to keep Frank? Joe: Yeah. Joe: You need to get Jenn alone and talk to her. She knows the whole trade thing. They went and told her everything because they were afraid they would get thrown under the bus. She isn't too happy with them. I don't think you will get Ian away from Boogie.

7:30 PM
Danielle and Boogie in back yard. Dani: And I know she is so mad sitting next to Frank. She said you put me next to the guy in the Sprirtard. Boogie: Way to go. I cannot be more excited, the very first eviction. I can't wait to go in the dairy room. I am working on my good bye in my mind. Dani: Oh yeah? What are you going to say? With a huge smirk on his face Boogie says: Um, I'm just gonna say, you know, don't be mad at the people who voted you out. You can be mad at me if you want. Something like, always the bridesmaid, never the Big Brother Bride. It's been a fun two seasons together, but sorry I had to cut this one short, something like that.

8:00 PM
Frank returns from DR with his "newly" hemmed Spiritard!

8:30 PM
Janelle and Danielle are in the HOH talking. Danielle saying she feels so bad. Janelle tells her not to feel bad. Danielle tells her that if she had wanted her gone she would have taken Frank off. Janelle telling her how hard it is going to be to get rid of Frank and Boogie if she is voted off. Janelle says it sucks b/c she sees Boogie and Frank turning the girls against each other. Later, Janelle & Danielle are doing their make up together, each apologizing for making each other feel bad.

9:00 PM
Frank complains to Janelle in the kitchen about his new Spiritard. He's saying the mike pack makes him look like he has a *love handle* but just on one side. He says he feels ugly. Frank said to Janelle if they get alcohol, the two of them should sneak in the back and drink it all.

11:00 PM
Ian went up to HoH and told Dan, Danielle and Britney that Joe approached him for an alliance with Jenn and Ashley, as the outsiders of the house. Also Ian talked about Janelle talking with him on the hammock about how girls were getting picked off like it was a conspiracy. Ian said he told Janelle that was a coincidence - Jodi left because her team finished last and it was all girls, Ian was originally going to go the first week and then it was Frank but Willie f'ed up so Kara left, then Willie was supposed to go the next week and he did go and after that Shane was supposed to go but Shane won POV so JoJo left, then last week a guy would have left but the eviction was cancelled. Ian said Janelle was saying how a girl has never won against a guy at the end. Danielle told Ian what she had been telling Dan and Britney about what she felt to be lies that Janelle was saying to her earlier -- for example, Janelle said Shane would be after Dan and Janelle said Dan was voting to keep her. Danielle also asked Ian if he knew if Boogie said right after she won HoH that he couldn't believe she had won HoH and he would never vote for her at the end. Ian didn't hear it. Ian thinks Janelle is in self-destruction desperation mode.

12:00 AM
Dan and Boogie in the kitchen. Dan (about Janelle): I just don't get it, man. Boogie: Sloppy? Dan: She never played that way. Boogie says nonchalantly in response: I know, it's weird.

1:40 AM
Frank and Shane are in the HoH. Talked about Shane being willing to go up as a pawn if needed, double eviction, Britney, Janelle lying, game in general, Danielle Shane said Britney had told him before she came into the game that he could not trust Boogie even if he trusted Frank, because Boogie would do things like changing his vote at the last minute. Shane said from what Frank told him, it seems like Boogie changed his game as a coach from how he was in his season, although he may be more aggressive as a player. Frank said Boogie wouldn't do anything "super wild and crazy" because Frank wouldn't do anything like that. Intermittent fish near the end of their talk but Shane seemed to be telling Frank that Danielle is sweet and he likes her, but she is young, her emotions are in it, and it's tough to tell her but he doesn't want a showmance.

4:00 AM
All houseguests asleep.

Will the house flop and keep Janelle? Or will Frank be saved from eviction yet again? Is Ian still loyal to Boogie or has he finally settled in with Britney, Shane, Danielle and Dan? And who will Wil vote to evict on Thursday? Stay tuned . . .

Thanks so much to the Joker’s Updaters for your wonderful updates; this couldn't get done without you guys!