It was one of the wildest days we’ve seen so far. Most of the morning and well into the afternoon was just the houseguests fulfilling their punishments from the Veto competition.

7:30 AM
Frank has been roused out of bed. When he hears the alarm he has to get out of bed, put on the carrot costume, go outside, take off the carrot costume, dump avocado sauce over his head, shower off, put the carrot costume back on, go back upstairs, take off the carrot costume and go back to bed. He is understandably getting tired of the process.

Dan can be seen in solitary confinement with the rave music occasionally playing and the party lights still flashing. He is covered up and apparently is able to sleep.

11:00 AM
The houseguests had their wake up call to Jay Z and Weezer. The house slowly comes to life.

Frank and Ian are up and outside. Their talk is of Ian not using his Veto.
Frank is glad Dan is in solitary for a day so he has less time to work on Ian to use it.

When Frank is alone he talks to the cameras. He thinks the only person that might take him to the final 2 is Shane. Ideally Dan goes home this week. He needs Joe to win HOH and have him put up Britney and Shane. He needs Ian out of the game too. Dan made the wrong move too soon. Frank’s ideal five is Danielle, Shane, himself, Joe and Jenn.

1:00 PM
Ian is playing around in the pool, making hand gestures and talking to himself.

Looks like he might be getting a little Quack Pack advice from a friend.

Britney whispers to Danielle, "We need for Frank to hate Joe… Just in case."

Jenn and Ian confirm to each other that they won't use the veto on Dan. They'll hear him out but he can't sell anything to them. Frank would be interested to know if Dan will throw Britney and Shane under the bus.

Joe tells Shane that Frank says Ian and Jenn are back on Frank’s team.

3:30 PM
Dani and Britney are still shackled at the ankles. They play fight over which way to go, pulling each other in opposite directions.

Dan is heard saying to the cameras, “You can call me a turn coat. Call me a traitor. One thing you'll never call me in this game is a quitter… time to take them out one by one.”

4:30 PM
Dan is free from confinement and moving about the house. He says he doesn’t feel right, the walls are closing in. He lies down with a towel over his head (Winking at us so we know it is an act). Joe asked for medic to check on Dan. Eventually he appears so bad that Danielle takes him to the Diary Room for assistance.

Danielle comes back out and is blaming herself for Dan's predicament. Everyone reassures her it is not her fault. Most everyone is concerned and sympathetic about Dan’s condition, but there is an air of skepticism about, wondering if this is his big move to save himself.

6:00 PM
It becomes known that Dan wants to talk to the house. Not about game, but about how he wants to go out.

Danielle tells Britney and Shane that Jenn offered to take her off the block in case Dan is able to get sympathy votes. She asks them to reassure Jenn they would keep Danielle so that Jenn doesn’t have to use the veto.

Britney tells Ian that Frank and Jenn need reassurance he won’t use his Veto either. Ian does as told then Frank and Jenn strategize their next moves.

Later, Danielle points out to Britney that Dan is ignoring her.

7:30 PM
Dinner time. It looks like meatballs, burgers, and an avocado spread to start. Afterwards, Dan asks for everyone to meet in the living room to say his final goodbyes.

He starts off by calling it “Dan's BB Funeral". He wants to say nice things about all of them. He appears nervous and gets choked up several times. Some excerpts:
Joe taught him how to be a good husband and potentially a good father. Shane is a living Capt. America.
Dan is serious about Ian being someone he would try to hook up with his sister.
He asks Ian to promise he will stop talking bad about himself.
Jenn is the first lesbian he ever met. He was prejudiced but getting to know her, she wiped that away.
He wants to talk to Frank in private to apologize for the many bad things he has said about Frank.
He then tells everyone he doesn't want to talk game with anyone and if they do, he will scream their name and yell "Stop talking game with me!"
Britney is the newlywed in the house. He jokes a little and then moves on…
“So finally there's Danielle. The last time I played this game... I learned something early on... you gotta find one person... 100% trust... and I had that with Memphis... and when I saw you standing there day one... I thought you would have similar qualities to Memphis... but... I was wrong.
You know what you did. In this game, you are dead to me.”
Danielle is left in utter shock.

Dan wastes no time getting Frank up to the HoH while Danielle goes from tears to full out meltdown. Everyone consoles her and the consensus is Dan wasn’t going to win any votes with that type of cruelty.

8:00 PM
Dan is heavy into telling Frank all that has been going on starting with the fact he was covering for Ian and Ian was a mole feeding the others the information from Frank and Boogie. He then connects the dots to Britney and the ways she has cover from everyone. He explains his beef with Danielle has to do with her either not throwing the Veto to Dan or possibly throwing the Veto to Jenn. Frank ate it all up and put some others pieces into place as the conversation progressed.

They agree to a final two deal and Frank will convince Jenn to use the Veto on Dan; ideally with a Frank, Dan, Danielle, and Jenn alliance, assuming Dan can mend fences with Danielle. He is certain he can.
The plan is to put Britney up and get her voted out. Use Shane if they can and keep Joe around because they can beat him at will, even if it goes to the point of final 3.

Meanwhile the house is still in tatters. Joe comes up to the HoH and Frank asks him for more time with Dan alone. Joe goes back down to the others spouting that they are still up in the HoH and Dan is probably throwing them all under the bus. They are all still trying to figure out what Danielle could have done to Dan and what Dan’s real intentions are. No matter what, Danielle is not getting voted out. The paranoia is thick.

9:00 PM
Dan’s initial attempt to talk to Danielle is met with, “Leave me alone!”
But, he is able to get her alone and lets her know his plan to save them both. She is all over the place, sometimes mad, sometimes happy, but overall she is in awe of his actions and excited about working with Frank and Jenn so they both can stay. They work up a story about how he apologized, but that Dani is still mad at him.

Frank tells a curious Joe, Ian and Jenn there was NO game talk with Dan. Ian says there is no way he's using the veto. Shane and Britney join them too. Frank continues to play everything off.

Later, Frank has Jenn alone and lets her know the ‘real’ story. She is easily convinced to use the Veto on Dan with Britney as the replacement. Jenn is worried about the target it will put on herself but says “I have to do it.”

10:00 PM
Dan is seen doing a victory jump in the Storage room alone.

Danielle goes up to HOH with Jenn and asks her if she is really going to save Dan with the POV. Jenn confirms. They don’t get too far into the details because Britney joins them. She says Joe is crapping his pants that Dan outted the Headhunters. She didn’t even remember she was in an alliance with Joe, let alone that “we had a name!"

11:00 PM
Dan and Jenn meet in the Speaker Room to firm up their allegiance. They shake hands. Dan swears to Jenn that Danielle is safe. They hug it out too. During this talk, Jenn says, “I'm from Brooklyn and we don't like rats (referring to Ian).

On the other feeds, Joe spots an actual rat in the backyard and Britney freaks out. (Actually I think it’s a mouse, but they were calling it a rat.)

Things calm down a bit with Joe, Ian, Britney and Jenn making chit-chat.
Joe is occasionally still trying to make the pieces fit from what has occurred tonight, but not quite getting there to his satisfaction. I got the feeling from some of Britney’s expressions; she might be thinking the same thing. But that is speculation on my part.

Britney breaks off and goes to talk to Dan. He regrets what he said and wishes Danielle can one day forgive him. Britney says he made a mistake but everything will be alright.

Meanwhile Danielle is off crying to Shane, saying she's still upset about what Dan said.

Dan and Frank duck into the storage room for a quick comparing of notes. The excuse for putting up Britney will be Ian and Britney are too close or Danielle and Britney are too close.

Danielle gets Frank in the HoH to see how her safety is guaranteed against Britney. She isn’t sure which way Shane would vote. Frank tells her how he’s going to work Joe.

Meanwhile Jenn is starting to think things through a little more. She talks to Dan and is unhappy Dan didn't talk to her before blowing everything up. If she goes through with using the Veto, she wants Ian exposed.

Britney makes note to Shane and Ian that Dan and Jenn are talking. She is becoming concerned Jenn might use the Veto. They move on to talk of how to work it once Dan is gone.

Ian takes a turn with Frank in the HOH. Ian is not happy how Dan behaved and Ian is NOT using his Veto.

1:30 AM
Dan gets up to the HOH to tell Frank whatever he said to Jenn worked. He is impressed. Frank may out Ian as the rat in his speech. Dan prefers not to, but is leaving it up to Frank.
To get Joe to go along, Frank will explain Dan's comment about ratting out Ian. They try a couple names for their alliance; The Dark Knights, The Last Call Crew. Frank goes downstairs and gives Dan a thumbs up via the spycam that the coast is clear for him to leave the HoH.

2:00 AM
Jenn gets in more time with Frank in the HOH. Frank says it is best they don't say the rat thing yet and make it look like a vendetta for what Ian did to Boogie and Ashley. Jenn says, "I see how it benefits you guys. I'm just trying to see how it benefits me." Frank explains getting Britney out will put the numbers on their side. Jenn is happy to destroy the Ian/Britney bond.

Once alone, Frank talks to the ‘Superpassers’, hoping he's making the right decision. He's super stressed. Hopes and thinks he can trust Dan. He misses Mike. And he thinks it was a pretty good TV tonight.

Jenn meets up with Danielle to say, "Are you sure you want me to do this?" Danielle tells Jen about Ian’s plan to put Jenn and Joe up and then try to backdoor Frank. Jenn says, "I'll roll with it, even though it makes me look like a liar." Dani says she's just going to act dumbfounded.

Danielle takes a long look at the memory wall before finally going to bed and the house goes quiet around 3:30 AM.

Notes from tonight’s show:
I’ll just say it is worth watching if you missed it. Lots of chaos we didn’t get to see from the Double Eviction, Last HoH and Pandora’s Box.

Can Dan and Frank really work things the way they plan? Will Jenn have second thoughts on using the Veto? Will Britney actually be the one going home this week? Questions will soon be answered!

Thanks to the Updaters once again for a job well done!