Froogie running the house, Wil and Joe nominated and Dani is still talking about herself…….

The houseguests were greeted and woken up at 9:11 this morning.
Joe and Frank have a brief conversation, Frank tells Joe that he will most likely go up but he really wants to get Wil out. Frank said he told Wil to his face that he does not trust him. Frank also told Joe that he should not forget that he saved him and he expects something in the future.
Ashley was in extreme pain in her back and Boogie and Dan had to help her to and from the bathroom.
Frank, Boogie and Brit have a brief discussion in the HOH about noms. Brit said she wanted Joe out and Wil out next week.
Dani tells Dan that Brit was upstairs talking to Frank and Boogie, Dan told her to go up their but not to agree to go up as a pawn. She went up to HOH and Brit asked her to leave so that it will appear to the house that she is up there pleading her case.
Boogie thinks Frank should put up Wil and not have him be the target. That Wil will owe them if he stays another week. Frank then told Boogie he wants to put up Dan because he does not trust him. Boogie told him he can’t do that because everyone else will never trust him. They both agree that they do not want him around to be in F2.
Brit leaves and in walks Wil. He tells them he will have no hard feeling if he is put up, but he was not going to make any deals with them either. After he leaves Boogie said he did not like his attitude! So Frank said he should put up Joe and Wil and save Joe.
Dan, Brit, Frank and Boogie then discuss how they have to put both Wil and Joe on the block together because if one gets VETO they would take the other off the block.
At 1:12 PM the feed got cut for the have not competition. After two hours the feeds return and we hear that Brit, Dani, Joe and Shane are the Have nots. Brit was complaining about Joe yelling at them during the competition (All Joe does is yell, he does not talk Brit). We also found out they got cod and candy canes for the have not foods. So Dani complains too about Ian grabbing the bandanna right out of her hand so she had to be on that losing team. The competition seemed to be like last years milk competition, where two people wear sponge like costumes (This year they were lemon costumes) and they soak up some liquid, and go up a ramp where others squeeze the water out of the costume into a bottle to fill it.
Boogie and Joe again discuss getting rid of Wil. Boogie finds Joe and told him to go talk to Frank.
Wil beat him to it. Wil apologizes that he was short earlier, said he did not want to talk in front of Boogie. That he only has one person he trusts and that is Ashley. That he would not target him next. He said Joe drives him crazy and really wants to see him go week. Wil said that he knew last week the target ws Janelle so that is why he never tried to talk to Frank about his vote. That he was voting with the house. Frank said that he had to work hard to get Janelle put up. Wil said that Dani told her before nominations that she wanted Janelle up and out.
Frank does manage to briefly talk to Joe in the storage room, he tells him he most likely is going up but if he does not stir the pot he will stay this week. Just to act normal, try to get votes but don’t stir the pot.
Frank then returns to the HOH and tells Boogie, Brit and Dani about his conversation with Wil. Ian interrupts and he tells him that he can’t tell him who he is nominating but probably Joe and Wil with Wil as the target.
Ashley somehow got up to the HOH where Frank told her she was not going up. She replied that she thought she was going up against Joe. She told him that Janelle lied when she said she wanted her (Ashley) to backdoor Wil. She never wanted to backdoor Wil. Frank said the only thing he wants from Ashley is that if she wins POV (ya with that back) for her not to use it.
6:00 PM The Nomination ceremony takes place once the feeds return Wil and Joe were put on the block.
Boogie a bit later asked Joe if Janelle knew she was leaving. Joe said he thinks so. The night before she had said she couldn’t wait to see Violet. Boogie said her husband is probably happy she is back.
Shane, Frank. Wil, Joe and Dani all talk about the pain in Ashley’s back. They don’t think cortisone shots will help her because they think it is muscle related. That she can’t put any pressure on her foot. They all think she might be taken from the game medically because she can’t compete.
Midnight- Joe shed his spiritard he was very happy to not have that skin tight clothes on. He had one last cheer then took it off.
Brit and Shane have a brief conversation about Ashley. They think she is going for the pity vote and that she gets to sit out of competitions. How she can’t walk then an hour later she is walking around fine. Shane said if Joe stays and next week he gets HOH he can put up Boogie and Frank and get one of them out. They both agree that they have to win VETO to secure the votes.
Dani (still looking for attention) starts to talk to Wil or anyone that will listen about how they call her a bad ass (who) for getting Janelle out and how Janelle called her fat. She goes on and on.
Wil did talk about how he made it through three rounds in the American Idol auditions, but he crossed his eyes in front of the judges and then got rejected. Dani just ignores Wil’s story and keeps harping on Janelle and calling her fat and how she was a Harley model in 2000 etc. She is not mean, does not like mean people like Janelle who called her fat, that she couldn’t stand Janelle (really never would have guessed that). She then states she was an alcoholic and she stands up for what she believes in, said she is a girly girl, loves dresses and make up, She then said that every time a guy has cheated on her she looks at them and sees how pretty they are even when others say they are ugly. (Run Wil Run). She then goes on about how she respects honesty and how honest she is. Wil admits that he gets caught up in his lies. Wil tried talking about growing up gay and how hard it was. How he had to discover who he actually was. Dani turns the conversation again towards herself saying how she regrets not telling her parents she was going on BB. How they try to run her life even though she is an adult. She said she is a caring person now because she never knew that growing up. Wil asked Dani to tell him if he is going to be evicted. She said she would. She said Joe is getting on everyone’s nerves and she will keep him informed. (Her honesty showed there, she knows Wil is the target). She finally leaves to go to bed and Wil takes off and does his laundry.
Dan cornered Dani in the bathroom and asked her what she and Wil were talking about. She said no game, and then proceeds to say that Wil is OK if he has to leave, that he is not cut out for this game. She also told him that he said Dan stabbed everyone during his season. Dani then said she believes he would never do that to her (ummm, he did it to Janelle he would do it to you too Fan knows how to play this game). She then said Wil apologized for anything he said in the DR about her last week. She then tells Dan that Shane thinks she is fat. She said that he is always cutting himself down to get others to like him. She goes on to say to Dan that she better win this if not her he better, that if she is in the jury she will make sure everyone will vote for him. She asks Dan if he regrets getting Janelle out and he replied no but the house has a different feel to it now. Dan said they will get Shane out before them. Dani replied at least Wil won’t be out after them. She then said that if Wil gets houseguests choice for VETO pick he was going to pick either herself or Dani. She said she was going to give Frank a heads up on that one. Dan said the silent 6 will not make it to the end that someone will be picked off. He said Ian is sitting in the best position right now. She then said she has been having a lot of personal conversation with Boogie and that Brit get’s on his nerves. She then said that Jenn would put up Frank and Boogie or Shane and Brittney not them. She then claims she is not really emotional. That she plays non personal (really?) She then asks Dan if he thinks Dani Donato will like her. Dan said most good players in this game like people who make big moves that benefit you (like not going after someone that is not going after you). She then states she does not know why Ashley is still here all she is, is a floater. Dan said he wishes she would leave before Wil because Wil would make a big move (get out Frank and Boogie) before he goes if he ever got the chance. Dani them looked at the cut on Dan’s leg, cleaned and bandaged it. Both then went to bed.
The house was finally quiet at 4:00 am.
What will happen tomorrow? Who will win POV? Will Wil finally be voted out? Will Frank break from Boogie and play his own game and put up Dan as a replacement nom? So Brit and Shane think Joe will take out Boogie while Dan and Dani think Wil will take him out? Who will take him out? Will Dani ever stop talking about herself? Will she ever stop talking about her “big” non personal move of getting Janelle out? Who will tell her she is fat tomorrow? Only time will tell!
So Brit and Shane think Joe will take out Boogie while Dan and Dani think Wil will take him out? Who will take him out?
On a side note: CBS please get a new button boy, all the fish tonight was really annoying and unnecessary. Kudos to the updaters at Yokers for putting up with it, you’re the best!