As the HG’s were dreaming, Brendon was up at 7am practicing for the next HOH competition. A golf hole- in- one game has been set up for the HG’s to practice on since yesterday afternoon. Shelly was the first HG’s to get up after Brendon and was quick to go practice. Brendon and Shelly did some small game playing chat.

10am The HG’s were woken up to the sweet sounds of Wham!! As everyone goes through their morning routines, Adam weighs himself. He is down to 215lbs. He continues to work out each day and is happy to be dropping so much weight. Around 12:30pm Rachel announced today was HOH picture taking day. The HG’s posed and grinned while Rachel snapped memories.

The HG’s had an indoor lockdown at 12:45pm. Game talk began. Jeff and Brendon talked about where the votes would possibly fall tomorrow. They both agree that they have Kalia and Shelly on their side to evict Keith. Jordan tells Porsche that votes to keep her in the house are solid. Lawon, Shelly and Keith are in the “have not” room. Keith stands firm with his game and is trying to explain why he should be the one to stay in the house. He had Shelly questioning the others so much that at one point she had her ear up to the door listening to Jeff’s conversation with the other HG’s.

At 4:10pm there was an HOH lockdown. Rachel told the group about what it was like being in the jury house. She said they could play games, take walks (not off property) and they had a professional masseuse come in to give them massages. They had a fire pit and Rachel said Matt (BB12) used to play his guitar for them. She said the jury house was out in the middle of nowhere in the “hills.” Soon after the jury house story HG’s slowly started falling out into naps one by one. Adam, Lawon and Porsche were the only three not sleeping but there was silence for most of the HOH lockdown.

HOH lockdown ended at 5:45 and HG’s headed down to eat and chat. We had FOTH on the feeds until 7pm.

10pm Dom and Dani sitting by the Jacuzzi talking game. Jeff, Jordan, Brendon and Rachel talking game in HOH. Shelly and Keith were in the “have not” room. Shelly was giving Keith a major pep talk. At one point saying “You don’t walk out on yourself…..that’s not the way life is."

Shelly continues to urge Keith to go to the HOH room and suck up his pride and ask them why they want him to leave instead of Porsche. Keith at first says “No I am not going to do that.” Later in the conversation he asks Shelly “What deal should I make?” Shelly tells him to sit and pray about it and make a decision that is best for him.

11pm Rachel is telling stories about prom at the Jacuzzi with Dominic and Dani. Shelly and Cassi are talking about Keith. Shelly wants to know if everyone has changed their mind and is voting to keep Porsche in now. Cassi said she wasn’t sure and that whatever happens tomorrow is going to be a big surprise either way. Lawon continues to practice at the golf game. Porsche and Kalia continue playing the chess game upstairs.

1:30am Brendon, Rachel and Dani are in the HOH talking about where they stand in the house. Jeff, Jordan and Dom talking in the ice cream room.

As the HG’s get ready to head to bed for the night…..thoughts of tomorrow’s chaos has to be heavy on their minds.