Goodbye Captain Kosher

Andrew when first you came in the house
With your “Yom Kippur” upon your head
I thought this guy could have a long run
Turned out to be a short dash instead

At first they thought you the saboteur
And the target right away was you
But when the real sab was identified
The target shifted to another few

After a few evictions you were put up
As the supposed pawn
The plan was to backdoor Brendon but then
It turned out that you could be gone

I commend you for the effort though
To throw the others off your trail
But in the end your plan fell through
And came to no avail

And you had a few pissy moments
While you were trying to keep things kosher
Do I think you always handled it best
I’m gonna go with no-sir

But man oh man those speeches you gave
On POV and eviction night
Had me cheering for Captain Kosher
And taking up his fight

But in the end the Captain was defeated
By his own words some will say
But I have a feeling Captain Kosher
Will live to fight another day

And so Andrew this is goodbye
Or in this case I guess shalom
I really wish you all the best
Wherever you may roam

Thanks Andrew for the effort, and for one helluva eviction night. Good luck to you and yours.