Goodbye Kristen

Kristen you are the latest player to go
Which comes as no shock I’m sure you know
Rachel had you targeted because you threatened her game
You were a bee in her bonnet, or rather a bug in her mane

You started the game a little low key
Then along came Andrew and made everyone see
That Rachel and Brendon weren’t the only lovers
You and Hayden were messing around under the covers

Rachel branded you a floater and warned your demise
Then and only then I saw the fire in your eyes
But you stood your ground with the resident ho
I was jumping and screaming go Kristen go

You were put on the block but had POV to play
Winning it would have assured you’d stay
Then your under cover lover took it away in a flash
Bringing any chance you had to a halting crash

But in an ugly wig and a tight hippy-tard
You didn’t give in you really tried hard
You and Hayden then made a new plan
And pitched it to Rachel and to her man

But the plan that was made didn’t come to fruition
And so it came, your predicted eviction
With a final vote of six to one
Your days in the Big Brother house are done

Bye Kristen and thanks for going toe to toe with Rachel. Enjoy watching her get evicted…hopefully soon. Oh and as far as the boyfriend thing goes, yeah good luck with that!