Goodbye Loverboy…

Brendon as I pen this poem
I find myself conflicted
On one hand I really liked your game
On the other I cheered when you were evicted

I did dislike your early game
When you played it attached to the Ratresses hip
And I really hated when you gave into her
When she gave you attitude and lip

You jumped right into a romance with her
Which in Big Brother makes a target fast
Brendon I swear while she was in the house
All I saw was your feet hanging out her ass

Only when she was evicted did I see
Someone who could really play this game
I wish this player had been there from the start
That he wasn’t really is a shame

As a result you paid a steep price
And lost your shot at 500 grand
I hope that train wreck Rachel was worth it
That’s a pretty heavy price my man

So finally off to sequester you go
To rejoin Rachel in all her glory
But trust me Brendon this love won’t last
I already know the end to this story

One last bit of advice if I may
Concerning all the lovey smoochie crap
It kinda makes you look like a pussy
So you might want to rethink all that

So long Brendon and thanks for fighting. Your dedication to Rachel is admirable, but that girl will chew you up and spit you out…mark my words.