Goodbye Matt

How do you address a genius
When budding him adieu
Is there a secret formula
In saying goodbye to you

Do I get board and an easel
And some of those erasable pens
Do I calculate with numbers and figures
As to why your game came to an end

Very well imagine if you will
The first equation is a lie
From there arrows point all over the board
As you spread this lie so wide

From the lie about your wife
The next equation I’ll calculate
I’ll have to apply a bit of algebra
So a moment please…just wait

I have to find the sum of x
This equation is working out well
Here is it the equation solved
X equals your head and how it swelled

This last equation is so simple
As easy as one plus one is two
You tried to sacrifice your one true ally
From there your game was screwed

And so the diabolical super genius
Wasn’t so smart in his run for the money
Before you go you dropped something Matt
Here’s your Mensa Member card honey

So long genius!