Great episode. It was basically centered around Meredith and Cristina not being ready for surgery, Lexxie's mental breakdown, McSteamy's love for Lexxie, Callie/Arizona's apartment, and Alex's bullet to his chest.

Meredith attempted to manipulate the psych doc with cheap mascara and fake tears. He just sort of looked at her with a blank stare and told her he would see her the next day. When she wouldn't accept his answer and leave, he sarcastically asked her if she needed a tissue or a hug. She told him to go hug himself and stomped

Meredith spent the rest of the episode either attempting to avoid Derek or taking care of Cristina. Meredith knew Derek would be upset with her for leaving him in the "pokey," as Cristina put it. She was right, but she redeemed herself when she explained that she needed time without worrying about losing him to death. She finally came clean with both Derek and the psych doctor about her miscarriage. I suspect she'll finally be cleared for surgery in the next episode as a result! Whew, I am glad they didn't drag that out too long!

Cristina spent this episode in a state of panic between the shootings and her marriage to Owen. Despite Owen's effort to get Cristina back to normal by convincing her to assist him and Teddy during surgery, Cristina was far from ready. When medical tools fell to the ground, Cristina became so overwhelmed with memories of the shootings, she fell to the ground and couldn't seem to move. Meredith, being the good friend she is, immediately came to Cristina's rescue and helped her through it. Although Owen was attempting to be supportive of his new wife, everything he did seemed to push her away so much . . .so that she gave him the wedding ring back! No worries though, Meredith came to the rescue here too. She was right, Owen's speech to Cristina was good, but it was her that fixed Cristina as always. Have I said I love Cristina and Meredith's friendship on this show?!? If not, I really do. Even though they are fictional characters on a show, this is how I feel friendship should be.

Lexxie spent most of the episode defending herself and/or trying to prove that she is not mentally unstable. The only person who seemed to believe her was Derek, mostly because she diagnosed and saved a patient's life. Although McSteamy was just being protective of Lexxie, she became annoyed with him and told him to leave her alone. Poor McSteamy. Lexxie had no idea that he was thinking about proposing. Hopefully Callie lets her in on this on the next episode because Lexxie and McSteamy are too cute together!

Callie and Arizona were not really a main subject in this episode, but there were a couple cute scenes. Arizona is pretty excited about moving in together. She wants to make it feel like her place too by painting the apartment from frowny colors to smiley Callie was less than enthused about it, but she ultimately agreed to let Arizona paint it beige.

Alex was still hell bent on keeping that bullet in his chest. Lexxie was right. It does not make him bad ass. It makes him look stupid because as Bailey pointed out, it's a foreign object and nothing but a health risk. Bailey decided to hold surgeries hostage from Alex until he agreed to have the bullet removed. She got the last word as usual when she convinced him that it was a reminder of the worst day of her life. The bullet is finally gone! Go Bailey!