Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, so Newton's law states. And in the case of these shootings, so very true.

First Little Grey goes berserk. This is a propos for her character, who wears her heart on her sleeve at all times. So she reacts like we'd expect: she flips out and destroys the ER, screaming, throwing, and bashing. And, with it out of her system supposedly, she's cleared to work.

Derrick is also cleared to work, and likely he shouldn't be. It isn't healthy to speed so much that one winds up in jail repeatedly. Death wish? Perhaps. Or he's celebrating living.

Meredith is not cleared to work. That shrink knows she's hiding something. And she is, the miscarriage. I consider that lying to her almost husband. Lying by omission is the same as flat out lying. She hasn't told him she lost that baby, although how he could miss the look on her face when he said he wanted to make one, isn't clear. That was quite a reaction in and of itself. Of course she also watched her almost husband almost die. Lots of almosts. You'd think they'd elope and make it official at some point, but no.

Cristina isn't cleared to work either. Of all things, she's planning a wedding. Because her first one went so well, she's doing this one in such a hurry. I didn't buy her sitting up in the observation room looking at wedding dresses during that surgery. Not for a moment. Did you? Surgery is her life, her whole life.

Altogether, the surgeons at Seattle Grace aren't dealing too well, for folks who deal with life and death on a daily basis anyway. I fully expect Meredith to react badly in the next episode, perhaps when she comes clean about the miscarriage. Same for Cristina, perhaps on their honeymoon. Same for Derrick, when he hears the awful news.

I just don't want this plotline to drag out all season, do you?

One good thing about this first ep of the season: that kid with the tumor really looked like he'd been operated on. Ever notice the patients usually come out of surgery perfectly made up and coiffed? Yes indeed they do. This kid looked dreadful, for a change. I actually hurt for him.

I did like the wedding, did you? I loved Mer and Cristina standing on that bed. Totally a cute scene. I don't know how well that wedding will work, with both of them having severe PTSD. His going back to the war, hers more recent. How on earth could that work well for them? Both will flip out before this is done, I feel.

Altogether, Seattle Grace is fucked up after this mass murder. The physicians are not snapping back to normal. Each is acting in a bizarre fashion. How unnatural is it, not to tell your mate that you had a miscarriage? When you know he's dying for a kid. He even mentions "Let's make a baby," with one hell of a reaction on Mer's face. No I don't get how Der missed that reaction. He's usually sensitive to her moods.

Of course Der doesn't have his head on straight either. None of them do. In the real world, I don't know that surgeons, who deal with life and death daily, would have such marked reactions. In the world of Seattle Grace, they do. I just hope it doesn't last all season. It was getting old by the end of Ep 1.