This ep had more of the healing after the shooting. I'm hoping this doesn't go on much longer, as personally I'm over it already. Get a new story arc!

That shrink is sure cute, but could he be any more boring? Writers, do your thing. Give the man some MEAT.

I do like explosive Lex lately. Will she go off again? I guess not before Cristina does. LOL I had no idea that was coming. Those two feet sticking out in the OR. My heart went out to her as she collapsed during surgery. Looked like a monumental panic attack, probably brought on by the sound of crashing surgical instruments.

All is not perfectly well in Mer/Der land. She let his baby ass stay in jail. Then she finally explains herself: of course, it goes back to the damn shooting. I think he buys this. I'm not sure I do. She picks then to tell him about the loss of the baby. Total unreaction on his part, I thought. Dempsey could have played that better, for me. That pretty face barely flinched. Imagine being told your 'wife' just lost your child. Well, not just. But wouldn't you have a major reaction? I'd have been in tears, at the very least. After all the buildup they gave it, I just expected more.

I did expect Cristina to give back that wedding ring. And he played that very well indeed. He was totally distraught. Meredith saved the day, though we didn't see them actually get back together.

All told, this wasn't my favorite ep. The producers really need to let the shootings go. God forbid this lasts all season. It would be as bad as that damn maenad on True Blood.