8:00 AM, Shelly is up in the back yard drinking diet coke, smoking and studying for competitions. Muttering about who did what when in what competition. At about 9:30 Adam comes out and join's her. They talk about getting Dani out. Shelly tells him that if she goes she'll be able to beat all the other girls in endurance competitions and if they have a chance to get Dani out that they should take it. Adam is worried that with Dani gone he will go up higher on the target list due to his extensive Big Brother knowledge. They are both very happy to have made it this far. Shelly hopes that Josie and her Mr. Man are getting some attention out in the real world and they both say they would like to be final 2 together. Shelly starts talking jury votes she doesn't think that she'd get Dani's vote or Rachel's. Says she'd have to win a competition to even have a hope at getting Brendon's vote. She thinks that Jeff and Jordan are the only two house guests that will be tough to beat out of the people left in the house. Shelly takes credit for saving Adam's butt during Kalia's HOH and says that originally she wanted to put Adam up, but she talked her out of it. They talk about Dani and Kalia and Shelly says she's on the fence about who to evict, and Adam jumps all over that and says there's a lot more reason's to evict Dani than their is to evict Kalia.

10:30 ish we get front of the house for about 15 minutes most likely wake up time. Jordan comes out to join the backyard crew. They talk about celebrities and random nonsense bringing about some more front of the house.

11:00 Adam talks to Jeff in the HOH about Dani and the fast forward week. Adam tells him what Dani said to him last night and Jeff laugh's and says that Dani tried to make the same deal with him and also made the same deal with Shelly. Jeff is thinking of keeping Dani because he's worried about the fast forward week. He said that they are keeping Rachel to go in the fast forward week as well. Adam says that it's Jeff's week but if Adam was making the decisions he would send Dani home. Jeff says that Adam can make the decision's next week, to witch Adam says he will he will have to choose between Dani, Rachel or Kalia. Sounds like Jeff is thinking of keeping his nom's the same and getting rid of Porsche. They think she's dangerous and that Kalia can't stand on her own two feet so getting rid of Porsche or Dani would be best.

11:21 Rachel, Jordan, and Porsche are out in the back yard talking about liposuction, fat injection and butt implants. Adam and Jeff join them.

12:00 Dani shaves her legs in the bathroom sink since she's a have not and Porsche is with her. Dani is trying to give Porsche tips about how to talk to Jeff but then says that Jeff is going to do whatever he wants anyways so it doesn't really matter. Jeff pop's in and says something about Dani shaving her legs in the sink and that soon Porsche and Kalia will be doing it too. Dani says she's not going to tell Kalia that she did it because then Kalia would want to shave her girl parts at the sink that that's gross. Says that their will be pictures up all over the internet of it. She then walks away and asks the camera's why is she getting the nominee treatment?

12:37 Big Brother starts spouting random facts over the loud speaker, looks like the next competition is going to be some kind of quiz.

2:00 Jordan helps Rachel dye her hair, finally no more black root's! (ed note they were driving me crazy!) Jeff and Rachel encourage Jordan to become cosmetologist. Jordan is weighing the pros and con's against how much it cost's to go to school. Rachel states that her sister got her license while she was still in high school.

2:30 Shelly and Dani are sunbathing in the back yard. Shelly tells Dani that what Adam said about her in the diary room hurt her feelings. She said she always looked out for him and now she's wondering if she should have. They talk about his lack of beard and both say that they miss it and he looks really weird now.

3:11 Rachel is out in the back yard bending over while Jordan sprays her with the hose to get all the dye out of her hair and she has a wardrobe malfunction. All she says is "Two season's of protecting myself and this happens."

3:30 Porsche is in Jeff's ear in HOH telling him that he and Jordan are not her targets, and if she won HOH she'd put up Rachel against either Adam or Shelly.

4-5 Dani get's a birthday party from Big Brother but the feeds are shut down for them, most likely we'll get to see parts of it on the next show.

5:32 Dani tells Kalia and Adam that whoever goes to the jury house should tell Brendon that Rachel is two weeks behind on her period and showing a baby bump already. (ed. note I know this is a game and all but there's nothing to gain by telling him that and I think this show's Dani's true colors. Poo brown.)

5:45 Jordan is telling Rachel that when they get out of the house Rachel and Dani are going to be friends. Rachel says she hopes not because she doesn't like the jokes Dani says and does to people. Jordan says she's just really competitive and it's all game to Dani. God love her. 5:54 Rachel says she really wants it to be two vets in the final two and says how awesome it would be if it was her Jeff and Jordan in the final three. Jordan says it's possible if they all stick together and trust each other no matter what. Rachel says it could work so long as they can keep pulling each other off the block. Both girls are thinking of targeting Adam because he just know's too much about who won what competition and they think if he got in final three he'd be really hard to beat.

7:00 Rachel and Jordan have been working out in the backyard for two hours now. They are bonding :)

7:30 More talk about Rachel potentially being pregnant. She's talking with Porsche, Kalia and Shelly in the backyard. She wants big brother to make Rachel take a test because she shouldn't be competing if she's pregnant. (ed. yeah because being pregnant mean's you can't do anything but lay in bed all day lol) and she wants who ever goes to jury next to tell Brendon that Rachel is late. They continue on this ugly rant for over a half hour and then start talking about how to escape the big brother house. Talk about jumping on the pool table and running off of it to jump onto the awning and onto the roof. Dani says or you could just push the red button. They are being whiny and catty and say how they all four want to self evict because of Rachel. I guess Dani hid some brownies from her birthday party so the have not girls would be the only ones who could eat them.

8:00 Jordan talks to Jeff about Rachel. She says she feels bad for Rachel because all the other girls are ganging up on her and she know's Rachel is annoying at times and does stupid things but she doesn't think overall that Rachel is really all that bad. Jeff is suprised that Dani hasn't come up to talk to him. Jordan says it's because she already think's she's going up so there's no point.

8:34 Shelly tells Dani she's going to ask Rachel if she really is two weeks late and if she is she's going to ask her to ask the diary room for a pregnancy test. Dani then tries to go to HOH to talk to Big Jeff but she hears the blow dryer and assumes Jeff is sleeping.

9-10 A few house guest's take turns playing pool, Jordan, Shelly, Rachel and Kalia are in the back yard talking about shopping and buying woman's clothes.

10:30 Jeff, Jordan and Shelly talk about the diary room and how they have to do several takes when talking about some things because production didn't like the way they said it the first time. Will these kids ever learn not to talk about production? lol

10:40 Rachel complains of the lack of beer and wine tonight.

10:42 Jeff and Kalia are in HOH and she's giving Jeff the I'm sorry please don't send me home speech that we hear every week from the nominee's. Interesting she doesn't ask him to use the veto on her.

12:18 Dani tells Kalia that Jeff said he wouldn't backdoor her but she's cautious because she thinks he might just be telling her what she wants to hear.

1:15 Dani and Jeff are talking about his HOH, the POV and the double eviction week, she think's it's going to be next week. Both of them are wondering if that fortune teller is ever going to talk!

1:21 Dani talking to Kalia says that no matter what she think's Jeff is going to put her up tomorrow and there's going to be hell to pay.

1:42 Adam is talking about twitter and how he followed former houseguest's tweets. Rachel ask's him if he followed her's and he said no but he saw a lot of them because they were linked to other people that he followed.

1:50 AM Jeff tells Jordan that he finally talked to Dani. Jordan ask's "We're still good right?" and he just laughs. He says that Dani said she had a final 2 deal with Kalia since week one. Jordan doesn't believe it because she says she was the one who brought Kalia into the group. He says that Dani told him she'd really like to keep Kalia around. Jeff talks about the speech he wants to give at the veto meeting, sounds like he's going to put Dani up. Both Jeff and Jordan know that the only reason Dani's trying to truce with them is because Brendon came back and if he hadn't she would have tried to get Jeff out last week. Jordan says that if she win's HOH she's going to go after Adam because she think's he's going to flip on them sooner rather than later. Jeff agree's. They want the final five to be them, Rachel, Porsche and Shelly. Jordan says Rachel needs to stay around longer because she's a bigger target than Jeff right now. Jeff says he's pretty sure his mind is made up and Jordan says that she think's it's a good decision that nothing about keeping Dani would help them in the game. Jordan says that tomorrow is going to be awkward and she might go hide in HOH to avoid the awkwardness once Dani goes up. Jeff is worried about the double eviction week and thinks that people might see that as the only time they can get rid of him. They then stay up quizzing each other on competition's for awhile.

2:39 Adam is talking to Kalia about getting down to six and how he thinks that if you can make it to final six you control your destiny in the game.

3:30 AM Jeff tries to make a deal with Porsche for her to offer him something to use the veto on her. She mention's some handshake alliance she made with Jeff, Rachel and Brendon way back at the start of the game. Jeff is confused and doesn't recall this alleged handshake was she sure it was him? She says yes and doesn't back down. It will be interesting to see if this ever took place. . .

Have not girls bash Rachel some more and talk about their little conversations with Jeff how they each have tried to save themselves. Dani claims she tried to make a deal with Jeff but she doesn't know if he was receptive to it. Porsche wants him to put up Rachel and Dani tells her she's dreaming if she thinks for one second that that's going to happen.

Thank you updaters with out you my job wouldn't be possible. I know it's not easy but your all doing an amazing job, keep up the hard work!