Has Sookie Been Duped By A Supe?

Sookie has always been alone in the world. Not alone in the physical sense, but alone emotionally and psychologically due to her having a “gift“. Growing up, her parents feared her and her “gift”, causing Sookie to feel confused and afraid.

After her parents died, she and Jason went to live with Gran. Though they were close, the subject of Sookie’s “gift” was never really discussed. In fact, when it is brought up, Gran and Jason approach the subject warily because they don’t seem to even understand what exactly Sookie’s “gift” is or how it works.

Unfortunately, the perceived strangeness about her has set her apart from everyone, not just her family. Most people don’t even give her a chance at friendship. She is often ridiculed and called crazy, always an outcast. Sure, there are a few people Sookie calls “friends”; Tara, Sam, and Arlene to name some. But really, how close can you be to someone who is “on guard” all the time because of your “strangeness”? How can you have a meaningful conversation with someone when all your energy and concentration is being spent keeping all the other voices out of your head?

What‘s truly sad is that she can’t even be intimate with a man, let alone fall in love, for obvious reasons. Her special abilities have kept her from enjoying a fulfilling life and someone to share it with; she is, essentially, alone in the world with no one to share in her misery. Then she meets Bill.

As I previously discussed in http://www.jokersupdates.com/jarticles/article.php?article=1457 " target="_blank">“Does Bill Have A Hidden Agenda?”</a>, his appearance at Merlotte’s does not seem to be coincidence.

Sookie, already vulnerable due to the lonely, sheltered life she has led, is instantly drawn to the vampire’s “silent” mind. There did seem to be some attraction between them, but Sookie was able to keep her wits about her.

Yes, she does have a dream about Bill prior to having his blood, but really, it was an innocent flirtation at best. (She kept her clothes on in the dream, I guess I should say.) But before a natural progression of friendship then love can commence, she gets ambushed by the Rattrays and must drink Bill’s blood to survive.

When she asks Bill what the blood will do to her, he omits the fact that she will be sexually attracted to him. (Yet he had no problem telling her that Eric’s blood would make her sexually attracted to Eric after he tricked her into drinking it. Bill made such a fuss about it that I’m surprised Sookie didn’t “connect the dots” between these two statements.)

The next time Sookie dreams of Bill, she is actually fantasizing about him while masturbating. Now that cannot be mistaken for anything but sexual in nature! So basically, in one night’s time, a night in which she has had vampire blood, her sweet dreams of curiosity turn into active, stimulating fantasies? Wow! The stuff works quick is all I can say. Bill’s sudden appearance in her life has obviously given her mind something else to “think about”.

When Sookie meets some of Bill’s vampire “friends”, she is disgusted, frightened, and obviously shaken from the encounter. Though still attracted to Bill, Sookie questions having any kind of relationship with him.

Then Sookie’s Gran dies and she is now more alone than ever. Jason is no comfort to her and has in fact blamed her for Gran’s death. At the funeral, the townsfolk are thinking horrible things about Sookie and she is in no state of mind to block out their thoughts. To add salt to her wounds, her Uncle Bartlett makes an appearance and she is reminded of being molested by him as a child.

So while in this vulnerable, fragile state, she makes the decision to have sex with Bill, the one “person” with whom she can find some peace of mind. Previously, I would have said that she did this out of need, out of a desire to not feel so alone. But now that we know how vampire-blood really affects humans sexually, I have to wonder if she really had any choice in the matter.

The presence of Bill’s blood mixed with hers could have been the catalyst that drove her to him. Because of the type of person she is and her “good girl” persona, I think that maybe, had she been in her right mind and free from vampire-blood, she wouldn’t have had sex with Bill. I definitely don’t think she would have had sex with him if her Gran had still been alive. She may have fantasized about it, but fantasizing and actually doing the deed in reality are two separate things.

I want to add here, that the recent revelations and insinuations about Bill have made him very suspect in my mind. I have read all the books, and never ever, not once did I question Bill’s motives when he gave Sookie his blood the night she was attacked. I never questioned his motives in the series either. {The following is strictly based on the series, though now I have questions for the books too! Oy, I am way too invested in True Blood!}

Now that Eric has alluded to the “convenience” of Bill’s blood sharing, and after having thought it through, I have found MANY of Bill’s actions to be suspicious in nature. This includes his explanation for his whereabouts during the time of Gran’s death.

I know that he didn’t kill Gran, but could he have prevented it? He claimed to have heard a car pull into their driveway and assumed it was Sam dropping off Sookie, yet he didn’t hear the struggle between Rene and Adele? He didn’t hear her screaming or Rene yelling in rage? Come on! It’s not like the house is soundproof; it’s over a hundred years old! Isn’t it a little “convenient” that his super enhanced vampire hearing didn’t pick up on that? Isn’t it “convenient” that Gran is out of his way now?

Hmmmmm. Makes me wonder. (Now, I am going to analyze every little thing Bill does; why is he smiling, why is he frowning, why did he say that? I am going to go bonkers. I wonder if Alan Ball has done this purposely with the intent of driving people like me crazy? What he needs to do is become my new bff and give me some spoilers, cuz really, I’m dyin’ here from the suspense!)

I believe that for a relationship to work, things need to be somewhat balanced, especially on an emotional level. In Bill, Sookie is able to find a release for all stress and tension that comes with being “her”. She has someone to confide in, someone to share her secrets with, someone who she can turn to for comfort, and someone to share her life with, FINALLY.

Bill is getting things out of the relationship too, though probably not things Sookie would be pleased about if she really thought things through. He gets the love and adoration of a beautiful human woman, he gets to feed from a human whenever he wants, he gets to have sex whenever he wants, he gets to feel important by having something other vampires want, and he gets to keep a secret from Eric, who he hates.

I know people will say, “But he really loves her now!” That may be true, but like I said before, the recent revelations and insinuations about Bill make it appear that he is, or was, up to no good in the beginning. It seems that he took advantage of a situation, possibly putting Sookie’s fate into his own hands, and most probably manipulated events in order to ingratiate himself into Sookie‘s life by giving her his blood.

If that’s the case, how can a relationship based on a lie ever work? If Sookie finds out about the deception and forgives him, there will always be that trust issue between them. Always. It’s so much easier to forgive than it is to forget. Sookie has caught him in lies and deception before and I don’t know that she will be so forgiving this time around.

Obviously, Sookie didn’t lead a “normal” life before she met Bill. Her “gift” kept her from having any real, true enjoyment in herself or her life. When you think about it though, she goes to Bill to find some sort of peace, but does she ever really find it? Sure, when it is just the two of them, things are great. But her association with Bill draws her into an increasingly dangerous world of the supernatural. Finding herself in danger becomes the norm. How on Earth could anyone find peace in that? Is she so blinded by her love for Bill that she doesn’t realize or doesn’t care about the chaos he’s brought into her life? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Bill is the devil by any means and it appears that he has developed some feelings for her. But his true intentions toward Sookie are now shrouded in mystery and the fact that he has been cruelly deceptive from the beginning can only lead to heartache.

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