6:30 AM

Not long after the HOH crew went to bed, Jordan is up, gets dressed, does laundry and starts breakfast.

8:00 AM

Casey is up next, exchanges peasantries with Jordon and heads out back to smoke. Jordon zips through making the eggs and bacon, but gets tripped up with the pancake mix. She’s never made them before. She makes quite a spread, has her fill and covers the rest.

9:00 AM

Casey and Jordan head to the backyard and fold towels, while everyone else sleeps. Jordan says that she's only ever slept with one person. She doesn't know why people don't believe her when she tells them that.

10:00 AM

Others begin to stir. Lydia, Ronnie, Russell, Laura, Kevin.

Jordan makes a case to Ronnie to keep Lydia.

Most everyone moves to the backyard and things are generally pretty quiet until…

11:30 AM

Russell starts taunting Jeff in front of everyone about spelling technotronics in the Veto comp. He is animated and loud and keeps it up until Jeff takes the bait. Then it’s basically a trash talk showdown. Russell seems to want to make a point that everyone hears that Jeff is throwing comps to skate by, He also eludes to Jeff talking trash about him to other houseguests (ed. Which Jeff did yesterday).

Russell goes inside. A moment later Natalie went to go inside to. Jeff says, “yea go be with your team”. This was good enough to have Natalie go into a very loud rant. Her points were that Jeff alienated himself from the team. She doesn’t talk to anyone but Jessie. Jeff wouldn’t help with deciding the nominations so there was no blood on his hands. (ed. She actually addresses this as an announcement to the whole back yard while making this point).

Sirens can be heard in the background and Braden says "Oh, now the cops are coming!"

They still go at it. Jeff feels his team has shut him out and he doesn't know why. Natalie says it’s because he doesn’t make an effort. Just as Chima walks out, Natalie says they put Chima up because he said so. Jeff points out he had no part in any decisions.
Natalie yells how she only wanted one person on the block and that was Lydia (ed. Lydia is in the back yard to hear this). They continue to go back and forth for quite some time, repeating the same things over and over until Natalie goes inside.

Braden says he needs a cigarette after all that and lights one up.

Inside Chima is being very supportive to Russell about his issues with Jeff and also tells him about the Natalie/Jeff throw down, "You know he (Jeff) went after her (Natalie)." Russell says he thinks the problem with Jeff is that he is jealous that Russ flirts with Jordan. Natalie joins them as they rehash the fight with Chima still showing her support.

Natalie goes upstairs to report the morning events to Jessie, who is still sleeping.


Casey and Braden are joking it up with Jeff about the fights. In there somewhere Jeff says he doesn't like Laura and Braden agrees that she's catty.

BB calls an inside Lock Down.

Russell asks Casey if he's OK with backdooring Braden. Laura is there too. Russ says Braden is a mastermind. Laura and Casey don't think so. After Russ leaves, Casey approaches Laura about a deal between them to work together.
Laura says Braden is on her team, but she thinks she can beat Lydia over Braden.

Meanwhile, in the pool room, Nat is rehashing the fight to Jordan and Ronnie.
Jordan says how Russ suddenly started jumping on Jeff and she didn't understand why. She tells Nat that Jeff hasn't said anything about them other than he doesn't think they like him. Jordan says she thinks someone said something to Russ to set him off on Jeff. She suggests the athlete’s team talk since they are all on a team.

1:00 PM

Jeff, Ronnie and Kevin are in the spa room. General chitchat about fights they had when growing up.

Russell takes Natalie into the HOH bathroom to advise her on not giving out team details when she argues with Jeff. Natalie doesn’t seem to get it and is defensive. (ed. Not exactly sure what time this was, may have been earlier).

2:00 PM

Ronnie tells Jordan about the possibility of backdooring Braden. Jordan seems unhappy, but they whisper the pros and cons until BB calls them out for obstructing their microphones and they scatter.

Lydia gives Russell a massage in pool room. He vents to Lydia about Jeff and how he cant spell and is just jealous.

Jordan tells Jeff about what Ronnie said about Braden going up, they both say that no matter what, Braden cannot leave. Ronnie came in and tried to downplay it as something good for all of them, but after he leaves, Jeff and Jordan agree that they can't lose Braden.

Russell tells Laura he’s taking down Lydia and putting up Braden, He’s not worried about Chima, “she’ll self destruct on her own.”

3:00 PM

Jordan, Braden, and Jeff are worried that Lydia has sold them down the river, but Jordan doesn't think Lydia would do that to them. Ronnie comes in and tells Jeff and Jordan he may snap if Casey says one more thing about him being "in that damn DR!" Jeff tells him Casey doesn't mean anything by it.

Laura, Kevin, Chima, and Lydia are speculating about Ronnie. What if he's the twist? What if he's not really married? What if he's gay? What if he's a relative of a past player? Kevin thinks someone is a doctor or something.

4:00 PM

Lockdown is over and everyone is mad because there's nothing different in the backyard.

Natalie is talking to Chima and giving her advice on what to say during the Veto Ceremony. Ronnie and Natalie have informed her that Lydia's going to be taken off the block but she doesn't need to freak out because she'll be okay. Chima asks about getting Jeff out next week, and Natalie says that's the plan.

There was a Diary Room leak of Braden saying "Russell goes up there cuz he’s a team member of Jessie and they get along cuz they are both steroid ...." 4:47 PM

05:25 PM

Russell and Chima talk in the kitchen. Russell thinks Braden knows about the Veto plan and whoever told him is going home next week. Russell pulls Ronnie into the storage room to give him the third degree if he told Braden about the plan. Ronnie denies but shows some nervousness before leaving.

Russell tells Jessie that Braden knows. Says Ronnie denied it but he is scared. He can read body language like a champ. Jessie says they need to stick with Braden as the choice to go and they will watch Ronnie and wait for him to do them wrong.

Jessie, Russ, Chima, and Ronnie all go into the SR to talk. Chima is sticking up for Ronnie, saying she doesn't think he did it. Jessie tells Ronnie that they're not saying he did it, but that they need to find out WHO did it.

Russell asks Lydia about Braden knowing. She says she hasn't told anyone but that Ronnie or Chima might have. She also says that Chima and Laura told her that Russ was going to use the POV.

Meanwhile in the Storage Room, Jessie tells Ronnie he needs to prove that he's with them. Ronnie says he will have Casey pledge allegiance to him and spare him. He will put up Jeff against maybe Kevin or Jordan. Ronnie tells Jessie that he thinks he can influence Jordan's nominations if they go after Braden and she wins HOH

6:00 PM

Ronnie tells Jessie he is a nationally ranked persuasive speaker. "So I know how to talk"

Later, Ronnie wants Jordan to swear on her life and Jeff's life that she won't tell Jess/Russ that he told her about the plan to backdoor Braden. He tells her he can't be seen talking to her any more.

Natalie now thinks Lydia was lying last night. Natalie tells Jessie that Casey is on board. Natalie is concerned that Lydia will still come after them next week. Jessie says it doesn't matter because Braden is more important to get out.

7:00 PM

Jordan and Jeff talk about how they need Chima to go home, Jeff says he's going to throw the comp so that his team can be put up for elimination next week.

Natalie and Ronnie talk about why they need to back door Braden.

Jessie and Russell talk about whether they should trust Ronnie and that the plan is still on for Braden to go up. Next they wonder if they can trust Chima.

Ronnie tells Jordon he is convinced Lydia is now on the "other side". Jordan is upset because she's told Lydia things. Jeff is there and says he wouldn’t have thrown the POV comp if he knew this was going to happen.

8:00 PM

Jessie and Chima reassure each other they can trust each other.

Lydia and Kevin are in the HOH. They discuss that Jeff used the word ‘fag’ as an ugly word. Kevin said Jeff apologized to him for saying it. Jordon joins them. Jordan says if Russell doesn't use the veto, Lydia has the votes to stay. Lydia would prefer to be taken off the block.

9:00 PM

Lydia tells Kevin that Russell isn't going to use the veto on her. Kevin doubts that Russell will use it and he was just threatening to use it to scare Jeff. (ed. Ok, I honestly don’t know who’s playing who here).

Now out at the hot-tub: Natalie, Chima, Kevin, and Laura discuss getting on the show. Natalie said she tried out last year. Kevin questions, "When you were 17?" Natalie sticks to her story.

10:00 PM

Russell and Casey discuss using veto. Casey asks Russell who he is going to take down. Russell says Lydia.

Jordan and Ronnie meet in the hammock. Ronnie thinks things are starting to get ugly. Jordan thinks she convinced Lydia to talk to Russell about not using the veto.

Lydia, Jordan, Natalie are in the HOH, basically everyone is trying to show Jordon that Jeff is evil. She doesn’t buy it and says so.

Kevin and Laura are cooking spaghetti in the kitchen.

11:00 PM

HOH crew continues trying to get Jordan to see another side of Jeff. Jordan defends Jeff. After Jordan leaves, they feel they accomplished nothing with her and she will tell Jeff everything that was just said.

Meanwhile, Ronnie tells Chima that he trusts her more than anyone. Chima says he doesn't have to worry about her telling anyone anything.

Most everyone sits down for dinner.

Ronnie and Natalie go in the storage room. Ronnie says Jordan had asked what he was talking to Russell about and he told her Russell said since they didn’t put him up, he was expected to vote with them, which made him feel threatened. Jordan told him to tell Lydia. Then Lydia ran and told Russell. Chima enters and says what if Lydia wins HOH, they will be screwed. She thinks Lydia should go home this week. Chima leaves. Ronnie and Natalie agree to talk more with Jessie.

As Jessie predicted, Jordan tells Jeff about the HOH conversation. Jeff wants to call them all out.


Jeff manages to get the whole crew in the dining room to calmly tell his side of the story in an attempt to clear the air. He explains he did mention Chima for nominations because she was upset after losing the first contest, but that is all that he had said. He had no part in the nominations because the rest of his team had a meeting without him. When he heard who was nominated and he was shocked about it and now he is made to look like the bad guy. He asks Jesse, "Is this not how this all went down?" Jesse quietly agrees.

Then it degenerates into back and forth about how they made him feel like an outsider and that they did try to include him.

Jeff goes to the backyard and announces to Jordon and Casey, "I said my peace."

Inside Natalie hugs Lydia in kitchen, "See, that is why I put you up, because I thought you were coming after me."

Lydia and Kevin go in the storage room where she complains that Jeff knew about her going up, and that he didn't defend her.

1:00 AM

Jeff is back to being upset about his team.

Seemingly out of the blue, Michelle walks outside and tells Casey, "Sorry I was talking about you, but you were bugging me… asking me about my job all the time.” Casey apologized that he can't remember everything. Michelle says he seems like the detective in the house, “Sorry but I was perceiving you as a trouble maker, but I didn't know you well, and I apologize.” Casey says, “ok, I'm sorry if I came across abrasive. I guess you have to be real careful what you say in the house and to whom.” Michelle says there are just things going on at home. Jeff, Jordan, and Casey see that she is upset and struggling to stay composed. They tell her to relax and stay with them. She does for a minute then decides she needs to go get her hoodie.

Casey is confused about the whole exchange (ed. as was I). He says it was nice of her to come up and say, sorry. Then he disappears into the house.
Jeff and Jordan strategize. Jeff will throw the next HOH so someone can put up his team. Casey comes back out and Jeff goes back to complaining about his team and Lydia.

Ronnie is called to the DR. Jeff, Casey and Jordon discuss him at length.
Casey thinks Ronnie would nominate him.
Jordon thinks he would be loyal.
Jeff thinks he would be good to keep around for awhile.

Inside Natalie is wound up and wants to have a water balloon fight using condoms. No one bites, so she wants people to join her in jumping into the hot tub fully clothed. Lydia is up for this, and then Natalie says we will do that tomorrow.

2:00 AM

Casey and Jeff continue to run down the other ‘Athletes’.

Inside Natalie now wants to have people stuff her into Chima’s suitcase. Next she wants to have a pillow fight. Jessie gets into bed and chases everyone out. Ronnie tries to get some game talk in with Jessie, but doesn’t get anywhere. Lights out in HOH.

Ronnie tells Jordon that he would put up Casey if he gets HOH (ed. Oops)
Jordon wants to break up Jessie and Natalie. Ronnie wants to see Russell go next week. Jordon advises Ronnie to hang around the ‘athletes’ because they think they have his trust.

2:13 am. There was some question if Jessie opened a bottle of pills hidden in his shoe.

Laura and Natalie do some model walking. Chima joins in.

When the lockdown is over, Lydia jumps in pool with her clothes on and then runs over and hugs on Natalie with her wet clothes on. Natalie screams and laughs and says she doesn’t like Lydia much right now.

Ronnie gets another chance to talk to Jessie in the HOH. He talks in circles a bit, but seems to be trying to make sure Jessie thinks he is cool with Lydia and Chima, but not with Kevin.

3:00 AM

Jesse is at the top of the stairs trying to listen to Chima and Jeff in the bathroom. Jeff is saying his team is unrepairable. Jeff says that maybe he and Jessie could talk it out since they never talk. Chima says “You can be friends with Lydia and with Jordon; I just think your team wants more input from you.” Chima leaves and Jessie backs against the wall and lays on the floor near the HOH room not to get caught.

Later Jessie goes down and joins Chima in the bathroom. Jessie wants to know what they were talking about. Chima tells him about their conversation and Jessie says he really doesn’t have a beef with Jeff.

At this point they head for bed and everyone else is asleep.

All in all a very eventful day in the house. Too many people playing too hard too early. Will the Veto be used? Will Braden go up? Will Ronnie explode? Time will tell.

Thanks to the updaters. There was a lot to keep track of!