What is a good reality show without some drama? For Hell’s Kitchen, the drama mainly comes from Ramsay himself while he yells at the contestants. This season has been a bit different. Of course Ramsay still yells, but this season we have had a feisty bunch of chefs to create their own drama.

Very early in the season there was an argument between Van and J.P. while Van was acting as a waiter. While J.P. has definitely shown some “jerk” qualities, he has always seemed fairly calm. Van is pretty stubborn and I get the impression that he would not be one to back down from a fight. This argument was pretty heated and Ramsay had to break in and calm them down.

While Suzanne never had one big blowout with anyone, she did have small little things that have accumulated. Since I’m not a mind reader, I don’t know what’s going on in her head, but in my opinion she doesn’t think she does anything wrong. She is there for herself and will throw anyone else under the bus to make herself look better. Because of this, Suzanne has alienated her entire team. She was nominated for her big mouth and not being a team player. Suzanne’s biggest displays of emotion are when she finds out she is going to be nominated and starts arguing with everyone.

Finally we have the argument between Robert and Andy. I know this occurred during an elimination and was more to stay in the game, but it was funny. For the most part Andy remained calm and stood his ground. Robert, on the other hand, went wild and started yelling and physically demonstrating what he thought of Andy.

What is more interesting though is the number of arguments that involved Ramsay himself. We got to see what he does when someone comes after him for a change.
Some of you may not remember Joe because his time on the show was so short-lived. However, he is going to go down in Hell’s Kitchen history. When Ramsay asked him to name the nominees and why, Joe refused. I personally would have loved to see the nominees out themselves and have to tell Ramsay why they were nominated. Ramsay held his ground and kept asking Joe to tell him what he wanted, which never happened. Joe finally told Ramsay he is not a b**ch and went up in Ramsay’s face. Still, Ramsay was calm, most likely because of the two large security guards standing there. Joe wanted to “take it outside” and fight Ramsay. Eventually Joe was removed from the competition, which we had to wait a week to see.

Next we have Tennille versus Ramsay. Tennille’s mashed potatoes were not up to Ramsay’s standards and in typical Ramsay fashion he called her crap, just like her potatoes. Tennille then told Ramsay that he’s crap. This led to Tennille getting kicked out of the kitchen. Ramsay followed her back which led to an almost inaudible argument where both were trying to out-yell the other. Tennille was allowed back in if she would be quiet.

With only seven chefs left, will the drama continue? It is likely because most of the offenders are still in the kitchen. I doubt we have seen the climax of the Suzanne story and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Tennille have another argument with someone.

This leaves me wondering if drama will have any part in who is chosen as the winner. Will Ramsay make sure that whoever he chooses does not cause drama, or will he choose someone who is not afraid to be loud and say what may or may not need to be said? That is a question I will leave up to the viewers, as we will all have a variety of different opinions on who is chosen as the winner.