We start with a recap of last week, and the stunned look on the face of Jessica as Mary-Ellen is sent home, she expected he would send Andrew home.

Jessica leaves the ceremony very upset and crying. She stunned that Mary-Ellen was sent home and delights us with some rapid fire bleeps. Andrew says this environment is hell, ummm.. duh.

Morning. CW's appear without any ugly wake up call. Both teams are asked about who is the strongest member and the weakest. Ralph considers himself as the strongest on the blue team and Andrew as the weakest link. Chris believes he is the strongest on the red team and Jimmy as the weakest link. They are told the next night the restaurant will become a pasta restaurant.

Ramsatan demonstrates the proper technique for pasta rolling and cutting. He then drapes Chris with pasta. They then are told to roll as much pasta in twenty minutes as they can. Chris has to sit out to make the team size equal. Michael is cranking like there is no tomorrow. Jimmy has pasta hung all over and Andrew has found his calling as a pasta drying rack.

In the end the total weight of pasta made is what counts and not all the pasta, only the pasta that passes as usable by Ramsatan's standards. The blue team has 2.41 lbs of usable pasta and the red team has 2.45 lbs and with that, they win!! The blue team are not terribly good losers. Blue team has to make the pasta for the next night's dinner.

The red team gets to go on a gondola ride complete with wine. The blue team back in the kitchen has their own whine happening, courtesy of Ralph. I actually liked Ralph for a while, but now he is just wearing on my last nerve. Jessica and Michael have a chat in the kitchen, but then she bad mouths him in her confessional. Michael is up late and apparently he has a nightly ritual of going out to the patio to have a nice long chat with himself and the billboard of Ramsatan. Now you might think that is a bit nuts, but when you consider how Ramsatan deals, Michael's nightly self-chats look kinda tame.

The teams will alternate serving and cooking. Red team has the advantage of an extra team member. Since red team won, they choose to cook first. Blue team will serve first. Ralph begins to smoosch the ladies with his charm. Jimmy starts off badly, slow and sloppy. Main courses are not coming up with way Ramsatan would like. Chris gets chewed for being pompous.

Michael opts to not bail out his team mates and focuses on the desserts only. Jessica starts handing out random bowls of food to her customers. The red team is stopped without the orders all being finished. Red team is sent to the dining room as wait staff and the blue heads to the kitchen to cook for the second seating.

Michael comes up with a plan to run the red team out of lasagna. Ralph goes off on Andrew about garlic. Sufficed to say, the bleeps in this conversation were enough to make one's ears bleed. Jessica considers the red team plan to be "playing dirty". Ramsatan yells at Ralph about being messy.

Jimmy is sweating all over himself and the customers and his tickets and the food... Ramsatan says he is "like an inflated turd in a f-ing cloud. Jimmy is told to go for a walk and lose some weight. Jean tells Jimmy to stop touching himself.... I am not gonna go there.

The blue kitchen is way behind because of the rush on lasagna. Jessica again comments on those dirty cheating reds. The blue team is doing badly, very few entrees have gone out. Ramsatan turns on the charm and tells a customer to lose weight, a nice change from his normal f-you statements.

End of the second dinner service and it has not gone well. Both their performance in the kitchen and the dining room goes into consideration. Red team loses because their service was worse. Michael is chosen to nominate two for elimination.

Michael nominates Elsie because she got flustered during the kitchen service and Chris to test if he is indeed the strongest link! With this, Michael proves himself to be an evil genius. Chris gets sent home, I suspect Ramsatan had been looking for a chance to get rid of that pompous butthead from day one.

It looks like next week will be another great episode! See you all in hell.