Before I begin on this week, there is something I feel I need to address. It has been expressed to me that perhaps I was a bit harsh on Jeff last week. Everyone all together now.... "AWWWWWWWWWWWW". I look at it this way, if you whore yourself out to win a prize and see your face on television, I consider you to be the lame antelope on the plains and I am the hungry lioness seeking to feed my pride. You are all fair game to me.

The show opens as Wendy has left, her departure is mourned by Jessica. Andrew and Ralph have a heart to heart on the patio as the rest of the CW's drift off to dream of someday getting through a single dinner service without screwing up. Ralph tactfully points out to Andrew that he really needs to "shut his fuckin mouth."

The CW's are awakened by air horns, my personal favorite next to Beethoven. They throw on their whites and head to the kitchen to check in. Jean tries to explain a proper table setting for fine dining. None of them are paying attention all that well, they are dozing off, looking at the ceiling, contemplating their naval lint. The blue team manages to have only one error and thus wins the reward, a day of spa treatment, while the red team has to polish every piece of dinnerware for the next service.

As the CW's sit outside wondering if Jean has gas or is just naturally uptight, they suddenly spot a billboard that overlooks there patio and has a huge face of Ramsatan on it. They find it more than a little creepy that they are always under his watchful eye.

The teams are then informed there will be two new dishes on the menu, pigeon and frog legs. They have to prep the legs and birds themselves. It is a rather gross endeavor but they manage to muddle through. As dinner service approaches, blue team gets to prep their stations, but red team has the further punishment they must set all 100 places for dinner before they can begin their prep for dinner.

The red team finally finishes setting the tables.... Let me take a moment here to talk about Jimmy. I like Jimmy, he is like a big teddy bear, but like a big bear, his paws are not really built for the delicate work of polishing crystal and setting silver or folding napkins. He is like a kid who needs the super sized legos in order to be able to build anything. Ok... so red finishes the tables and gets to now begin their prep for dinner. Ramsatan has already informed the teams that the first team to complete their dinner service wins.

The red team scrambles to finish their prep and set up their stations. Andrew suddenly brain-farts as to the garnishes for each entree, so Ralph makes him some cheat notes on his station so he doesn't get lost when things get busy. Elsie is on the meat station for the red team. Jessica has meat station for the blue team. The blue team takes an early lead, but Elsie starts to panic a bit. Jessica's first entree is good but Andrew is screwing up garnishes.

Blue team has twelve tickets to go, Andrew once again screws up the garnishes and makes his team start a table over again while the red team has fourteen to go. Dinner continues, Elsie's Wellington is "spot on". Jean gets a complaint that the risotto from the blue team is mushy, the table must be redone. Ramsatan refuses to let any other tickets to be done until the one that was messed up is fixed. Red team jumps on the chance to pull ahead. Marry Ellen gets the risotto right, but the tuna was forgotten so Ramsatan requires the table be started over yet again, another break for the red team.

Red team is down to four tickets....two ticket. Jimmy is ordered to dance like a ballerina. The red team sends out their last ticket and they win. Elsie is overwhelmed to have done well and tearfully expresses her joy at not let her team down. Blue team is told to shut it down without finishing their tables. Ramsatan is impressed that despite having to set tables, the red team pulls off the win. Jessica is recognized as the "new talent" and given the task of nominating the two for possible elimination.

Jessica nominates Mary Ellen for her risotto mush and Andrew for his garnish debacle. Andrew dodges the bullet once more and Mary Ellen is sent home. Mary Ellen feels is was a mistake, so does Jessica, she seemed fairly certain that Andrew would be going home. In the end, it is Mary Ellen's jacket that gets skewered.