We pick up after the departure of Blueberry. Elsie cries at the loss of Blueberry. Jeff is in pain again and goes to the bathroom and passes his kidney stones. Then to my stunned amazement he exit’s the stall with a coffee filter in his hand which now contains his kidney stones. He carefully wraps them in tissue and then takes them out to show the other Chef Wannabees, like sharing some morsel of revelation.

Roll call. Michael gets placed on the red team to even things up. New challenge, cook a five course meal in one hour for a VIP, which is Ramsatan himself. They must shop for ingredients. They have only ten minutes and one hundred dollars to shop for this dinner. This looks something like the Keystone Cops go shopping.

In the end, despite Jeff drag-assing along like a petulant child, the red team finishes in time. The blue team finishes in time as well, with the last ingredient, bacon, being tossed into the wagon by Ralph, like a hail mary pass in the big game.

They get one hour to fix their meals. The team members each present one course and I must say some of them look quite tasty, but Ramsatan only cares for three out of the five from each side. So it comes down to a completely subjective judgment on the part of Ramsatan, don't you just love it?

Red team wins because the balance between dishes was spot on. The blue team has to clean the dorm, with Andrew being told to clean the toilets. The red team gets to go out to a pub with Ramsatan.

Red team gets to see a more human Ramsatan, as they talk and laugh over a pint. Blue team gets to see a more human side of the commode. The teams prep for the dinner service when they get to take a short break before dinner service starts. The red team decides to use their break before dinner service to implode, by tackling the issue of Jeff being a vegetable with legs.

Jeff continues to drag the red team behind. Two top food critics are in the dining room.

(Open pressure cooker, insert teams into cooker, seal lid and turn on the heat!)

Jeff begins to melts down and starts whining. Wendy slows down the blue team because in her world, cold water boils faster than hot water.

The blue teams risotto makes one of the customers spew in the dining room, not a good sign. Andrew gets his ass chewed since it was his dish. Ramsatan tells Jeff to "Move your ass!" Ralph seems to be holding the blue team together. Michael is doing the same for the red team.

Jeff says he is not a quitter, Ramsatan says he is not a chef either, Jeff says Ramsatan is an *****, at which point the red team Sous asks him to repeat more loudly what he just said...He tells Ramsatan he is an *****, then walks off the line. Ramsatan informs the red team that Jeff will not be returning to hell's kitchen.

Michael's lamb is a hit with the critics. The teams are told to shut down the restaurant once again without finishing the dinner service. Based on the critics judgments, the blue team loses and Ralph is charged with choosing the two people up for elimination.

Ralph chooses Wendy and Andrew. Ramsatan agrees with his choices. Its a tough choice this week because they are both "crap" but he chooses Wendy to leave. Ramsatan was not impressed by Jeff's name calling, since he has been called worse than that, but happily, Ramsatan skewers both their jackets. Two-fer! Now it’s down to eight Chef Wannabees and the fun continues.