We start with a recap of last week which ended with Jimmy heading home. So this week begins with the finale four, Ralph, Elsie, Jessica and Michael.

Ralph sits outside talking to himself over a glass of wine, explaining there are only three people between him and his restaurant.

At the morning gathering they are given a challenge to create a meal from leftovers from the previous night. They have fifteen minutes to prepare their meal. The idea is to use as much of the ingredients as possible. They stop and plate the dishes and take them out to serve to Ramsatan.

Jessica made beef stew with berries and cream for dessert. It looks a mess but tastes delicious. Michael made pasta and chicken wings, looks good, taste bad. Ralph makes sautéed drummettes, looks good, taste just so-so. Elsie made chicken soup. He doesn't care for how it looks, but says it is delicious, warm and hearty.

The winner of this fifteen minute leftover challenge Elise. He tells her he would pay for that dish. She is told not to forget her knives and that it is going to be something very exciting. Jessica and Ralph want to try her soup, they are both a bit jealous. She won because she not only made something good, but used over two thirds of the items on the leftover tray.

Ralph is very upset because he has not gotten to leave the kitchen in quite a while. Elsie is ready to go in her chef jacket and has her knives. They climb into a limo and finds out she gets to go cook on television. Back in the kitchen, Ralph, Jessica and Michael have to prep for the evening dinner service.

Ralph, Jessica and Michael are told to stop there prep and go to the dining room to sit at the bar where a television has been setup so they can which Ramsatan and Elsie on Good Day Live. They get to watch Elsie make risotto on television with Ramsatan. The others are seething at this point about her success, especially when the TV is clicked off and they are told to get back to work in the kitchen.

Michael tries to play mind games on Elsie by telling her that Ramsatan has different expectations for each of them and judges them accordingly. Thus she was able to meet his lower expectations for her. The second part of Elsie's reward is she gets to set the station assignments for the evenings dinner service.

Jessica on starters, Michael on vegetables, Elsie on fish and Ralph on meats. Michael and Ralph help Jessica get her station under control, After the first hour, Ramsatan switches them up so everyone gets a new station. As Ralph says, this separates the "knows and the not knows". Elsie is having trouble at her new station. Michael says he will take it over, she just wants someone to show her once.

Ramsatan changes them up again. The final four are not doing well, over half the meals are not out as yet. The others are jealous because Ramsatan takes Elsie aside to talk to her instead of yelling at her in front of everyone. Elsie is very aware the others are ignoring her when she asks them a question. I have to wonder myself if Ramsatan has noticed they are ignoring her and this is why he took her to one side to talk to her, Michael is the only person who has acknowledge Elsie all night.

Elsie takes a few minutes to pull herself together. People start getting up and walking out because they don't have their food. Ramsatan shuts it down once again, really pissed that they could not finish the service. Michael also verbalizes his anger at not finishing the dinner service. They are told none of them deserve to nominate tonight, Ramsatan will do it himself. Out on the patio, Elsie assumes she will be the one going home.

They gather in the dining room for elimination. Ramsatan calls on Michael, he tells him he cannot carry a whole kitchen on his back, he did good things tonight. Jessica, her performance was terrible. He asks her why she should stay. He asks Elsie if she felt she got the support she needed from the rest of the chefs, Elsie lies and says yes. He asks her why she should stay. Elsie is told she has impressed Ramsatan but he sends her home and he also tells her that she has touched his heart.