Blueberry takes a moment after the shock of being nominated to compose himself in the restroom, only to find Elsie is in the stall. He apologizes to her but then in the confessional, he admits if given the chance, payback is a bitch. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the dorm Jeff gets teased about dodging the bullet.

Day 2

The CW's wake to the melodic sounds of a ladles on pots and pans as the Sous Chef's bang away to wake them all to head to the kitchen as is. Chris screws around and ends up arriving seven minutes after everyone else. Ramsatan is not pleased at all, but doesn't really do much in the way of flaming Chris for his tardiness. How disappointing.

Ramsatan informs them they will have an immediate challenge, in their jammies, before coffee or anything they have to speed clean squids. He demonstrates the proper technique. The teams then dig in cleaning squids. Ripping the guts out seems to be the least pleasant part of this task. Blueberry confesses he hates everything that comes from the sea.

The CW's are reminded that the winning team gets a dinner with RamSatan, cooked by himself. while the losing team has to clean all the squid for the restaurant by themselves. Blue team has an extra person, so Michael was told to sit out since he has prepared squid before.

Red team wins with six cleaned squid.

They go clean up and dress for the day of training in the kitchen, being shown the Ramsay way to do things. After training the Red team prepares to eat dinner while blue team prepares to clean squid.

Blue team watches with envy as the red team gets champagne and face time with Ramsatan. They are elbow deep in dirty squids. They eventually all head off to bed for the night, except Jeff who is moaning, bent over in the hall. Apparently he has kidney stones or a history of them, or something.

The restaurant opens again. Squid has now been added to the menu. Ramsatan informs the Blue team that as further punishment for losing the squid cleaning task they get to work all evening with the AC turned off.

Wendy screws up the risotto but with an assist from Ralph is gets done and out in decent time. Two brownie points for Ralph, for teamwork. Red team is doing well. until it comes to garnishing the entrees, Jeff massively drops the ball, bends over in pain again without much sympathy from his team.

We are told each kitchen serves fifty people.

Andrew decides it is time to start playing cutthroat and he goes for the juggler of his own team mate, Mary Ellen, by taking credit for things with sous chef Scott, but Scott isn't buying what he is selling.

Ramsatan cusses out yet another patron as the teams continue to struggle. There seems to be a lot less of the pushing plates into chests, but a few plates do make it into the trash can. Ramsatan seems to be having a warm fuzzy night, well, warm fuzzy for him.

Red team starts falling behind as Blueberry buggers the meats up. Blueberry admits to being totally confused and when Ramsatan tells him he is worthless he agrees and says good bye and walks off the line, or starts to, but then the shocked pleading faces of his team make him reconsider his decision.

Blueberry breaks down and cries about how hard the chef is being on him. Ramsatan then exercises his amazing social skills with more of the customers.

One customer orders pizza and has it delivered to the restaurant, when Jean tells him he cannot do that, he gets in the face of Jean and pokes him in the chest. Ramsatan decides at that point, to close the place down again.

The pizza table belongs to the Red team, so no surprise that they end up losing. Chris is considered the least bad so he picks the two up for elimination.

Chris chooses Blueberry and Jeff, Ramsatan does not seem surprised by his choices and tells Chris he agrees with his choices 100%. Blueberry and Jeff make their case to stay. Blueberry gets sent home for being a coward. He removes his jackets and reveals the biggest Man-boobs I have seen in a while.

Dewberry's jacket is then ceremoniously skewered.

I'm not sure I care for this kinder, gentler Ramsatan, I want the fire and brimstone guy back. Trial by fire is a tried and true method in kitchens all over the country, so hopefully Ramsatan turns up the heat once more!