9:40 AM Frank is in HOH cleaning up his stuff and he put on coffee. Joe's in the kitchen cleaning up his stuff.
Joe and Britt talk in the kitchen and she's making a last ditch effort for his vote. He told her he would vote for her to stay if she can promise him she's got a 3rd vote and will actually stay. She says she'll talk to Dan again. She tells him that Dani is playing too emotionally and the Shane/Dani bond is too tough to crack. Britt talks about the dress she's going to wear tonight and Joe shares the story of Levi's birth.

11:08 Big brother announces that they have to go to the HOH for the weekly lockdown.

12:30 lockdown is over. Brit goes to the storage room with her suit case, she blow drys her hair and says she's going to vacuum one last time and Frank says he's sure she's got some tricks up her sleeve.

12:54 Joe tells Frank he will vote out whoever Frank wants this week and the next couple of weeks. He will get second place and Frank will win it.

1:15 Brit is campaigning to Dan hard. Her strong points are Dani is going to take Shane to final 2, Dani play's emotionally, he's going to have problems with her down the line, she's still mad at him for what he said at his funeral, Brit will throw HOH to him this week to keep him safe, she's gunning for Frank and won't rest till he's out of the house. Wants to work with him and Ian to final 3. Dan says he can barely get Dani to talk to him b/c of the funeral thing. Brit's now saying that Shane won't work with him while Dani is still here. Ian says why give Frank what he wants? Says if we don't get Frank out in the next week or two they might as well go ahead and write him the check. Brit says they can pull Joe in because Joe is down with getting rid of Frank. Britt leaves and Ian asks Dan if he'd put Frank up if he won HOH. Dan reluctantly answers that it would be too dangerous to put up Frank. Ian points out that there's only 7 people left and trying to backdoor him would be a farce because most everyone will be playing in veto. Dan ask's Ian his pecking order and he says it's Frank, Jenn and then Joe because he's with the Quack pack.

1:40 Ian and Frank talk. Frank tells him it's smarter for him to work with Frank and Jenn. They talk about the Dani' pairs (Dani and Dan, Dani and Shane) he tells Frank he's voting for Britt to stay tonight and reminds Frank that he can't play in the next 2 HOH's. They talk votes and think that Joe will not vote for Britt to stay.

2:09 Britt is campaigning to Shane in the storage room. He asks her if she's got a final 2 deal with Ian that Ian admitted to, and she denies it.

2:24 Dan is talking to Dani. She's upset that Britt is trying to stay in the house. She wants Dan to go talk to Shane about having a final 3 deal with her and Shane. Dan says she's really getting good at this game. He starts trying to feel her out about how tight she is with Shane. Shane enters and Dani leaves so they can talk. They think it's going to be endurance tonight and are talking about how to throw it. Shane's going to make a deal with Dan in front of everyone so people won't wonder why he's keeping him safe. Dan says he's going to vote to keep Dani tonight to help build back her trust. Shane then goes and talks to Joe who seems like he's trying to get Shane to vote to keep Britt. Why give Frank what he wants? Shane says he got Dani this far and now she has to do the rest on her own. Joe, Ian and Shane talking about who they should keep. Shane tells Joe he wants to work with him no matter who's side he's on (meaning Dan or Frank) they think their best bet is with Frank. Joe is worried about Dani teaming up with Dan he thinks they are pretty tight.

Then we get the live show, Britt calls Dan Judas. She's voted out 4-1 with her only vote being Ian. They then have a endurance competition where the audience voted if the first person out got a prize or a punishment and they picked punishment by 52%. Joe was the first one out didn't even make it to the end of the commercial break. Jenn is out next. They are hanging from a rope going around a giant sun being sprayed with yellow paint and being hit by a giant sand bag looking thing that makes them spin I think the sand bag is supposed to be a star or something. When the feeds come back Dan, Ian, Shane and Dani are left still in the game.

7:30 Dani and then Dan drop out of the game. Dani pukes in the garbage can.
8:48 Shane makes a deal with Ian that neither him or Dani will go up or be a replacement and he falls. He looks really worn out. Ian is the new HOH. Dan says that Dani and Shane should have a pirate ship kiss but Shane says no to the kiss and puts a towel over his head.
Elimination order (times in hours:minutes)
1. Joe (between 0:01-0:04 during commercial of live show; as punishment, he must hula-hoop every hour on the hour for 24 hours)
2. Jenn (0:05 during live show)
3. Dani (0:33)
4. Dan (0:35)
5. Shane (1:53)
HOH: Ian
Ian says he won it for Brittany. He says he's happy because now he gets to use the nomination speech he had planned in his head. He says that the Quack pack is still on. Dan passes out water. They talk about what song Joe will hear when he has to hula hoop.

9:14 Danielle asks Shane if he wants to share a bed with her since all the other guys want to sleep in a different room. He says sure. He tells her he made a deal so they are both safe this week and it's good because they both get to play again for HOH next week. He tells her he's not dumb and she says she never said he was and he says that she implied it.

9:30 Frank looks upset in the kitchen a bunch of house guests wait for the pizza to be done. He says sorry to Jen that he gets to eat and she's still stuck on slop. Ian comments that in the past Big Brother would give them pizza after long endurance competitions. Joe says he's never hula hooped before. Dani show's him how to do it. Jenn goes to hang by herself in the boom boom room while the rest eat pizza. Dani goes in to talk to her and Jenn says she needs to find a way to get herself out of this mess. Dani says she doesn't think she needs to that she's going to be fine. They can't believe that they are the last two girls. Dani says she can't believe that Brittany was campaigning so hard against her. Dani says that Joe told her he's going to vote for her to stay but she better not get back with Dan. They talk about how Brittany called Dan Judas and how Jerry got hate mail for years when he did that.

10:46 Dan, Ian, Frank and Shane discuss Joe's punishment. They think that if he had gotten a reward it would be a phone call from home. Dan wonders why America voted for the punishment.

11:00 Danielle and Dan talk. Dani says she hates not being able to talk to Dan. Dan says she's in a good spot to actually win this thing. He tells her they have to push for a quack pack reunion. They complain about Britt's speech how she said Dan's got a big ego.
Joe comes out of the diary room with his hula hoop and horns go off and he tries hard to keep it going but he's not very good at it. Dani and Frank try and show him how it's done after the song stops playing. He says he has to carry it around with him for 24 hours and do it whenever they play the music.

11:15 Joe and Frank talk in the storage room. Joe tells him to keep being nice to Ian. He says he's going to push for Dan to go up. He says that if Frank goes up they should have the votes to keep him. The horn goes off again and Joe tries to hula hoop, still not very good. Seems like the horns are going off about every 15 minutes.

11:50 Who wants to see Ian's HOH room? They all head up to HOH. Ian reads his letter from his mom. Ian is excited he lays on the bed and put's his arms up under his head and smiles.

12:13 They are told to check the storage room and they got some beer. Frank talks to Dani he think's he's going up. She says you don't know that. He mention's Ian's statement about Frank not being nominated like Easter without eggs.

12:30 Joe goes up to HOH to say goodnight to Ian. Ian tells him his key will be in the box tomorrow. Joe goes to bed and the music goes off for him to hula hoop. It lights up in the dark!

12:45 Frank goes in to HOH to talk to Ian says he wouldn't blame him if he was nominated. Ian says he probably won't but if someone use's the veto he might go up as a replacement. Frank says he wanted Brittany out for strategy that it wasn't personal. Ian tells Frank he would like to not spend his HOH on Frank that he respects him and how he got as far as he has in the game. Ian says other people wanted Frank up not him. He sells Jenn out as one of the "other people."

1:36 Frank talks to Dani. Says he knows that Dani, Shane and Joe won't be nominated. He says he thinks nominations will be Frank and Jenn or Frank and Dan. She asks him why he says that and he says that he knows Shane made a deal that him and Dani would be safe this week.

1:44 Ian and Dan talk. Ian admits Shane's deal was only for him and Dani. Ian says that the Quack Pack is still on though. Ian says he wants Frank or Jenn out this week. Ian says he'd like to work with Dan and keep the renegades thing going but he doesn't think he can beat Dan if they were the final 2. Dan says he's already won and no one will let him win if he's in the final 2. Ian says that Frank has no social game when he win's HOH he treats people like crap and when he's not HOH than he kisses butt but it doesn't work and that's why he's nominated every week. Ian says he wants Jenn out this week because Frank can't play for HOH next week so it will just be Joe against the rest of the house. Ian and Dan quiz each other.

2:20 Quack pack is in HOH while Joe and Jenn sleep and Frank is in the diary room. They solidify their plans that Frank and Jenn will go up and Joe's the replacement. Dani tells them that Frank is already campaigning for votes against Jenn. Ian is the last one in bed. About 4 everyone finally gets to sleep.

Will the Quack pack make it to final 4? Will Frank pull another POV out and save himself? Only time will tell. . .

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