Iím on vacation in Ft. Lauderdale, and we took an interesting drive in the country, I thought Iíd share with you. In Davie, to be exact. It started with a locked gate.

Inside the compound, it was exquisitely landscaped, with water features and brown grass in places, thanks to the drought in South Florida.

And then, I had an experience that I will never forget. But a thin chain link fence separated us. This is my best friend Lydia and I, meeting Tawny for the first time, as she strolled regally towards us. She is a ten year old Golden Bengal tiger. She is exquisite, and extremely friendly, as you shall see.

This is Lydia feeding Isis, through the fence. She had lovely manners, but Tory (the owner) had her growling ferociously, so we saw those long, long fangs. That is Lydia, with me.

This is Tawny standing. The enclosure is half an acre large, with either sand or grass. The tigers are rotated so they donít become bored. (2)

Meet Isis. She is at home here, and she is a white Bengal, 7 years old, and very friendly. We were told to Ďmake ourselves small,í which is why you see us sitting next to the cage. Unless weíre standing and feeding them, which we were honored to do below. We were also told to never turn your back on a tiger; and indeed, the two women (Kelly and Torie) who went into the cages, never turned their back.

We were told that Tawny has never let anyone feed her except Torie and Kelley, yet she allowed us. It was an honor beyond what I can tell you here. The entire day was a dream; I kept thinking Iíd wake up. I got a kiss from Tawny, below. At one point I had my back to the cage, leaning against it. I heard a gentle whuff, and felt heat on my elbow. Below is the picture.

We learned that one of the tigers had a bad old pool, filled with rust, that they had to scrub daily. They canít afford to just replace things like that. So Jokers bought them a new pool They do rescues, at this place. Now they are looking into rescuing bobcat babies. They had a lion up until December, when he passed. He is sorely missed. I have photos of him, which I need to scan in. Destiny has to be the neatest place Iíve ever been. If youíre in Ft. Lauderdale, call and tell them youíre a Joker. They might give you a tour like they gave us

They badly need donations. At present, Destiny Big Cat Sanctuary does not take paypal; so what weíd like you to do is click Donate here. All donations for this month will go to Destiny. And the place ainít cheap to run. Itís a quarter million a year to run it. Each cage they build is 150,000. And Torie has poured her entire fortune of three million into it; all gone now. But this is her lifeís work, and for her, and us, itís worth it.