House Implodes, Another Hantz's torch snuffed, and Franggie Rules

9:00 am – Big Brother woke the house guests up. Many had just gone to bed at 5 am so it was going to be a long tiring day. Jojo and Shane are the first to corner Frank and tell him that they stuck to Willie last week because they were loyal. Then they go find Brittney and tell her that they think that they have to separate from Willie. Brit said she understood and that the other coaches said that they were going to lose someone this week. Britney then told them she was not going to take this lying down. That she would fight for them.
Boogie, Frank and Jenn discussed trade options, Boogie thought maybe trade Ian for Shane to protect Frank. But they were interrupted and Wil came in and said that he thought he was going to be traded for Willie. Boogie then said he told Brittney that if she traded Willie to Dan’s team then he would just shift the focus onto getting rid of Shane.
Brittney interrupted their discussion and asked if the others would leave that she only wanted to talk to Boogie and Frank. They left. She wanted to see if she could talk them into putting up Willie with another person, not someone else from her team. They pretty much told her everything is up in the air until after the coaches’ competition.
After Britney left in walks Shane. He said he knows Willie and him are going up. He said he wants to separate himself from his team. He then asked Shane how he would feel if he was traded to his team, and Shane responded that everyone has to play for themselves. Boogie asked him not to tell Brittney about this conversation.
Britney talks to Willie and tells him that two members of their team are going up and one will be going home this week. She said the only way she could save him was to trade him. Willie told her she could trade him but he was not going to work with any other team.

Boogie (who is the HOH this week?) then had a meeting with Frank, Wil, Ashley and Jenn and told them that Willie was the target. That they didn’t like his antic last week and that they had to stick together. He then said Shane wanted to trade sides and that it might be a good thing if he does for POV.

1:30 PM – Right before the feeds got cut for the coaches competition we heard a brief conversation between Brit and Dan. Brit told him she was not going to trade Willie for Danielle, Dan thanked her and said he would owe her one for that. He asked her if she was going to trade and she said she might.

The feeds were off line for 2 hours

When they returned we figured out that Janelle won the coaches’ competition. She did not trade anyone, she saved Ashley. She also got to pick the have nots for the week. She picked all of Brittney’s team (Willie, Shane and Jojo) and then Ian volunteered to be the fourth person to be a have not.
Willie did not take it too well being a have not. After listening to them (Janelle, Boogie, Frank, and Joe) celebrating in the HOH room, He told them he would be evicted before the week was out. He started moving his stuff into the have not room and freaking out. He said he feels bad that Jojo and Shane got punished because of him. Willie left the HOH room and went downstairs and told Dan, Jojo and Brittney that he was going to get himself evicted that he was going to punch someone in the face. The feed went to trivia after that.

The trivia lasted 4 hours!

7:00 PM When the feed come back we notice Willie is gone and that they already have had nominations. Jojo and Shane are nominated. We see Boogie and Frank in the HOH, Frank is upset that Ian and Jenn are just going to skate through this game and do nothing. Boogie was telling him to let it go, that they got out two members of Brittney’s team this week and he will have accomplished a lot.
Meanwhile Brittney was meeting with Jojo and Shane in the have not room. Jojo was upset because Jenn would not talk to her. Brittney said that they all were paying for Willie’s mistake. Jojo said FU Willie.
Finally at 8:49 we got an explanation: Jani and Boogie say they are giving a rundown of Willie's expulsion They say he: He threw pork rinds at Jani and told her to F off. Called her the "C" word. He kicked the HN door several times. He head butted Joe 4 times and was physically removed from the game.

Boogie then asked Brit if she knew Russel Hantz before she came in to the house Brittney responded: Britney said no, though she saw Russell at a Survivor finale and met him briefly. She said when she drafted Willie she didn't know he was Russell Hantz's brother. Brit also says that when she met Russell at the Survivor after party in NY, he was with his Showmance Krista. Boogie says he didn’t know he had a showmance and thought he was married. Brit says he is but they are separated and he hooked up with Krista when they were both out of the game at the Survivor resort.

BB ordered pizza for everyone, Even the have nots could eat the pizza. They were all excited and yelling thanks Willie!!!

Here is Ian’s rendition of how things went down:
Willie called the Hgs and especially Joe a p**sy. Then he head butted and chest bumped him. BB told Joe to stay in the bathroom and Willie to go to the DR (or SR....) BB told Joe not to follow. Willie taunted him to follow him Willie threw pork rinds at Jani and cussed her. Janie flipped Willie off and said "bye-bye" Willie left. The Hgs sat in the living room until Alison Grodner came on the intercom to tell them Willie was expelled and the game would continue. Then they had nominations.

So since Willie was throwing pork rinds it is believed that the have nots can eat pork rinds and pudding this week!
Frank and Boogie talk. They said if Shane wins POV then they would put up and send home Danielle. That then Dan would get the one two punch.
Ian, Wil and Danielle discuss the possibility of someone returning or the coaches entering the game. They said there are 3 extra weeks and that would not include any fast forwards.

2:20 am Dan proposed to Janelle that if the coaches go into the game that they ride together to the end. She agreed & said they'd talk more about it later. It wasn't a firm deal by any means, but more like a possibility if the coaches go in the game.

After some of the house guests went to bed Dan had this conversation with himself: Ian is gaining favor in the house. "Do I trust Boogie? No. Would I go to the end with Janelle? Yes she's a beast." He says he's thrown all the comps so far. He moves to the hammock.

"Some of my best work is done here. Maybe a little slower, a little older but I still know one thing. How to play this game. It's harder to play this game when people know who you are, and scared of you. Act like I don't care about the game. I do care about the game. I love this game. Boogie would want me out. Hopefully Janelle will want to work with me but I might have to go for a few of her players. I can't believe I'm back here, what the hell? Same pool, same backyard, no friends. Who can be my Memphis, bleach blond powerhouse? Or someone else, I don't know. I need to pay attention what day it is. House decoration this year is awesome. Epic. 6am in Michigan, sister is probably making candles. Chelsea is probably in bed with our dog Frank, he's not supposed to be in the bed." Someone please tweet my wife and tell her Frank is not supposed to be in the bed. And I love her. I'll personally thank you if you do this." He thinks Joe & Wil might want to target him. He can't trust Boogie. Ian is very well-liked but he is getting cocky.

Shane doesn't know what he is doing. It would have been epic if he could have drafted Frank to his team. His family would love it if he would team up with Janelle. He mentioned wanting to work with Janelle and he thinks she is very loyal. He likes Jenn. He likes Ashley as a person but not a player because she will coast to the end. Ian will fall on his sword for Ashley. Shane and Jojo should hopefully be on their way out. He doesn't know about Wil. Joe is the key organizer and he has to watch him. Joe probably won't win much but he can rally the troops. He thinks Joe's mouth will get him in trouble. Britney is on the ropes and it is time for her to get knocked out of the game.

The house is finally quiet and all house guests are in bed at 3:48 am.

What will tomorrow bring? Who will win VETO? Will Brit’s team still pay for Willie’s mistakes? Who is coming back into this game? How will this all unfold. Only tomorrow will tell! Thanks updaters for the great posts!