Wow - quite a night it was - sexual tension and some lubricated emotions. My take on how the HM's were effected by the evening.


Had some wine with dinner and was looking a little tipsy and I thought to myself - OH NO here we go - but I guess the benefit of a full stomach helped a fair bit 'cause she didn't get completely sideways.

I really feel for Belinda for she is very socially inept when it comes to joining conversations - and she is her own worst enemy. When she does try to say something interesting to get in on the topic - most of it is very awkward and some of it is plain BS - an example of this is in the Spa when someone mentioned forklifts and that none of them had their FL license she decided to chip in with "I have my forklift license" when asked "what for" she explained that it was just to do something different - The others didn't buy it for a second and neither did I. Later in the evening - when she was in the shower with Claire, Dan and Reg - she said in front of a naked Claire that she would love to get naked in the shower but had too much respect for her family (I construed this as a big accidental insult to Claire -and later when taking to Ben - she gave three more separate excuses for not getting nude that were not consistent and he called her on it in a big way. If he only knew that she stated she wanted to be a Porn Star on her BB application - he would have a field day with that BS. - I know this sounds like I have it in for Belinda, but really I was really rooting for her to make a connection and so it was painful for me to watch her fail time after time last night.


Pretty uneventful night for him and he was largely on the outer - although he was in the spa for a few hours - he missed out on most cuddles and flirting and had to sit near Leah, who is not very fond of him and disguise or feelings it is not her strong suit. Chrissy ( who is the only one he clicks with) was not around, so he was little lost but I guess he was compelled to stay by the same Siren (Jo) ( who sings to all red blooded males - my self included) - and maybe also by the possibility of her putting a little of her charms (she is irresistible when tipsy), his way - alas no sugar in the end for Dan (although he is talented, he can't compete with Italians who Purr …see Vincent below).


Leah is becoming tiring with her self-convincing that it is not the fact that she lacks the maturity and sophistication (not her fault) to enable her to be part of the roundhouse culture. She also absolutely loathes not being the center of attention (her fault) and also with her dramas not being of equal importance to the Housemates as they are to her eg. She tried to get some attention by pointing out that her pashing of Jo during the pass the sweets task would create a major rift with her boyfriend (whom, I imagine was turned on and relieved that it was another chick and not a guy - although he probably hates Vincent now). Again no one took this seriously so she pouted for a fair bit of the evening and was fairly touchy-feely and flirtatious with Claire (safety). A fair bit more pouting was evidenced when Jo was the center of attention with the boys and Saxon seemed uninterested in flirting with her. On the whole though - Spa parties and sexy tasks seem to suit her needs more than deep and meaningful conversations, so I guess she was content enough.


Ahh Ben master instigator - you are such an enigma. Ben will make comments designed to incite radical behaviors and then make comments designed to suppress them. Ben was really excited with Jo and Reggie being tipsy and spent a fair bit of the evening lobbying BB for some more alcohol to loosen the women even more - he even promised to get everyone naked if they got more booze. In the end he got frustrated with Jo spreading her attentions to Pat and later Vincent that he took his blue balls and grissles to bed. He mentioned that Jo is playing the boy's so well - but that she is no princess anymore. He talked about how she was so clingy to him in the pool, but she moved on quickly ... actually he missed out on her attention by putting so much effort into attacking Reggie because she accused him of perving at Jo's "crack" that he missed Jo showing off her back flips and she went back to the Spa rejected. IMHO Ben is not happy with the B- instead of Type A control he is having to settle for and is jealous of other boys getting Jo's attention - interestingly he blames her and feels no animosity to them (although he doesn’t say it, you can see the word cocktease running around his head). He is blissfully unaware of the effect that his "attack is the best form of defense" strategy has on Reggie who takes his accusations way too seriously.


Not much to say here - waterboy has had a good day and evening. Due to the abundance of aqua, he instigates very little except the occasional bitch about Belinda and has also got to the stage of mocking her comments within earshot of her. He reminds me of a suicide bomber ticking away that will take down Belinda and himself before very long. He is not as fond of Leah as she would like, but has a strong attachment to Claire. He also dislikes his namesake Dan.


Claire is playing it cool, but not to the detriment of her enjoyment. She is still so relieved to get away from the dysfunctional group as a whole, but still relates well to its individual members (except Bel) and is having a great time - especially with cuddles from Jo, Reg and Leah. I think they are unaware of the sexual predator that is well hidden, but lurks beneath the surface and I only got a glimpse of it in the conversation in official BB uncut video about the threesome conversation. Isn't it interesting that many of us hetro men are so threatened by gay males whereas hetro chicks feel safe enough to flirt with gay females. Claire is very smart and I was puzzled by her early dislike of Belinda, but I now think it is because she embarrasses Claire as a female, although she is not an intellectual snob by any means as evidenced by her attitude to Reg.


The real game player - though its not head games he's playing and I respect that. He is certainly red blooded. His highlight of the evening was his brazenly sexy passing the sweets and his highlight of the decade was Jo's reaction to his spa pool purring in her ear. He was so chuffed with comments from her like "OMG that would turn any women in the world on", "you should bottle that", “I need a cold shower now", "I have a thing for Italian men", "You scare me (because she doesn’t trust herself)", "You are killing me (her defenses, she meant) and the fact that she kept coming back for more. He would have gone to bed with a smirk like a Cheshire cat for conquering Jo, who I think he previously felt may be even out of his league. I think that after last night he knows that Jo sees him sexually unlike Ben and Pat who are her mates and the "Familiars" needed for her certain type of unintentional witchcraft.


Joanne is not playing games at least not on purpose IMHO. She had a few drinks last night and partied hard. She is naturally flirtatious and has a brilliant way of getting the guys to fall for her (even me). This manipulation of men is not a conscious thing IMHO but rather a unconsciously learned behavior that you often see with beautiful women. You know I didn’t want to like her – really I didn’t, but she is so delightful especially with a few under her belt. She is smart, caring, vulnerable and very sexy and the only thing I can find any fault with is her rock solid chest (those baby's don’t move an inch even when skipping, running or jumping up and down and it’s not her bikini that’s holding them or she would have cut marks across her back) – (but this is so petty of me so I will shut up about it). Jo had a ball last night and didn’t want to go to bed. She danced, sang and broke wine glasses (which by her admission is inevitable). She showed her physical attributes to advantage, flirted, flattered, cuddled, conudled , fell over, fought back (in a splash war), back flipped, wiped mascara (hers, Reggies, Leahs), and was as sexually aroused as we have seen her. She made great eye candy everywhere she went, but even more, she had that vulnerability that combined with her smile, facial expressions and smarts - makes you want to marry her tomorrow (god this is sickening, but true). For her effect on the boys beside me, see their sections. She is a Siren luring sailors to their deaths on the rocks, but not deliberately and seems surprisingly unendowed with arrogance. Leah is impotent beside her and this frustrates her, but even she can’t find much concrete to criticize.

Have partaken of a fair few, I was looking for the cracks (not the same ones as Ben) in a facade to show, but they didn’t, except maybe her libido is not as low as she has previously indicated. Sparhawk wipes up drool and moves on.


He had a predictable evening (he really is a nice interesting thoughtful guy) with no major gossip to relay he reminds me of a puppy dog with Jo – coming for his cuddles and reassurance that she still loves him – but one cannot blame him for this. He chatted with Ben, but as usual was a chip of the old diplomatic block. I think he knows that if he makes an overt move on Jo, he will suffer the dreaded “I think you’re a fantastic guy but…..” line and would rather settle for wagging his tail to the occasional pat or cuddle and Jo is not stingy with these. He got on well with everybody, but is not really a party animal. He must have been quite deflated to see Jo with Vincent, but didn’t stick around long enough to sustain significant damage


Regina did get sideways (tanked, xcuse the kiwi) last night and appeared to enjoy it immensely – she was the definitive definition of ROFPML at one stage, however, she hated herself when it began to wear off and all the time her “take” on Ben is confusing the hell out of her and preying on her mind big time. Ben continued to bully her and crosses the line of assault and sexual harassment often (but no one seems to notice except Reg that it is not just playing around and she won’t risk making a fuss about it by being a “Premadonna” or a bad sport). I was disturbed to see Ben grappling her in the spa with her pleading seriously “Please No” in his ear (Sparhawk slaps Ben around the head with a dead trout and says listen when girls say that). Regina has some very sexy moments with Joanne, but was unaware how they looked from the outside (see pictures on other threads) - So Regina last night laughed her arse off, cried and incoherently tried to explain her concerns about Ben to Claire, this was mostly “do you know what I mean” sentences and most of the others were never completed. But Claire being smart understood that she was feeling bad because Ben has accused her of split personalities because she had left Belinda to her own devices today. This was done as a comeback when she attempted to seriously talk to him about her perception of his duplicity (see Ben above). Reg explained that she wanted Bel to have a chance to Bond without her. This has effected Regina more than intended and she has lost some spark as a result. – Hopefully she will write if off to the wine and bounce back.


Didn't see much of Chrissy last night as she went to bedroom. I guess she had a bad evening with Nomination, strike etc. She was helpful with people breaking glasses and loosing microphones, and I think she was uncomfortable about getting in the Spa (not criticizing here, but this may be due to space/size/weight/ water displacement/others bodies etc.) and felt a little uncomfortable just being the wallflower. She was her usual considered, considerate and empathetic self. She has no tolerance for rudeness, but can be rude by implying (I really wish I had got to see her deal with/to Carlo). Chrissy is an impressive girl with a few issues, but generally she turns negatives into positives - ignores what she can't change, and has learned to deal well with most situations.