Happy Saturday!

8:00AM Frank's morning chat with the live feeds in HOH.. I'm always in a tight spot, even when I'm HoH. I don't know who in the house is against me, and who is willing to work with me. Mike leaving has really put me in a somber mood. I still can't believe Ian stabbed me in the back. I thought he wasn't like that. I'm hoping I can bring him back. I'm really not impressed, it's not fair to take advantage of a kid like that. He's 21 years old. At least we think so. He's immature, insecure and susceptible to being swayed by someone like Dan. It's so easy to want go with the majority in the house, but I haven't and I've done ok. He doesn't realize how bad of a mistake he made at this point. Tuesday and Wednesday, I kept saying, all we have to do is win these next 2 HOH and we're golden and he cracked. I wish this kid could see how bad he messed up. He should have never voted against Mike and he should have never put me up. I really can't believe they got to him like that., I have been hustling this game, since the 1st week.. I might just have to keep hustling to make it to the end. Or I might not make it to the end. I just can't get people to trust me. I should take it as a compliment. I been doing my best to act extra somber, maybe they'll look at me different, maybe they'll work with me, or at the very least, be a little less afraid of me.

9:30am Joe and Frank at the Dining Table. Joe wonders the Veto will be. Frank says hopefully not the "How Bad Do You Want It?" Joe says or Spelling. Frank says he will throw it to Joe today If he gets the chance. Hopefully it'll be something like the ropes. Joe says he would shave his head, but he wont give up the money. Frank says, I aint shavin' my head. Joe wonders if Ian will use his veto. Frank hopes not. Joe asks why wouldn't Frank put up Shane and Brit. Frank asks If they won? I'd have to either put up Shane or Britney, but they'd control the votes and you or Jenn would go home. We just have to hope there's a bit of a divide between those 2 duos right now. I'm gonna tell Ian straight up, I can forget about the Mike's vote thing, I can even forget about you putting me up, but you backstab me again, and I go to jury, you'll never win this game. I'll make sure of it. Frank explains to Joe, if we get Dan out, Danielle might work with us possibly but she'll always be connected to Shane. What she needs to realize is that if she gets down to the f3 with them, they ain't taking her. He says Ian is so up Brit's ass right now which is good, because he wont take Dan off, because he knows I'll put Britney up. Joe says, I think you'd have a better shot at Shane than Danielle. Frank says, I think we have a decent chance with either one of them in that situation. If Shane goes home, we could pull Britney. If things go well on Monday, I'll be able to start building trust back with Ian. Frank reiterates how Ian was manipulated to do what he did. Says it pisses him off that they took advantage of this kid. Joe wonders if Ian's playing people? He's smart as shit. Whether we know it or not, that kid's very f'in smart. Frank says, I disagree. Joe says really, You don't think he's got a plan to the final 1? Frank says No. Joe says Dan says to Ian during the Pandora box that, "I will rat you out, motherf'er." That didn't seem to go with the ball thing. Those were the words used. Did he mean about the game? And right after that, Ian wins it. And Dan immediately runs to apologize. But "I'll rat you out." It's just a weird choice of words. Frank says I agree. I wonder if it means, If he didn't win it, he was gonna come tell me something about Ian. Like Ian's been telling us everything you and Mike been talking about.. He's been working with us for a couple weeks now. Joe says that makes sense.

Dani & Dani in Bathroom. Dan says If I come down, who do you feel you can beat? Dani says Joe. Dan thinks Britney.. and maybe Jenn.. Dani hears Joe's voice coming.. Dani says don't trust him. Dan asks who Ian? Dani says no Joe. Joe comes in and says, I've now been told I may be going home. Dani asks Why. Joe says If the veto gets used. So basically he's saying, you better win veto.

10:00AM Ian to HoH. Frank says what kills me, Ian, Tuesday Wednesday, what did I keep saying we had to do? Win the 2 HoHs.. We did that. Do you realize, I feel like a majority of it was Dan. Get my target off of him onto you., He knows I'm coming after him. It breaks my heart that we could be in a really good situation right now. Ian says If it had been a normal week, but I had 16 seconds to make a decision. Frank says I thought we were tight. Ian say we're tight. I'm not going be voting you out. Not for a very long time. Frank says I know how tight you think you are with Britney, but she's not gonna take you. Ian says she's gonna go with Shane and get slaughtered. Frank says If you ever pick Britney over me, i'll make sure you get slaughtered in the votes. Frank says if you stick with me, I'll take you to the final 2.. The only person I might take over you is Jenn, because she hasn't screwed me. Ian says what you have to understand is, I don't have some sort of long term deal with Brit.. I like her, she's very nice to me. I genuinely enjoy her company and she enjoys mine. She's good to have around, and I like having her here. Frank says when Dan said, "I'll rat you out, motherf'er," what did he mean? Ian says I don't know what he was talking about. If Dan's still on the block this week after PoV, I'll vote him out. Frank says and you are not going to take Danielle off? Ian says , “Powers that be” don't like that.

Downstairs, Joe and Jenn chatting. Joe says we have to win Veto or we are back to square one. Jenn says yeah. that's why I gotta chill out. Joe thinks It's got to be either spelling or how bad do you want it. Frank's so smart, so If me or you go up, we go out. They've got the votes Jenn says that's why I was trying so hard to get that veto..

Frank to DR, Brit joins Ian in HOH. Ian say our F2 deal is good, right? Brit says Yeah. Ian says you'd take Shane over me? Brit says Yes. He thinks I'm much closer to Shane than I am., Shane hangs out with Danielle and Dan much more than me. Ian says ok, good. I said to him, you realize if she took Shane, she'd get trounced in the votes. Brit says so what's gonna happen? Say if Frank wins the Veto? Are you going to us it? Ian says No, but if Frank put you up, I would immediately block that. Brit says I don't know if they would let you do that. Ian says I will for sure keep you safe if possible. Brit says I do think I would have the votes against Dan, but maybe not Danielle, worst case scenario, Dan comes off the block, and he puts up.. me. Ian says there's advantage in one person going before the other. Why not Joe? can we get Joe up there? Brit says he wants to make a deal with Shane and I, and he knows that if he puts me up, the deal's no good. Ian says we have all day today and tomorrow to think about it.. and it's very important I figure out how it's going to work.

Trivia time to pick POV players. The POV Players are..Frank, Dan, Danielle, Britney, Shane, Jenn

11:30AM Britney heads up to HoH.. Frank asks what's up? Brit: says nothing, I just didn't get to talk to you earlier. Brit says I've already resigned myself that Dan's probably going this week, he played a good game, but he kinda made his bed. I feel like he's already one foot out the door, but the only thing I worry about is that if Dan wins the veto, I'm worried that i go on the block or Shane goes on the block.. and would we have the votes. Frank says I believe if it's you up there, next to Danielle, I think Joe would do what I ask him to. Brit says I would not have the votes. I would go home, Frank. Frank says Between us two, in that situation, if one of you might go home, I'd rather it be Shane. Brit says because he's a bigger threat to you. Frank says no, because if Shane's gone, you'd almost have to work with me and Ian.. I want anybody to win that's not them 2. Brit says I don’t want to work with you, I am working with you. If Dan doesn't win the Veto, then Dan's going home this week. If Dan wins the veto, then we're in trouble.. But I can beat Dan in HoH.. I know I can beat him in Hoh.

12:00PM Brit and Ian Arcade Room. Brit wants to know if he will use it Ian says If that perfect scenario comes up, I'll use it. Brit says you need to tell him that. I know you feel like a scumbag. The problem is, we gave our word. Ian says my 1st word is good. If it's the perfect scenario, it's gonna happen. I'd rather piss of 1 person who can't play HoH next week than the group. You can't say anything in front of Joe. That guy is the worst. Brit says Dan is freaking out that you're not gonna use it. You need to tell him. I understand that you wont use it, if Dan or Danielle wins, but if me or Shane win, he needs to know you'll use it. Ian says What should do? Brit says Go tell him. Ian leaves the room..

Dan enters and asks Birit what did Ian say Brit says he's not gonna use it if you or Danielle win, but he is gonna use it if me or Shane win. Dan says why was he so flaky this morning. Brit says he said why would I go with someone who can't even play HoH next week? Dan goes to find Ian.. Ian offers up the answer before Dan can ask the question. Ian says If it's the perfect scenario, you're getting taken off. Dan says You were freakin' me out this morning. Ian says If it's the perfect scenario, you're coming down. Not a doubt in my mind. If Frank wins, I feel bad for you. I'm gonna tell Frank before hand.. I don't wanna blindside him.

Frank and Shane head up to the HoH Room.. Shane says If you promise me you wont backdoor me, I'll throw you the veto. Frank says Actually what I wanted to talk to you about is further down the road.. When it gets down to the 3, if it's us and someone else, the someone else isn't gonna pick us. I'm not afraid to take you to final 2.. Shane says Me neither. Frank lays out all the scenarios with other HGs who would not take Shane or himself to the final 2.. Shane says My goal going into this is I want to earn it. I want to bring someone else who's earned it too. I don't want a close jury vote. Frank agrees.

Dan & Ian in Have Not Room Dan If I'm gonna throw this competition, I gotta know that if it ends up me and Shane, I've got your vote. Ian says You and Shane? I would lean toward keeping you. Dan says That's not enough. I need to know. Next HoH, you wanna go against Shane? Ian says Definitely not. Ian asks how will I know you're throwing it? Dan says If I take all prizes.. Ian says We gotta make sure Britney or Shane win it.. Dan says If something happens and it's me and Shane on the block, I have your word? Ian says yeah. He's a physical threat. Dan says Don't tell Britney.

Ian & Brit in bathroom. Ian's very stressed because Frank and Dan are both coming at him with jury vote threats, and Joe's annoying him. Ian: This shit's gotta stop. They know it's because I crack. It seems like with Dan, it's never enough. He wants more every time, and it's getting me really irritated. And I keep getting threatened with jury votes, jury votes, jury votes.. Dan said to me this morning.. And Frank.. People just keep threatening me. I wanna go to the DR for a little bit and talk to the psychiatrist. Ian says If we can have 5 of us on Frank, Shane can take and HoH, I can take an HoH.. This week's gonna be a normal HoH, but the next one is gonna be another fast forward.. and I can take Frank out. I like him, and I'd rather have him here than Joe.. Joe pulled me into the arcade and asked me not to use it.. I said, I want to know who you're playing with. Brit says He's waiting to see who wins Veto to make his decision. Ian says Of course he is.

Later, Ian telling Frank in arcade room that he's sick of Joe floating to power and Joe has to pick a side. Ian will put floaters up, if he wins HoH. Frank presses Ian to say he won't put Frank up and Ian agrees. Ian says, "Floaters grab a life vest." Frank also says to be devil's advocate to Ian's point about Joe, Dan and Britney haven't won anything either. Ian says they haven't competed in a lot of comps and they have picked sides. Frank wants to make sure Ian is meaning next week about Joe, not this week, and Ian says, right.

Veto time! After 3 hours of competition… the winner is….Jenn!
The comp was how bad do you want it. The result are:

1.Frank: Avocado Bath - 2 points
2.Dan ate some nasty food - 2 points
3.Jenn burned her clothing - 4 points
4.Brit shackled to Dani - ? points
5.Frank chum shower - 7 points
6.Frank Carrot costume - 3 points
7.Danielle had paint thrown on her - 6 points
8.Frank gave up competing in 2 HOHs - 10 points
9.Dan got solitary Party Room Confinement - 8 points
10.Jenn on Slop for the rest of the summer - 11 points

Dan laughing in the have-not party room. Thanking BB. Checking out the room, there is a little blue cooler, port a potty, slop bucket, DJ turntables which are spinning, a half sheet cake, a little bottle of what looks like champagne. He says I asked for this, I'm getting it. There is rave music playing with flashing lights. He's eating cake and getting into the music. He says good cake and looks up and sees a disco ball "This is the soundtrack of me coming back to life in this game". Dani yelling through the door that she is sorry. Shane brought him his bible and Dan said he didn't get his wedding ring. Asked Dani & Shane to check on him every hour so he knows what time it is. As Dan is spinning the turntables he saying out loud, how am I gonna spin my way out of this. I have 24 hours to think about it. Dan talking to self. I have 24 hrs w/self. How you doing today self? Well, not to good. I had 2 chances to win veto in the golden ball machine, I had plenty of chances to do it. In the drawing Veto comp I had a ton of opportunities. I like this song though. 24 hours. The music/DJ is playing Solitary Dance Party, Ok, lets go over my outs. Jenn can take me down, probably not gonna happen. Will Jenn use it on me? I dunno .

Jenn heads up to talk with Frank Jenn said she's not changing noms. She wonders what Ian is doing. Frank said he won't use it. Jenn said she doesn't want to take Danielle out because she doesn't want Brit up.

12:30 AM Everyone now in BY checking out the red chum bath, saying how bad it smells. Frank in HOH putting on the carrot suit. Frank douses himself in the chum bath (it looks like chunky tomato sauce), gets out & rinses off. Screams about the cold water. Joe standing in hot tub.

1:30AM Brit saying to Dani if they don't get Frank out 1st, then Joe. But they have to get Frank out, how nobody wants him there. Dani points out that they have 2 shots to get him out. Brit doesn't think Frank could win if he was in F2. Dani asks if she would vote for Frank over her, Brit says no, nor Shane. But if it was Joe or Jenn, she'd vote for Frank. Now saying that if Frank made it to F2 he'd be "the most deserving winner in the history of the game." Asks Dani if Jenn confirmed she's not using the Veto. Dani says 100% she is not using it. Brit won't be able to rest until Monday.

2:30 AM Joe & Frank in HT hoping this next week's an easy week. Joe thinks he's been promised safety for the week. Frank will feel better when Dan's gone, then wants Joe or Jenn to win HOH b/c they won't put him up. Talking about mistrusting Brit, Joe says she plays a good social game, Frank doesn't like how paranoid she gets. Both agree it's an advantage to go on block early, get it over with. Frank tells Joe "It's Sunday, we got 3 weeks until finale night!" They both agree it is crunch time now! They talk about making the final push in the game to make it to Final 2. Both guys are sitting on the edge of the hot tub. Frank has his swim trunks on and his carrot top. Joe tells Frank he is going to keep Jenn fed because they don't need her in a bad mood. Joe tells Frank he'll stay up with him since he has more chum baths coming tonight. Joe goes inside to get himself & Frank some water. Frank starts to talk to the camera. Frank "Everyone at home I hope you see the passion I have for this game!" He says he did everything he could to stop Dan from winning Veto today even though he got DQ'd. He tells the viewers he just loves this game! "I can't compete in the next 2 HOH's...I hope that doesn't come back to bite me" Joe comes back outside with water.

3:30 AM Frank checks time reports it to Joe and gets back in hot tub. Frank says this night is almost over I 'm not going to get any sleep I guess maybe once the sun some up I'll take a nap outside. haha its a blast everybody I'm not going to lie to you guys its fun I'm going to complain a little bit because it ice cold but its kind of fun. Joe says it sucks ass sometimes but he's doing it he’s pulling it off. Joe says he is really worried about Ian winning HOH again. He says he only saw 20 minutes of an Ian HOH reign and doesn't want to have to see a whole week of it. He thinks the power will corrupt him and people will start to hate him. It will ruin his nice kid image he has in the house...Joe points out that could be a good thing though because there would probably be a big target on Ian. Frank said he doesn't think he would put me up but I still don't want him winning HOH next week. They both agree they have no idea what Ian would do with HOH. Frank say's he wasn't good at first few comps but now he is getting used to things and getting more confident. He thinks Shane is even more competitive then him and that it hurts Shane's game. Frank is saying he was talking to god about how he is prob not interested in this reality tv show but he was thanking him anyway and glad he is there to talk to. Joe is talking about destiny and that things are destined to happen and people have to go after it to fulfill there destiny he says he is destined to be a chef says it gives people peace to follow there destiny. continues to talk about his kids and all the things and money he gave up to be on the show but he is a dreamer and feels he is following his destiny. and that his wife supports him. Dan told him we all have an ego or wouldn't be here if we didn't . He's right we all have a fighter in us. You couldn't be here and not be a fighter. Frank and Joe talking about Ian. Frank says a 21 year old kid has made it hard for him. Joe trashing Ian saying he worries about him getting hoh that power goes to his head Joe refers to when Ian said to Boogs get to stepping. Frank "Fuck Him" (Ian). Joe continuing to rant. Frank "Ian kills me. Do it again kid and you won't get the votes. pick Britney over me once and you won't get the votes. Frank does not think Ian will bring him If they are in the final three together. Joe says he's like Dr Jekyll mark my words if he gets HOH, I gave up three grand for him and he puts me on the block …. Frank" Poor Ash knew she was going home and I thought you little cocksucker". Joe heads to bed and Franks tries to get some rest in between dunks in the chum.