This is picking up from where Thursday’s update ended at 3:30 am BB time. Frank made it clear to both Brit and Dani that Dan is the target and if they don’t vote him out he will put them up. (He was very cocky and bullish). Dan is still working it so that Frank thinks that he is working with Joe. He wants to convince Frank of that so he puts up Joe. Brit tells Dani that they have to get Joe put up against Dan.
Shane then told Brit and Dani that Frank was going to get a Pandora’s Box and a special power too.
6:39am – They all go upstairs and see Franks HOH room again. Dan was not too pleased and made a motion like he was holding a gun to his head. After everyone but Brit leaves the HOH Brit tells Frank that she will keep Dani this week. Frank responds that they have to get Dan out. HE needs him out. Britt said she gives him her word that she will vote out Danielle that she is more honest and she trusts her more. Frank asks Brit if she won HOH would she have put him up, she said no, she was not going up. He then asked her if she would have put up Dan she said no, Frank asked why; she said he is a nice guy. Frank said he does not blame Ian, that Ian is just a kid and that he blames the people that made Ian do it. (Dan). Brit tells Frank that if he makes it to the end that he will win it because he had a long road to make it there. She then said she would be OK in voting Dan out. She then said that Dan is a good social player that he probably already scum bagged her, and that if he left would Frank work with Shane, Dani and herself? Frank said he trust Brit and wants to work with her. He then said but if Dan comes off she could possible go up. He said he would be willing to roll with her too. Frank then said that Dan has everyone do his dirty work and that he is cowardly. He thinks he can rest once Dan is out. He then tells Brit all the bad things Dan has done, making a F3 deal with him and Boogie, trying to get him voted out weeks 2 and 3. Brit finally leaves HOH and in walks Ian.
Ian tells Frank that in his letter from his Mom she told him to stay true to himself and he felt like tonight he did not do that. That those were not his nominations or eviction. He did what others wanted him to do. He then said he likes Brit a lot that he calls her mom and called Boogie Dad. Frank tells Ian that Dan and Dani are going up. Ian pitched Joe’s name, and Frank tells him he is in no position to suggest anyone to him since he just scum bagged him and Boogie. Dani is going up to take a vote away from Dan, or if she won VETO she would not be able to take him off.
Dani started crying and Brit tells her it is OK for Dan to leave he already won once. Dani goes up to HOH. He tells her why they are going up. She said she is only with Dan because no one else has asked for her word. She said once Dan is gone she will be alone. She asked him if Dan goes would he team up with her. Would he be her Dan? Dani hints around about Ian, ask Frank not to say anything but Ian made some decisions on his own. Then Dani said that Dan would use the VETO to save her if he won it. Frank said he is glad that she is willing to work with him once Dan is gone; she said why wouldn’t I, just because you don’t like my friend? She would not hold that against him. She then tells Frank that she teaches Sunday school so she has to be honest and herself on TV because everyone is watching.

Dan is the only have not this week. Frank had to choose someone so he picked Dan.
12 noon – They house has a long outside lock down. Brit said they were switching the table, Ian agreed, even said it before Brit but nobody paid attention.
Feeds were down for like 40 minutes when they return we see the smaller table plus that Dan has to eat Mozzarella and Matzo as his have not food. Also, Frank is locked out of the HOH room .

Joe and Frank talk, Frank again blamed Dan for ratting out Boogie in saying that he said he wanted him and Brit out. That he twist words and lie. Shane did not say Dan said it but also never said he didn’t say it and Ian did. He again said that he wanted to back door Dan last time he was HOH but Boogie talked him out of it. That Dan invited Boogie to his wedding and Bachelor party etc but he can’t be trusted. He said that Dan was dead in his eyes, that Boogie flat out told him he would not work with him if they voted out Frank (he actually said he would not work with the coaches if Frank left). He said that Dan swore on his wife that he did not drag anyone threw the mud, that he picks his words wisely.
Brit has a conversation with Ian and tells him about how she hated voted out Matt during her season but had to for her game. Ian said Dan made his bed now he has to lie in it. So now Ian has turned on Dan too. Ian then said that Boogie went home with 36 grand so he did all Right. Ian said that Mike probably hates his guts now, Brit said no way that if her and Rachel could be friends after the game was over then so can him and Boogie. That Boogie would not hold a grudge for a game move.

Joe tells Dan that his only way off the block is to win VETO, that Ian and Jenn are with Frank now. That they should hold a group meeting and try to figure something out. Dan said he will be in the HN room if anyone wants to talk. Brit talks to Dan and agree that Ian threw the VETO competition. Brit said getting Frank out seems so impossible. He said he is not going to win everything and that endurance will be next week. He then said for those three (Dani, Brit and Shane) should protect each other. Dan said he was going to wait until after they see what the powers in the Pandora’s box before he outs Ian to Frank, He said he might need Ian. Brit said that one of them 4 were leaving this week, that Frank told her that she gives him her vote or she will go on the block. Dan said that he does not think that Frank can figure out what Ian did. Brit said that after talking to Ian for like 3 minutes he had him wrapped around his finger.

Shane assured Frank that he has his vote this week and that he will vote Dan out. He also promised never to put him up. He said Brit was on board with it too. Frank then told him that neither he nor Brit was going up. He said that he has trouble trusting Brit but he will talk to her about that later. Shane then said he will not use the POV if he wins it either. Shane then Dani will come onboard this alliance once Dan leaves. Frank said if he can’t get Dan out because of POV then he needs to cut him off at the knees and get Dani out like he cut him off with getting Boogie out. Frank said they have to work together to get the floaters out. Shane asked him who the replacement nom would be if someone won VETO. Frank replied he did not know but neither him nor Brit, he would put up Joe if he had his and Brits vote not to vote him out. Shane then called Frank a Greek Goddess, Frank corrected him and called him a Greek God. Feeds go out around 1:15 pm till almost 4:00pm. When they come back we see Frank got a Pandora’s box. He won three grand for opening it. The house had to hunt for quarters to work the machine in the arcade room. In it was a golden ball. The golden ball allowed the person to change the noms after VETO is played, but that person could not play in the VETO competition. I guess there was a rush around the house looking for quarters. Dan was like a maniac. Ian won the power though. Brit reports to Frank that Dan was yelling at Ian during the competition. Dan told Dani that he told Ian he will rat his ass out in a minute. Brit then told Frank to tell Ian not to use to or he would put up Brit, then he will be assured that Ian would not use it. Brit said that Dan was just looking out for himself, that Dani must have been hurt by his actions. (Seems Dan would not give Danielle any of the coins he found so it upset Brit because Dani did not have a chance to save herself, however she did have a chance to find her own coins). Brit continues to complain that Dan elbows her in the face during the competion too. He was being mean.
Frank tells Ian not to use the power or Brit will go up. Ian agreed not to use it. Ian then said he feels like shit today because of what he did. Frank told him not to worry about it.
Dan explains to Dani and Shane how all four of them could stay. If Shane or Brit wins VETO and pull off Dani then Ian could use the power to save Dan and they all will stay. He said as long as Frank does not put up Ian this plan can work. If Ian goes up then he obviously has to use it to save himself.

Dan talks briefly with Frank. He tells him that he understands he has to put him up but he should not think he will come after him if he stays. That he does not play that way. He said he was sorry for what he did to Boogie; Frank said Boogie was his man. Frank then said him and Boogie were his favorite BB players of all times. Dan said that Ashley never asked him for his vote, so he voted against her. Frank said he felt bad because all Ashley wanted to do was play the game (like nobody else there wants to play the game).
Brit and Frank talk again. Frank said he was considering putting up Joe and Dan. Brit told him not to put up Ian that he should only put up people he really wanted out of the house. He said Ian will not use the power because he does not want to see Brit go up. Brit then said that Ian still has not talked to Dan since the competition. Brit then told Frank about the competition, how everything ws destroyed. She then told him Dan and Dani are isolating themselves and will probably keep that way until Monday when things are set in stone. She asked him who would he pick if he got Houseguests choice, he said Shane.
At 5 Pm we get trivia once it returns we see Dani and Dan are nominated. We see Brit in HOH reassuring Frank that she is all for voting Dan out. He tells Shane and Brit that he has had so many struggles and Dan just wanted to squash them by getting him out week 1. He said he is scared that Dani might win POV and Ian might use his power to save Dan then he would have had a wasted HOH week. Brit believes the POV might be how bad do you want it and Ian can’t play in it. It is the competition that Ian really wanted to play in since week 1. They talk about voting out Ashley. Brit tells him she wanted to work with Ashley but she wouldn’t work with her. Frank asks Brit how long until she evicts him, she said how long do you want to stay he said he wanted to be in the final 2 chairs. Brit said she is unwilling to make a long term deal until we see how this week plays out. Frank said he does not trust Ian that he knows he feels bad about last week and today. He asked Brit if she thought she would be sent home if she was up against Dani she said yes. Frank said that he could put up Shane if Dan comes down. She said she is not worried about Shane, Frank said he will not shave his head, maybe if he was on the block but he won’t do it. She said Shane will. Frank said even if Dan comes down he will go tell Jenn that she will have to vote his way or she will be going u (threatening again). They briefly talked about the HOH competition and Frank pats himself on the back saying he did a good job.
We also see Ian and Dan in the hammock. Dan tells Ian the plan for Shane or Brit to win VETO and remove one of them and he can remove the other so no matter what they will have the votes to keep a quack pack member. Ian does not commit he said he has to wait and see what happens but if noms stay the same he probably will not use the power and rock the boat any more.
Dan talks to Dani and Brit. He tells them that either Shane or Brit have to win, Brit said it will look fishy if she takes all the punishments. He said that Ian will not use the power unless Brit is safe. He said he needs to have a QP meeting tonight.
Dani tried to smooze Frank saying that she was so happy that they worked together to get Janelle out. That she knew they can work together. Frank said he feels so alone.
Ian talks to Dan and said that the DR is trying to talk him out of using his power. They keep asking him how this power will benefit him.
Later Dan and Jenn talk. Jenn told Dan that if he leaves she will look out for Dani. Dan thanked her for that. He said that she better be ready for endurance. He asked her if she would still have Ian she said yes.

Dan, Ian, Brit and Shane meet quickly and Ian told Dan to throw POV. Dan asked him if he will use his power he said yes, that he was going to tell Frank before hand and remind him that he said he wanted Joe out. He will tell him he wants Joe out too. Dan advised him not to make it personal to make it sound strategic. Brit mentioned that the DR is trying to talk Ian out of using the power. Ian said that BB wants him to work with Frank.
Later Brit and Ian discuss Dan. They said it might be in their best interest to cut Dan and continue to work together. She said it is not necessarily bad to get Dan out that they could work with Dani and Frank. Again Ian said the DR is pressuring him to work with Frank. Brit said that it is important for them to win the VETO so they have flexibility in their plans. Brit tells Ian that Frank was not going to nominate Dan and Dani if he was going to use the power. That she had to reassure him that he wasn’t going to use it. Brit said she just does not want to be the replacement nomination. Brit said that they have to do what is best for them. Ian said DR really pressuring him to be with Frank. Brit said she will do whatever she has to do to get to the end.
Later Ian talked to Jenn. He told her he regretted his nominations that night but not his decision in sending Boogie out. HE said Boogie made that comment going out the door about not trusting him and that changed his whole game.
Joe and Jenn talked and they both agree that Dan is leaving this week.
Shane and Dani talk. They talk about how Shane has to win VETO and take her down so Ian can take Dan down. He said he wanted to Back door Frank next week that it was the only way he would get him out. She asked him who he would keep her or Brit. He said her, he is true to his word and that they have a F2 together. Shane said Brit has not won anything. That he would not vote for her at the end because she already played this game. Dani said she did not win.
Brit tells Dani that they all agree that Dan and Dani are to throw POV tomorrow so that they can control the game. Dani agreed. Brit said if she wins it she will not use it. That Dani should try to save herself. Dani totally thinks that if Dan wins it he will save her. Brit then told Dani that she has a deal with Frank to keep her and Shane safe. Dani said she is still loyal to Brit.
Shane and Ian talk. Shane said he wants to be the one to take out Frank. Ian said he already did wrong to Frank and won’t do it again. HE said that is why he told Dan and Dani to play hard for the POV because he does not want them to rely on him to use his power and then he chickens out. He said he gave Dan the moon now he wants the stars and he can’t keep screwing over Frank.
Dan and Dani talk and he told her that if he does not win VETO then he will be going home. Dani told him to go for it. Dani said if Shane or Brit win they will take one of them down (Brit just told her she would not use it so she is lying to him). Dan said he does not think Ian will use the power. Dan then told Dani that the only way she will be going home is if he won VETO. Dani asked what he meant, he said he will have to use the VETO to save himself.
Shane tells Brit that if he wins it he will use it. That if Ian uses it and keeps the QP together then it will be a great move in BB history. Brit said she would take some punishments but they shouldn’t get all the rewards and no punishments either.
Jenn finally went to bed at 3:00 am after polishing off the bottle of red wine!

Who will win the VETO? Will Ian stay true to himself and not cave for the story line the DR wants him to play? Will Dani get a clue that Dan will not save her this week? Whose side is Brit on? Who knows only tomorrow can fill in the blanks.

Thanks Updaters you’re the best!