When I wasn't looking

This has been my recreation,
My place to play and explore
But sometime when I wasnít looking
This place became so much more

People I have never met
Weaved their way into my soul
I have found real friendships here;
Iím no longer playing a role

My heart breaks for friends weíve lost
My prayers include screen names
Iím in love pets Iíll never know
I have cartoon characters in frames

Iíve watched kids grow up in pictures
Iíve shamelessly lifted my skirt.
Iíve watched this community band together
To give shelter when friends hurt

Some might say these friendships aren't real
But I didn't have a choice
The hearts that live here are part of me
Each heart has its own voice

I can get a Quickie or Hollywood gossip
And there are writers who help mold me
I can laugh with my friends about inside jokes
I can collapse and know Jokers will hold me.