11:00 AM
After several false starts, Big Brother gives the final three the official wake up call for the day. They give us a good look at the memory wall.

We see the T-Shirts they made yesterday all laid out to dry.

Shortly after, Adam has Porsche alone out back and makes a new approach to get to final 2. If she takes him, he will tell the Jury to vote for her. He just wants the $50k to pay for a ring and a wedding and he’ll be happy. In this conversation he also makes it known that he is the deciding vote if he is evicted, and she would end up with $50k instead of $500k.

They decide to prepare for an early Bar-B-Que in case they are going to be locked down later.

12:30 PM
Porsche tells Rachel about Adam’s new approach. Porsche says she is pissed about it. They earned final 2, he didn’t. Rachel is not happy about this news either, stating that it was a threat. Rachel confirms that Adam has not tried that approach with her as yet.

Moments later Porsche and Adam are alone again discussing his new ‘offer’. Porsche says it is risky and is not how the game is supposed to be played.

Not much else happens until well into the evening. They just move around the house trying to kill time.

Porsche applies something to Adam's wounded hand (from the Round 2 HOH competition).

Porsche really does shower in the house...

While preparing for the Bar-B-Que, the girls notice Adam is out back talking to himself. Porsche motions through the kitchen window that he is crazy. He is actually talking to us. He is pretty sure they are taking each other to the finals so he is trying to convince us to vote for him for America’s Choice.

9:00 PM
ShoToo Crawl - Adam was the HOH and nominated Porsche and Jordan for eviction. After winning the Veto Competition, Porsche pulled herself off the block and was replaced by Rachel. Porsche decided to evict Jordan from the Big Brother House. Adam Porsche and Rachel will compete in a three part Head of Household Competition. All of this season’s former house guests will return on Wednesday for the live finale when the winner of Big Brother Is revealed.

A little Corn Hole before dinner

It's looking good!

Big Brother gave them a bottle of wine, but no beer tonight.

Adam talks of Dingo and Rachel says she heard that blogsites like it when you talk about their sites, like Joker's Updates and she gives a thumbs up and smiles really big. The girls also do a Big Brother toast.

Porsche and Rachel join Adam in the nightly shout out to Fara.

11:30 PM
While Adam is inside Porsche takes the opportunity to explain to Rachel that although she knows Janelle, outside of giving her the Production company’s number, she did not get any assistance from her to get on the show. It was all her own doing.

Not long after they all head into the bedroom and chat a little before turning out the lights.

Around 2:00 AM Adam heads out for his last smoke. He’s mumbles to himself, mentioning Porsche, but it’s not the usual late night talk where he lets us know what he’s thinking. It looks like he needs to sleep on it, so he goes back in and the house goes quiet.

Are Rachel and Porsche really going to take each other to final 2? Will Adam’s new plan have any effect? What is the Jury thinking? We'll all know pretty soon now.

Thanks to ALL the Updaters for a season well done!