10:00 AM
As we check in on the Houseguests this morning, we see Shelly has been up by herself before the wake up call. We actually get to hear a few bars of the Beatle’s "Blackbird singing in the dead of night" before the feeds are cut.

Rachel and Jordon get ready for the day before heading back to the bedroom to strategize. They consider telling Kalia they're going to vote out Adam so she votes opposite of what they actually do.

Adam meets with Jordon and Rachel. He says he feels guilty about lying to Porsche and Kalia but he will have to. He assures Jordon and Rachel he is with them.

11:00 AM
Shelly puts on the big sell with Rachel and Jordon to keep her this week. She promises complete allegiance to them.

Porsche is aware of what’s going on and goes back to the HoH with Kalia. They are concerned what Shelly might be offering.

When Shelly leaves, Jordon prefers to vote out Shelly but Rachel thinks they should think about going the other way just to throw a wrench into what they think Porsche and Kalia want.
Porsche and Kalia try to come outside at different times and they ask both of them if they can have some more time to talk alone.

Once inside, Shelly is questioned by Kalia and tells her they are keeping Adam.

Adam comes out and to talk with Jordon and Rachel. Once again Kalia tries to come out but they ask for privacy again. Kalia shuts the door hard as she goes back in.

Adam says he got played by Kalia and Porsche and he is all the way with Rachel and Jordon.

Inside, Kalia is frustrated because she feels she has kept all the deals she's made and it's too bad others don't do the same. And at that very moment outside Rachel thinks Dani told Kalia and Porsche to make deals and break them.

Jordon and Rachel offer Final three with Adam and he says if they keep him, he will get the other two out.

Porsche is annoyed that they are delaying her HOH picture time because off all the game talk going on.

Back yard convo is over and Kalia wants to know from Adam what they offered him. Adam tells her they're nervous about keeping him.

Jordon gets serious with Kalia, "We've been on opposite sides of the house, you're either with us or not… I just find it hard to belief that if you guys win, Rachel won't go home. Kalia, “Well I'm not certain Porsche or I won't go home.” Jordan, “I think we're all uncertain, we'll have to wait and see.” Jordon tells Kalia that she and Rachel still aren’t on the same page about who to vote out.

1:30 PM
Shelly is back to working hard on Jordon. Jordon is agreeing in words, but her tone is quippy and dismissive. Shelly picks up on this and works her even harder. Jordon then explains why she is hesitant.

HoH Picture time. They pose creatively in various places throughout the house.

They do a Reservoir Dogs picture, arranging themselves so their shadows are right.

They get a picture of Adam doing a cannonball they think came out very good.

4:00 PM
Adam makes the point to Rachel and Jordon they can't use Jorchel as their nickname because it sounds like a disease. Radon is better.

Jordon realizes her tutu is gone. She is not happy and goes to the Diary Room to see if they have it. Apparently not, she was still fuming after she came out.

5:00 PM
Rachel and Jordon are still of two minds about who to vote out.

Adam takes another opportunity to promise allegiance to Jordon.
At one point Jordon says, "don’t be mad at me whatever I do", because she knew Porsche was within ear shot.

Afterward it sounds like Rachel is ok with voting out Shelly but is still nervous about Adam.

7:00 PM
Shelly says she has gifts for everyone and she is giving them to them tomorrow whether she leaves or not.
Rachel says wait til Friday

Porsche is spelling with bubbles.

Meanwhile Shelly, Kalia, Jordan, and Rachel are discussing sex for quite some time.

Adam finds Jordon and relays everything Shelly said to him earlier.
He tells her again not to worry. He says she was just looking for ammo.

Shelly said she was on Let's Make a Deal when she was 16 or 17.

9:30 PM
Kalia makes funny faces at the camera saying, “You like that one?”

Shelly tells Porsche and Kalia how much she helped Jeff and Jordon and how nothing matters now because of that one thing she did.

Kalia goes to the Have Not room to talk to Rachel and Jordon. She says it doesn't really matter which one goes, it's pretty much the same. She complains that no one has campaigned to her. Jordon tells her to ask them why.

Jordan and Porsche take turns making funny faces too.

12:45 AM
Adam is alone talking to Live Feeders
Gives kudos to Rachel for being a fighter and how her and Brendon's love for each other is real.
Jordan is a sweet, sweet girl.
Brendon should vote for him if he is in the final two chairs against Jordan. He loves his girlfriend.
You can lie in the game but you can do it in a way that is not malicious.
Dan's game was good.
Jordan had the right to go off on Shelly for how she betrayed Jordan.
Gives Rachel kudos for seeing through Shelly's lies early on
He is on Team Rachel.
He would not have a problem giving Rachel the money.
Liars and the manipulators need to burn in the jury house.
Wishes he and Dominic could have played the game together.
He gives a shout out to the metal heads.
Gives shout outs to the NY Yankees and various metal bands.

Porsche and Kalia study in the HoH bedroom. Kalia says "[Shelly's] been lying the entire game. I have to vote her out." She is worried that Rachel and Jordan will keep Shelly and leave her hanging with the only vote against Shelly. Porsche tells her in case, Shelly stays, then Kalia tells her that Jordan and Rachel told her to vote Shelly out and then they flipped their votes. They get ready to sleep.

The house goes quiet just before 2:00 AM.
That is until Kalia startles Porsche with the sudden realization, "I didn't take my pill today!" When she leaves Porsche says to herself "Scared the crap out of me!"

Kalia comes back and starts to go over what happened on what days while Porsche wants to listen to music and go to sleep. Kalia gives it up about 2:15 AM and the house goes quiet again.

Can Shelly make a list ditch effort to stay? Will Jordon and Rachel go through with voting her out? And will somebody please tell me where the Off switch is on Kalia?”

Thanks to the Updaters for Hanging in there and keeping us informed!