September 2010

CBS Big Brother

Kristen Bitting Q & A

BAV: Have you watched all of the shows, since you returned home and do you watch the live feeds? 

Kristen: I have watched almost all of the episodes aside from maybe 2 or 3. If BB falls on a night that I happen to be busy, I make sure to catch up on I have watched some of the live feeds but I have to admit it has been very hard because I still want to be there so much. There were times I would watch and want to crawl through the screen to say/do something to make an impact. I have to make sure I still know everything that is going (through blogs and forums) on in the house but also conduct my own life.

BAV: How did you feel about seeing yourself on TV? How do you think you looked & how do you think you came across to the viewers?

Kristen: I think for all 13 of us houseguests we can say that as a TV viewer you don't get to see everything. I think I was portrayed as the girl who thought she was "too cool" for some people and the one who was more stand-offish and guarded.
This is only part of me...I think I was by FAR the most genuine and compassionate houseguest but that was not shown very much. 99.9% of the time in the BB house I had a smile on my face and was laughing, I wasn't so hard and serious all the time the way that I appeared often.
Also, I am never emotional and BB caught me at my weakest moments, which is to be expected but is not how I really am or was in the house almost ever.
We ranged in age from 22 to 40 and I felt like the oldest for some reason, even some who were years older than me seemed to be years behind in life lessons which made it hard for me to relate (other than Kathy and Ragan).

BAV:  Ragan offered you his apartment to stay in, while you were in LA and I thought you would stay there and meet with an agent and pursue work opportunities in LA but you went back to Philly right away, why?

Kristen: I didn’t go to Philly right away actually. I did stay in California with my best friend from childhood for almost two weeks. It was a personal reflection period and I did not want to be in the public eye but did not want to go home, so this was what I did and it worked out well. After the show is done I plan on spending more time in LA, either at Ragan’s or with other friends.

BAV: I had the feeds on the nite Rachel accused you & Hayden of making out but working & not watching them. I kept going back & looking at the feeds because it sounded like you were making out & it was just Hayden’s dry mouth.  Were you aware that he had a dry mouth problem & did you hear him when he smacked his mouth to try to remedy it?  It sounded just like kissing, lol.  If you watch it and hear what I heard will it be easier for you to forgive Rachel about “outing” the two of you?

Kristen: Hayden was making noises that night and looking back on it; I thought it sounded like kissing. Rachel may or may not have heard that, regardless she didn’t see anything so she shouldn’t have jumped the gun. It isn’t about forgiving Rachel or anyone that damaged my game at this point, it is more about moving on for me...and I totally have.

BAV: Are you aware of the nude pics of you from being in the BB house & how do you feel about them?  Would you consider doing Playboy, if they asked?

Kristen: I am aware of them, I feel kind of impartial to them. 99.9% of the time I changed in the bathroom to avoid mishaps but there were times where it was not convenient or I had to get changed quickly (for comps, etc.). I knew that people watching were going to see a slip or something at some point but I never intended on exposing myself in the BB house. I think I got changed outside of the bathroom a whole 3 times. As for the shower, well I am not a short girl so it was bound that my boobs were going to show. I had no control over that factor!

As for Playboy, I would have to think about it if the opportunity presented itself. I think overall I am more reserved with my body in my day-to-day life but Playboy is a world renowned publication with some of the most beautiful women. Many girls who have posed for Playboy are respectable, successful women. Growing up I always thought Jenny McCarthy was SO COOL! She was hot but odd, funny and cool, which I can relate to. To this day I still feel like I can relate to her so to be asked to do Playboy would be an honor whether I choose to do it or not.

BAV:  You have the most amazing posture I have ever seen.  My Mother used to make us walk with books on our heads to perfect our posture & I was wondering how you perfected yours?

Kristen: Thanks!! I think it is from many years of standing at work and never sitting down. Aside from my college years (which I crammed into 3 years for my BS) I have been working on my feet 40 plus hours in retail and other fashion oriented jobs. This doesn’t leave much time for slouching at a desk the way many people do everyday. Plus I have been into yoga for quite sometime and I think that helps a lot.

BAV: Why did you decide to do BB?  How much did you know about the show prior to going into the house?

Kristen: I decided to do BB because I couldn’t see myself doing a reality show unless it involved my smarts and physical capabilities. This narrows it down to very little…many people in my life that were really into the show always mentioned that I was perfect for BB. I watched a few seasons and decided to audition.

BAV:  Will you see Hayden on the outside?  Do you think there is really something between the two of you or was it Stockholm Syndrome by Proxy?  LOL, in other words, stuck in a house & bored out of your minds, did you just find yourselves attracted “at the moment”?

Kristen: I have no idea what is in store for Hayden and I. What I can say is that if we stay romantically involved he will have to pursue me, I am old-fashioned that way. If a man wants something bad enough, he will find a way to get it. Now I am not saying he has to chase me but I want him to make the right decision based on what he truly wants. Whether it is friendship or more than that, I am open to it. I can’t answer for both of us but I know I didn’t have Stockholm Syndrome by Proxy. In fact, a showmance was the last thing I thought I would encounter on BB. I think he feels the same way but it is hard to know because we have been apart for many weeks now. Either “distance makes the heart grow fonder” or “out of sight, out of mind”.

BAV:  What was the best/worst thing that happened in the house?

Kristen: Best thing was just being able to get on the show and have the opportunity given to me, it is more than special. Anyone who makes it onto BB should be grateful whether you are the first or last evicted, it is a game!!

Worst thing was leaving, I felt like I had so much to prove but people in the house dismissed me even when I was correct in my thoughts. Physically I was the strongest female by far and I didn’t get to prove myself in many of the challenges that I would have killed! Like the paint can challenge right after I left…ughh!

BAV:  We, the live feed viewers, know that Rachel did make those faces at you & is a pretty nutty person, but I believe that a lot of her out of control antics were inspired by the Diary Room & BB Production.  What do you think and do you think you will ever be friends with her?

Kristen: I could never be friends with Rachel; she just isn’t my kind of girl. I have to be honest; she is phony and just wanted camera time. I on the other hand wanted to win $500,000 even if it meant being less popular. She was out of control but I will admit she played a good game in her own right. Rachel was provoked to be dramatic through her own vision of who she wanted to be rather than who she really was. It is a total turn off as a fellow woman in the house.

BAV:  I embrace quite a few “new age” philosophies but I never heard that birthmarks are a sign of being stabbed in a past life, do you really believe that?

Kristen: Well I shouldn’t have said stabbed but wounded. Yes, I do believe that. There really is no hard scientific evidence that explains birthmarks. Some people have them and others don’t, some are large and small, different in color, etc. I have read in a few different new age books that birthmarks are in fact markings from your previous life. I found it really strange that Hayden and I have the same birthmark.

BAV:  Who is Kristen Bitting and was she ever truly shown or fairly represented on the TV show, Big Brother?

Here is what I have to say about myself and the viewers and feed watchers can determine whether or not it correlates with what they saw:

I have many quotes and words to live by but the first thing I must say is, “don’t judge a book by its cover”. Looking at a photograph, seeing me on TV or hearing my name only gives you the visual but there is much more here than what you see. First and foremost, I am determined to get the most out of life and don’t mind going the road less traveled. In other words, I don’t look for the easiest way to obtain my goals but the more exciting and rewarding route. During the course of my life (and in the BB game) I like to have a story…basically I am not a simple girl. I like living on the edge, trying new things and I am very in tune with my spiritual side.

Strength is one of my core competencies and I think I exude that which gives me strength to say I am not afraid to just be “me” and nobody else. Another thing about “me”, I don’t take “me” too seriously and can laugh at myself when others might be embarrassed so I have a good sense of humor. I may not be perfect and nobody is, but when you meet Kristen Bitting rest assured you can say to yourself, “I never met a girl like Kristen”.

BAV: You appeared to be very reserved and disinclined to associate with the other people in the house, especially the other females, is that a true assessment of you & your behavior?

Kristen: Yes, it is a true assessment if I do not connect with people. I did not connect with Britney, Monet, Rachel or Brendon. They were very on the surface, no depth type of personalities, which I do not surround myself with. Therefore, they did not get to know me or had a one-sided view of me.

If I connect with you then I am one of the kindest and friendliest people you will ever meet and it is so easy to understand me. As everyone knows I had an incredible connection with Kathy, Ragan and of course Hayden. Kathy was the only mature and authentic woman in the house (besides Annie who left week 1).

Ragan and I could talk about anything and had a profound respect for one another. Hayden had my best interest at heart and I enjoyed being around him more than anything else in that house. He brought a smile to my face as soon as he was around me.

What many do not realize is that Andrew and I had a slight one at one point too.
I knew he was the social outcast so I took it upon myself to create a secret alliance with him early on, which he appreciated. I took the time to get to know Andrew, as many didn’t. When things went downhill and he was making deals with Brendon behind my back, I lost trust in him and well it all stemmed from there.

BAV:  You and Hayden made an early decision to keep your closeness a secret and that proved to be a good decision until Andrew outed your relationship.  Are you still mad at Andrew for doing that and have you spoken to him since you left the BB house?

I think it was a last minute attempt to salvage his game. I don’t hold any grudges but there are many theories as to why Andrew nailed just me and not both me and Hayden as Hayden was included in our secret alliance and did not do anything to save Andrew. I think in that regard I got the shaft and being a female who took the time to get to know Andrew, that is as much as I will say and the rest is left to your imagination.

BAV:  There is a big debate as to whether or not the winner of BB gets to keep the prize money AND their stipend.  Do you know what the rule is and can you tell us?

I cannot answer. Bav: (due to contractual obligations with CBS & AGP to be on Big Brother)

BAV:  During the first week, you said that you wanted all of the other women out of the house, why did you say this?  How was that going to further your game?  No female has ever won BB if she was sitting next to a male at the end of the game.  I know that girls are not raised to be team players the way boys are, in other words, they are taught very early to set aside personal differences to advance the agenda of the "team".  Why can't women do that on BB?

Kristen: I was telling Rachel after week 1 that clearly we were the strongest girls in the house and we should take out the weaker girls first to eliminate the drama and so on and so forth. It wasn’t to be the only girl left; we just didn’t want a Britney to make it to the end over us and agreed on it. Regardless of our differences the best thing to do was to put that aside and think strategy. This clearly did not work out to my benefit and Rachel took me out as a personal vendetta instead of what was best for her. I was willing to work with Brit and Rach, whoever threw me a bone and I would have been as loyal as I could without hurting myself. The guys played a better game this season, flat out.

BAV: Britney said some horrible things about you in the BB house & is continuing to bash you even now.  How do you feel about this & do you have it in your heart to forgive her?  Do you think she is a bad person or just weak and ignorant?

She is beyond weak and ignorant, it doesn’t get lower. There is no strategy involved in talking about my looks. Clearly she has some internal issues and I don’t take it personal. I told her day 2 the worst quality in a person is insecurity because it leads to so many evil traits…so no wonder she did not like me early on. Since I don’t take it personally there is nothing to forgive. The girl needs a self-evaluation before she judges others and I have no issue stating that fact to her face outside of the house. However, you won’t catch me stooping to her level with juvenile comments.

BAV: Kristen, many people at Jokers Updates really enjoyed watching you on Big Brother this summer & some of them had some questions for you:

Gorf from Jokers said:  “Just ask her WTF?” 
BAV: I actually thought you might get a kick out of that question and I wanted to see what your answer is!

Kristen: Oh ok, WTF.
Well, it all started with Andrew’s bad moves (he could have stayed in the house with a simple threat to both me and Hayden)…then it lead to Brenchel turning on me…that lead to me going into defense mode in BB Knockout…that lead to a blow-up…the blow-up made me stand up to Rachel and the house did not care…I was nominated for defending myself…lies were made, I was up on the block against the person I trusted and cared for…I lost the POV on a CRAPSHOOT, I got the hippietard during the CRAPSHOOT, Britney wimped out using the POV (which could have been good for her, would have had her back 100% despite our social differences because I was trying to stay in the game), Noms stayed the same, the brigade wanted me out, Brenchel wanted me out, those who wanted me to stay did not stand up for me, I am still wearing the hippietard and life is great…, I then come to the realization Hayden is not campaigning, I am campaigning, there must be an alliance, something between him, Lane and Enzo and possibly Matt, I am evicted! WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. Game Over.

BAV: I hate asking this one but I am going to do it, just so you can stop the rumors.  Awfuleehandsome on Jokers asks:  “Many rumors going around that Kristen had butt implants as well as breast implants. Any truth there or was she just blessed with what her mama gave her?”  Awfuleehandsome is one of your fans & the question is not meant to be insulting, she is very jealous of what she says is “your AMAZING butt“.

Kristen: I will say this; I could never sit on a fake butt, ever! Cardio, cardio, cardio and push up bras, lol.

Mediawhore at Jokers asks:  “Who are you rooting for to win BB12 now that you're out of the house and have been able to watch the show? thanks <3?”

Hayden but I wish Ragan were still in the game also.

Augustkm at Jokers asks:  “The social aspect of this game determines the outcome more than anything else. Were you being reclusive intentionally, as part of your game? Or did your personality override an inclination to be more sociable?”

Kristen: In a group of people fighting for attention, I chose to back away and let people analyze one another early. People make assumptions immediately and because I am often misjudged I decided the best thing I could do was not to let everyone know me right away. This way I could still feel everyone out but only let those who show signs of being ally worthy get the real deal. It was working great until Andrew ruined it…Normally I am a combo of introvert and extrovert but I figured for starters, the introvert persona would get me through a few weeks. It had nothing to do with “floating” it had to do with not making moves too fast too soon and looking back, making moves Day 1 would have been beneficial to all of the non-Brogade members.

Intuitive at jokers asks:  “Is she still rooting for Hayden to win? Is she still smitten with Hayden? And would she have played differently (if Hayden hadn‘t been in the BB house)?”

Kristen: Yes, I am still rooting for Hayden despite my feelings about the Brogade. I am being realistic about Hayden since I have no idea where his head is at. Regardless of what happens I think we both still have feelings for one another. I would have played much differently if Hayden were not in the house. My alliance with Andrew would have stayed in tact and I would have spent more time aligning myself with the weaker players that would have seen me as an asset.

BAV: Dr. Oz is often quoted as saying that we need “sleep, food, and sex. I totally agree with him & it bothered me that you got so much bashing for “kissing & cuddling” with Hayden.  Clearly, on the Live Feeds, we could see that more was going on, so do you have any regrets about getting so physical with Hayden or do you think that it was a natural progression in your friendship and an honest way of expressing your feelings for each other?

Kristen: I think we held back, kissing and cuddling is great but we constantly had cameras on us so we couldn’t express everything. I don’t understand why I was bashed for honest affection, which is as far as it went. My relationship outside of the house was not as serious as it looked to viewers, flat out. If you want to judge me for it, so be it. I met someone great and I have no regrets as far as that is concerned. If you watch the feeds you know the real deal and what happened with Hayden and I, if you don’t, well then sorry you do not have your full story to make judgments.

BAV: Big Brother spent a whole segment showcasing the boyfriend you left back home & the feelings he had about what was going on with you & Hayden.  What has happened with your ex? Boyfriend since you got back to Philly?

Kristen: Yes, they did. I explained to my Ex the situation I was in. He was mature and understanding but I also knew I was in the wrong for not breaking up with him prior to the show. It was hard since my intentions WERE NOT to have a romantic encounter while in the house. Regardless, I should have broke it off, the relationship was too new and he could have met someone great while I was gone just as easily. It wasn’t fair to either of us…we will remain cordial and I think he is a great guy.

BAV: Kristen, my favorite moment from BB12 was when you were the cutest sippy, tipsy girl in the BY and everyone was playing around & you suddenly ATE THE SPIDER!  I was not grossed out, I was in awe.  I thought it was the funniest, "out there" moment in all of BB history but I was worried that PETA would bash you, lol. 
Seriously though, was that your first spider eating episode?
Have you had any ill effects from it?
And what possessed you to eat a spider, lol?

Kristen: That was the very first time I ate a spider in my life. I am super adventurous and when you’re stuck inside a house 24/7 you can't really release your crazy side, which I clearly have. There was some wine that spilled and a daddy long legs decided to become engorged in it... Many of the houseguests wasted food, water, cleaning products, etc. which always made me angry. Just because we were getting our necessities for free didn't mean we had to be wasteful. To make a point that I was willing to do insane things without even thinking too much about it and also that I do not let things go to waste, I took it upon myself to eat the dying spider.

It wasn't that strange to me, my real world friends wouldn't even be surprised that I would do something like that since I am daring. They (the BB houseguests) thought I was insane! I knew the acid from my stomach would kill that thing without it hurting me. I just like to be fun and spontaneous and yes I am "weird" but I was just being myself, I wasn't trying to impress anyone or gross anyone out.
BAV: I think you have the most incredible beauty and a stunning, disciplined body.  Every day you looked better and better in the BB house while some houseguests started slacking off and not taking care of their appearance, you were mindful of your words and manners at all times.  How did you get so disciplined in that way? 

And secondly, may I have that green, off-the-shoulder shirt of yours?  I want to ritualistically burn it.  You looked amazing every single day and I couldn't wait to see what you would be wearing for the show that day and when I saw that shirt I almost died.  Did BB buy that for you?  The fashion police issued an all points bulletin on that thing, what possessed you to buy it or wear it, lol?

Kristen: Thank you! I am disciplined but I think my motto is "everything in moderation". I wasn't a crazy work out freak but I made it a point to try to stay active. As far as my eating habits, I snacked on fruits and yogurt during the day and tried my best to eat at least somewhat healthy. Believe me, I had my fair share of beer and ice cream in the house but I knew when to stop and never went overboard. Some of the girls in the house would make pizza and chocolate chip cookies everyday, I just couldn't eat like that all of the time.
As far as my manners go, I think it is debatable. For one, I am not afraid to throw out a good burp if I have to. I am just comfortable with normal bodily functions and if that makes me less of a lady then so be it!
On the flipside, I think many of my other manners outshined my boyish tendencies such as burping. For one, I never really talked badly about the other people in the house. I always tried to seek out the good in people, when I felt as if someone was being misjudged I would make a fair argument. I think having this quality is just a part of being an intelligent woman that does not fall into catty antics; most of the other girls were not like me.
For instance Britney would make faces when I would have a burping contest with Lane, she was disgusted by burping and farting and told us she doesn't fart. I died laughing, "you don't fart"?
But Brit sure loved to rip on people, especially the women. I just don't do that unless I have to defend myself, there is no reason to be so degrading. Someone also told me when they were watching the live feeds Monet said "I hope Kristen gets fat". Another comment I would never say about someone, what did I do to deserve that remark?
All in all I was mindful of my assumptions and comments on people. It didn't get me too far but since I have been back in the real word, my manners and respect for people have shown. I think being comfortable in your own skin is what allows you to have this self-admiration and respect for others.
As far as my clothes, I just love fashion and I have my own sense of style. I like my curly hair and my high-waisted jeans and if someone wants to make fun of me for it, so be it!
PS- BB did not buy that shirt for me, it just a little ol' thing I had laying around!

BAV: What do you see and hope is in the future for Kristen Bitting?

Kristen: I have a lot I want to accomplish. I do see myself being really happy staying in the entertainment industry in one way or another. Many around me say I would make a great TV host, I keep getting that…I also love my fashion and always will so that will remain a part of my life. At some point I do aspire to have my own business. Finally, the BB experience made me realize people are worried about the wrong things in life or prioritize wrong. I want to make my life worthwhile so I see myself helping people in one way or another…I have to give back to the less fortunate. These are just a few bullet points, there are many more. Even though I didn’t win BB I am winning at life and that is much more important to me.

BAV: Well you were definitely one of the most fascinating people that entered the BB house this year and I wish you happiness in your future. I hope new doors open for you and good opportunities come your way, everyday.

Kristen: I hope doors are opened for me too ;), thank you for your kind words.