How did you get on BB? Were you recruited or did you apply?
I had never heard of Big Bro, till I was on the show ( hey that rhymes!)

How long did you know that you were going in the house before you actually went in?
Week, maybe? I had to know cuz I booked a movie so I had to make a choice! But they do keep you always guessing down to the wire!

Before going into the house had you ever watched BB? If so, who were your favorite cast members from previous seasons of bb?
I watched BB3 and liked Jason, but I only saw a tape of one show or two, so I knew what I was in for!

How did you feel when you 1st heard that Nakomis and Cowboy were brother and sister?
Well they do have the same squinty brown eyes! So nop not a shock really! I'm just glad they didn't hook up b-4 finding out!

What was your reaction when Julie told you that Adria had a twin switching out of the house?
My face morphed into a cat! and my uterus tilted!

Had you noticed anything funny about Adria/Natalie?
Her mole looked like an insect that crawled around her face and took a nap in different spots! And her booty looked like some days it ate dinner and some days no!

Do you really have a twin?
Yes but she died in prison, or did she? Watch out forum haters!

What did you think when Lori took the $10,000? Would you have taken the money?
I most certainly would of, and then jumped the wall and ran for dear life!

What was your favorite moment in the house with Jase?

Ummm ok u will be sorry you asked
1. Eating frozen grapes in the HOH Rm
2. Him calling me "Pumpkin Pie" during the hoop contest!
3. The bird game!
4.The alphabet soup game, when I was sick, and he rubbed my head!
5. Belly button therapy!
6. Cuddle monster time!
7. Our Love fern!
8. Our sweet lunches
9. Him barfing for me to win a veto to save me!
10 Him winning the veto to save me!
11. Our bath time, sucking my toes!
15. Him painting my toes!
32. Our first peck!
57. Him getting me water at night, when I was thirsty!
78. Under the water! Hee Hee
88. Listening to him sing!
99. kiss in the shower with his hair slicked back!
100.Lying under the rainbow hammock!

Who (besides Jase) was your favorite person to hang out with in the house?
"Lori" if I must say anyone, even though it was short!

Were there any other guys other than Jase that you were attracted to? Yes Jase's twin brother Jesse!

What was your favorite non-Jase memory in the house?
Cooking with Karen or punching bags with Lori! But definitely not talking about boring Celeb's with Will, cuz he has nothing interesting to say about his own life!

Who was your least favorite person to hang out with in the house?
Drew the guy has Zero to say, and no personality, that's why he slipped though the cracks and won!

What was the after show party like?
I signed like 500 pigs and took 188888989983288392842974873287573 pictures and my girlfriend spilled her drink on me!

When did you realize that your relationship with Diane wasn't what you thought it was?
The day Jase called her out in the kitchen about her alliance, and she was doing a poo poo dance for "Nycum" whatever that chicks name is! Winning the Veto against me!

Do you think that Diane and Drew will remain an item now that they are out of the house?
No!!! and Drew's brother "Ben" confirmed it, he took the money and ran far far away to frat rich boy land!

Have Scott and Jase made up yet? If not, do you think that they will?
Yes Jase sucked ET's finger!

Who (besides Jase) do you think that you will keep in touch with from the house?
Um Jase, Jase, and Jesse, Jase's twin!

What was your reaction when you were voted out? Did you know that you were going to be voted out in advance?
Yes I did, I was in hair and make-up for and hour in the back, to make sure I was hot for my departure!

Did you watch the live feeds after you left the house? I just saw Jase once talking to "Nickelback" about witchcraft or something!

Did you watch any of the shows that you had been on after you left?
I didddd up until Jase left. I had to check on my ANGEL of course! Then I'd go take a long bath!

What was your favorite moment in the house?
Looking at my baby's face!

What was your least favorite moment in the house?
Looking at Diane's face!

If you were on the jury, who do you think that you would have voted for and why?
yee haa now who do you think!

What plans do you have for the future?
Well I have a show in the works, annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnndddddddddddddddddddddddddd are uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu reeeeeeaaadddddddyyyyyyy!!!
Jase and I just Earlobed! We are on our honey moon, as I'm sending you this from Mars!