1) Before going into the house had you ever watched BB? If so, who were your favorite cast members from previous seasons of bb?
Dr. Evil of course and Amy BB3

2) How did you get on BB? Were you recruited or did you apply?
I was recruited, but had to go through the process like everyone else.

3) What was it like winning the 1st HOH?
It sure set the tone didn't it? I bet Mike "the Don" still has nightmares about me.

4) How did you feel when you 1st heard that Nakomis and Cowboy were brother and sister?
I poop'd my pants, cried for an hour in the fetal position,then went to my happy place

5)You, Will, Karen, and Lori seemed to have a friendship in the first two weeks of the game. Do you think the fact that you saved Holly turned them against you? Were you aware that they didn't like Holly and couldn't understand why you liked her?
I was the only one that knew the real deeper Holly, I understand why they were mad because they wanted Lori to stay. Saving her made me lose those guys, but I wouldn't have changed a thing.

6) You spent much of your time in the bb house with Holly. What was your favorite moment the two of you shared together?
When we were doing the alphabet soup contest and were we wet holding each other wrapped in a towl. I pushed the hair out of her face and kissed her on the forehead. It made my heart feel good.

7) If all the bb girls in your cast had been single, which one besides Holly, would you have been interested in?
None really except Holly, that is the truth..

8) Who is your favorite houseguest from your own season? Who is your least favorite?
I have two favorites Jase and Holly. I do like Marvin and Cowboy, as for the rest..........

9) What was your favorite non-Holly memory in the house?
When Marvin and I would start joking together, one time we laughed untill we started crying. I'm smiling right now as I type this..

10) During the endurance comp with Diane, Were you really losing it or you were just trying to make her think you were?
What everyone didn't see is that I was making the other House Guests laugh in the courtyard..I was entertaining all those watching. I got bored after 8 hrs and had some fun, I knew CBS would cut it to make me crazy. Love it.

11) Why did you give in to Drew's insistence to vote out Holly?
I never did, but when they all were against me I knew in my head well this game is over. My alliance is a bunch of dumbasses and I picked the wrong players for my team. Drew is fine though becaue he had another alliance, that is why voting out our players wasn't a big deal.

12) You seemed to be the only one who had Karen figured out for the phony she was and it was obvious she knew you could see through her. Why do you think the others fell for her phony act for so long?
I've noticed in life, when people start talking in a monotone voice they are either trying to get you in a cult, tell you about spaceships, or they are crazy. Karen in a monotone voice " your left shoe string looks good in this light" Jase to Karen: " Karen I already voted stop kissing my ass"

13) When Diane gave her goodbye message of "Thank God and good riddance," Holly said that she would be the bigger person. What do you think of how she's acting now?
Heres my personal deal, I don't like these people, so why fake it; lets have some fun with them. You must admit they make it pretty damn easy. (evil grin)

14) Have you watched the live feeds since leaving the house?
Not once, I would rather watch monkeys throw turds at each other.

15) When you first meet Holly, would you have ever imagined that you two would be so close now? What, if anything did you learn about her since leaving the house that surprised you?
When I first met her I thought no-way, but we have become so close. We have this amazing connection that everyone searches for, warning if you see us in public you will want to vomit. We call it the Jase and Holly thang

16) Do you see Diane and Drew lasting outside of the house? Despite your feeling for Diane, do you think Drew treats her as well as she should be treated?
Jesus just came into the room and told me not to answer this question. (hehe)

17) Why do you think Drew gets away with looking like an angel to the jury and Diane looks like the devil?
Drew has been every bit an devious as Diane, if not more so. There are no Devils in our house this year, just born again christians. Can I get an Amen? I am the only devil, notice my horns during the Veto ceremony.

18) Upon leaving the house and viewing the tapes and talking to your friends and family about what they witnessed on the live feeds, which houseguest do you now have a different opinion of ? What did you see on the tapes that surprised you the most?
Seeing Cowboys family made me love him even more. He deserves it, not Drew.

19) What was it like to be on Regis and Kelly?
They were so nice to me, Kelly is so cute; she told me to give her people my info to maybe appear on Hope @ Faith

20) Will you be selling any of your Mandana's on Ebay?
Been too Busy for that, but I might.

21) What'd you think that CB kept wearing your shirt, and how about when they burned it?
Poor cowboy, didn't he look good in yellow?

22) How touched were you by the loyalty Cowboy showed you in the house and since leaving?
I have said this many times and will say it again. He is a great guy to the core. He is all integrity. Many in the house and outside make fun of him for his simple ways, but I have always been drawn to people like Cowboy.

23) Who have you seen from the BB house since you have left?
Of course, Holly my angel sweet sweet (everyday) and Lori

24) Who do you think that you will keep in touch with?
My angel, Marvin, and Cowboy

25) Have you spent a lot of time with Holly since leaving the house? What type of relationship do you have with her?
We love each other. We think we are soul-mates, were the same person. Its kinda scarry....

26) What has been your favorite moment with Holly since leaving the BB house?
It's too cute to put in here, and america would throw up.

27) Would you do a celebrity BB?
I would do anything for Arnold Shapiro and Allison, because they believed in me. I really look at Arnold like a father figure, he's a great man.

28) If you could change anything about your time in the bb house, what would that be?
I really would have tried to get Mike "the don" to join my alliance and vote out Scott the first week. A lot of dynamics would have been different. I tried to get "The Don" he wasn't willing to commit.

29) Your mom was adamant that the personality you portrayed on BB was not what you're really like at home. To what extent do you agree with that? What aspects of your personality are not as they seemed?
I am a big goof-ball most of the time....My dark sinister side cam out on the show, to be honest, I really liked watching it. I loved playing the villian, it feels so good.

30) What would be your dream job in the entertainment field? Do you still want to become a firefighter?
Firefighter is on hold, and I think some good things are comming my way (wink)

31) Where do you hope to see yourself five years?
Wow, better ask me that one again in five years.....

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