1) What does your family think about Diane being on BB? 

It’s very exciting and nerve racking. It’s unusual to see someone you know so well on TV. Overall were happy for her and rooting for her all the way.

2) Diane says she is the prettier twin..care to comment on that?

She always says that…she’s retarded. We look just alike…you can barely tell a difference. The fact that we are identical twins and she says that doesn’t make any sense.

3) Do you and Diane fight over guys?

We used to all the time. It got old because I always won (lol). We just have the exact same taste in men!

4) Diane seems overly jealous,is this just how she is,or do you think the being in the BB house has brought this on?

She's not jealous at all. She is just very forward with her emotions. Maybe BB has only emphasized on her jealous times, which is all America seems to see. She is human like the rest of us.

5) Do you and Diane hang with the same crowd of people?

Not really…we have our own friends. If were not with our friends, it's just her and I. As twins we never really get on each other’s nerves like friends can do…it’s great.

6) Do you watch the feeds?

Nope…don’t have time, but I do try and keep up with the forum boards as much as possible.

7) How do you think that Diane is doing in the game?

Very well…she has made it this far hasn’t she? She’s just doing her best to adapt to all the sudden changes. People criticize her for her strategy but sometimes it’s hard to make an instant decision; therefore, sometimes she makes the wrong decision. But the wrong decisions in the end turn out to be the right ones or else she wouldn’t still be in the house ya know? Does that make sense?

8) Why does Diane always talk about how stupid she is all the time?

You’re your own worst critic right? She just gets down on herself easily because she is not used to doing the wrong thing. Things have to be perfect for her.

9) What has been your favorite Diane moment of BB? 

Watching her get the BB key for the first time. I will never forget that. It was so surreal. I didn’t actually believe at first.

10) What is the worst moment for Diane?

I absolutely hate to see her cry. It makes me want to go and beat up everyone who hurts her feelings. Oh and I can’t stand the “mandanas.” Some one tell her she is wearing them out already. We saw enough from the boys.

11) How do you feel about the relationship Diane has with Drew?

I hope it’s genuine. He seems nice…but what if that’s an act. He is definitely her type of guy; there is no doubt about that. I just hope they don’t leave this game on bad terms because they seem so perfect for each other.

12) Do you still feel that Drew is too good for Diane?

No, I was just kiddin. No one is too good for Diane; she is too good for them. She is so picky that she has only had one real boyfriend in her entire life; and he treated her like crap. She deserves an awesome man by now.

13) What kind of guy does Diane usually go out with?

Guys just like Scott from BB5. I really thought she was going to like him at first.

14) Have you and Diane ever dated twins?  Do you think that you could go out with Drew's twin Ben?

Nope, never dated twins. That would be cool though, do you think that if we had kids they would look alike? I would go out with Ben…if I weren’t already happily with the man of my dreams.

15) Do you think that Diane and Drew will have a relationship outside of the house?

I hope so.

16) Do you think being a twin makes you understand better the position Natalie and Adria were in?

Heck yeah, and I am really glad that I am not in that house. I know that if I were there Diane wouldn’t stand a chance to win. Two just seems like an unfair advantage; and you know your going to be a target sooner or later.

17) How hard is it to see your twin in this position?

It’s very hard. I hate reading nasty things that people say about her. They need to realize that we are all human and how would they feel if people were putting them down. It hurts a lot, but I just ignore it and understand that people will talk and not everyone will love ya.

18) Do you feel you would be doing,better,worse or about the same if you were chosen for BB?

Worse. I would definitely have been a “Lori” in the house. I am a lover not a fighter, and I don’t know how to be mean. Diane has to stick up for me! This show was perfect for her. She can finally use her strong personality to her advantage.

19) Do you think that you could be in the house?

Probably not or else I would be in there (lol).

20) Who do you think is Diane's strongest alliance?  Why did/do you think that?

Drew seems to be. Maybe they relate well being twins and the same age. I hope they use the connection to their advantage. She seems to trust him, as he does her.

21) Do you think that Diane will win?
Of course I do. She has just a good of chance as anyone. I hope it’s meant to be for her.

Thank you so much Lindsey for your time!