Were you recruited or did you apply to BB?
I got lucky & got in the 1 in a million way. I actually mailed in an audition tape. The tape was pretty hot though. It took 36 hrs just to edit it.

Had you ever seen Big Brother before? If so, who was your favorite HG?
Never watched the show before. They made me watch a couple shows during casting just to know how the show flowed but I only watched 3 episodes because I felt it was effect the way I acted. i.e. I might try to do something someone else. I was more concerned with being myself and not emulating anyone previous houseguest. Never had a fave HG before because I never watched.

What other types of shows other than BB have you done?
Never did Fear Factor. The snipet you saw of me eating a worm was from my audition tape. Before BB I was on the weakest Link. I'm a trivia buff and was gonna try out before Jep... with Alex Trebek before BB called. I also had an offer for Elimidate but I didn't really want to subject myself to that either. I had a profile on match.com and they(elimidate) called me to be on the show.

Did you keep anything from the house?
No. I really didn't get into collecting too much stuff. My most prized possion was the tie dyed shirt with everyone's signature in paint on it. I will probably frame & mat that. I didn't want to be cheesy and start sellling all kinda shit on Ebay for $4.

Marvin's Black & mild cigar he chewed for 3 mths(1 million bucks)....... Then maybe I might list something.

What was the best part of being HOH?
Best part was that you knew you didn't have to look at somebody 's ugly ass picture of their dog and say " Boy, that's a cute dog" Knowing good & well the dog looked like a fried monkey.................Diane...................you hear me talking hillbilly girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What was your favorite compitition?
Morphomatic. That was cooler than central air. It really felt like being on a gameshow. I still haven't looked at the tape of it. I can't wait to see that one.

Do you think that Drew and Diane are going to last?
That will last as long as it takes me to finish this sentence. Well maybe about a day longer after Drew finds out I kissed his ol'lady 4 times and she gave me a back rub. I guess she can say she was just playing me for the game. i guess you have to ask........"When did you stop lying? I don't think he'll ever know if she really cared about him because #1 They met on a TV show & she was playing him for that and now he's rich so he'll always wonder if she's just there until the cash flow doesn't flow. But I wish them luck. I really liked Diane but I kept that separate from the game.

What kind of game plan did you have going into the house?
I told CBS.com before the show I would try to associate myself with a group of 5 to 6 people (The 4 horsemen) That would probably go to hell in about 2 weeks. It did but It gave me 2 weeks in the game . I would then try to appeal to the hedonistic factor in the houseguest by cooking gourmet meals for them every 2 days so they looked forward to it. I would make sure I told them I was cooking a really good meal sat. night to make the HOH feel guilty if they put up the person who was cooking them a gourmet meal. I would then also try to join another alliance that opposed the 1st alliance. (The gay mafia(Will,A,Karen,Diane & Nik) I would try to appear to be the weakest player in 2 different alliances and figured each alliance would pick off the strongest player from each one. i.e. Jase Scott Will & A. It worked to perfection but I had to come between Drew & Diane in order to get Diane to pull me in and get the girls to vote for me. Very tough to do but I figured if I could cause her & Drew to fight...I could be there to pick up the pieces as a friend. It would have worked but then the double elim week came and I didn't have time to work the strategy to the fullest extent. I wanted Drew to find out but him winning HOH and the timing killed me. That's life though. He got the cash & the girl But don't the beautiful people always do.

Use one word to describe each of the HG.
Mike(elder statesman)
Karen(crazy as hell)
Nik(cool beans)

What was your 1st reaction when you found out that Adria and Natalie were both in the game? Had you noticed that they were different?
I was shocked because I thought Holly had the twin. When I saw Nat, I was shocked as hell. Then I got pissed after I found out 1 of them was in a hotel half the time chillin like frosty. Screw that. I knew sometimes Booty would act a little more bossy and know it all(Nat) but I didn't think anything of it. I had been in the bed with both of them. I wish i had know the twist or I would have worked it to death............... " Yo Booty, how come you don't wanna give me a HJ like you did 2 nights ago??? Wassup baby!! Then Nat would have to put out like she thought her sister did. Evil & sadistic but you know me .

Why put Adria up after Nat left when she had no alliance memebers, instead of trying to get Drew out or breaking up the three girls(Nakomis, Karen, and Diane)?
I had to make sure Aidria didn't win just to sleep at night and make sure the winner was credible and the game retained it's credibility in my eyes. If Aidria would have won while living in a hotel half the time ,I would have been beside myself. I couldn't trust Adria in an alliance since she put my ass up the week before. Anyway, she had already went to other people trying to make an alliance so I figured I couldn't trust her. It didn't help that she made it a pissing contest and wanted me to beg for the veto. Screw that. I figured Diane was my best bet at parlaying a couple votes.

Who was your favorite person to meet when you were on Y &R?
Lauren Fenmore. She is so classy. Always had a crush on her. Now that would be a great love scene.

You did a wonderful job on Y&R .. Do you think that you would do any other tv shows or soaps?
I would love to do Y&R again. I talked to the casting Dir. before I left and she asked me to submit some stuff from BB of me . The next TV show I do it's gonna be something I really enjoy and feel good about. I felt really uncomfortable at BB and I'm really glad it's over. I'm getting an agent in LA to work for me. That way, I can work at my business back east and have my agent look for something for me while I still work. I'm not gonna take the next thing offered to me just to be on TV again. I have faith the next I do I will really want to do.

When you were voted out did you know that it was going to happen?
I knew when it was Jase and I on the block I figured I was gone the next week. It didn't help that Jase campaigned for them to get me out next. But when I was setting HOH,and Drew found out about the kiss, I was toast. I had 1 chance and that was the veto game. I can't believe a brotha couldn't win a basketball bouncing contest. I can't ever go back to the hood again. My ghetto pass has officallly been revoked after Diane beat me in a basketball contest.

What was your time like in the Jury house?
It was pretty awesome until the last night. Will & I get along great so we kinda chilled and drank brew. I fished most of the time. Sometimes they got massages for us or fishing trips. I hated the last couple nights there. Everybody kinda fell back into their alliances in the house then. Will,Nik & Diane hung out together, the twins were by themselves and I felt like the last man in the world by myself. That was a pretty low point. I was so pissed after the q & A by sattlelite with Drew & Cowboy I started to walk off the set. I was pissed that we couldn't ask follow up questions and they both were side stepping questions like George Bush. I figured I would ask them something they couldn't side step away from

Who do you think that you will keep in touch with now that you are back home?
I got a call from The DON on friday. He's a trip. I might drop an email to maybe K-Boogie . I know Diane has to distance herself from me for Drew now . I'd like to talk to Lori but I would feel weird about that. Maybe after more time passes I might like to contact them. I would love to play poker in the future with Drew,Di, & Cowboy again. That was the only time I really had fun in the house.

Now that you are out of the jury house and able to review the shows, has your opinion of anyone changed and why?
I have only seen about 6 shows. Can't really tell from that. I've had a ton of local press to do and have traveled a little.

Did your family watch the feeds while you were in the house?
My aunt from FL. watched it and relayed all my antics to my Mom in SC then she would tell all my family in Los Angeles. I was not pleased. You can't relax knowing your family is watching your naked black ass 24/7.

What was your family's reaction to you going into the house? How did they think that you played?
My mom was shocked. She was the only person that knew. Along with my brother. She was more shocked when I told her how long I was gonna be gone. My Mom flipped. She wanted me at work but was happy for me. My brother just wanted a Hummer out of the deal. I said Hummer my ass. I'll buy you a Ford Escort or something. People are funny as hell. That haven't told 1 joke, or eaten the 1st damn PB&J yet they want some cash. I think I played well as possible considering the constraints and the twist in the game. The twist aren't exactly fair to game play but are good for drama and TV. The twist kinda screwed me up in the game.When they did the double elim weekend I knew I was gone because I knew I didn't have time to work my strategy to break up Drew & Diane. He found out about the kiss and won HOH so I knew I was toast.

Do you think that the televised shows were edited to show how you truly are?
No. Not at all after seeing a couple shows. But they can't show a lot of stuff becasue they have a story to do. So if I'm doing something funny as hell and they want a scene to be dramatic, they are gonna cut my stuff out. But that's cool. I also saw that they edited a lot of scenes with me talking with the 4horsemen. I guess they wanted to show we were not together at all. They spun it like I never had any dealings with the 4horsemen when in effect, Jase came to me a couple times and asked who I thought needed to go. But that's cool.

Besides yourself, who do you think played the best game?
I think Diane did and should have won. She took alot of heat and made some tough stands. She carried Drew's ass most of the game.

What was your reasoning for voting for Drew?
He played the game way better than Cowboy. Cowboy was like an enema the entire game and stayed up the horsemen's asses'. He never won HOH and never stood up for himself or anyone else. Drew won HOH, Vetos andgot me out and did PB&J 3 total weeks. a no brainer. I only decided at the last sec. to give it to him because I was pissed he got me out over the Diane flap after I protected him the week before when I was HOH and he didn't reciprocate. I had to put personal feelings aside and that was tough.Everyone tells me now that Cowboy wanted me out since jump street and I can't figure out why.

Do you think that it was right for Cowboy to play the sympathy card to get votes?
Any card you can play is fair game in this dirty game. That's the only card he could play since he didn't do shit the entire game. Wasn't like he could say "Well guys I won HOH 6 times and won 5 vetoes and ate PB& J for 4 weeks and organized a strategy to get out 4 powerful players.So I had no problem with Cowboy playing that card but it was my job to call his ass out .

Tell us about the Cowboy question? Did you really feel that way or were you just trying to see what type of reaction he would have?
We couldn't ask follow up questions so I wanted to make sure and didn't give the same rote answer to all the questions. Cowboy kept sidesteppin questions like George Bush at an Iraq NEws conference. In the BB house you are guilty until you prove yourself innocent. I wanted him to tell me why after I protected him all those time, tried to join forces with them did he still insist on getting me out the game. We could have joined up to at least get Karen out . So I wanted to know if it was race that played a factor. Since no one put Cowboy on the spot I felt that some one had to. The way I phrased the question made him have to think and sweat on National TV. He had to think, hell I better not say either one. I better come up with a good answer. Having a black nephew doesn't have anything to do with trying to get my ass out the game from jump street while the whole time I'm trying to help him. But I told the producers in the diary room the last part of his answer satisfied me. Cowboy, said he didn't vote for me because I was up against his sister, however, he voted her out the next week. But Cowboy and I were cool on a personal level. We played poker about every night and cooked together quite a bit so no beef.

Who do you think was the most real in the house?
Hell. I was. Did you have to ask!!!!!!!!!!

How was the after show party?
It was cool. Finally got to meet the people who put the show together and that was nice. Made a couple good contacts as far as maybe being on another show and getting an agent.