Jokers:  Did you audition for Big Brother, did you send a tape, or did they
see you and choose you like that?
Michelle:  They got all my info from my ex and called me one day asking me to come to LA for an interview.
Jokers:  What did your family think about your presence on Big Brother?
Michelle:  My family was very supportive and excited.
Jokers:  What did you like the most from your experience?
Michelle:  I learned to not be so naive and trusting to people I have just met.
Jokers:  If you could tell Jee something right now, since he said you were safe, what would it be?
Michelle:  You broke your word to me.
Jokers:  Who do you think is a "threat" in the game, at the moment?
Michelle:  Jack
Jokers:  Do you watch or read the feeds on the Internet, since you've been evicted?
Michelle:  No, I only watch the show.
Jokers:  Describe each HG with one word.
Michelle:  Amanda-Nice; David-Asshole; Jun-Backstabber; Jee-Clueless; Robert-Funny; Erika-Fake; Jack-Weird; Dana-Obsessed; Nathan-Cute; Alison-Emotionally Unstable; Justin-Competitive; Michelle-Innocent.
Jokers:  What did you do when you found out Amanda & David had sex on TV?
Michelle:  I was disgusted.
Jokers:  Who do you think you will still remain friends with, why?
Michelle:  Jee, Justin, and Robert...they were the only ones that were nice to me and didn't backstab me.
Jokers:  Now that you left the house, would you have done anything differently?
Michelle:  I would have played the game better, and not been so stupid to think that everyone was my friend.
Jokers:  Who do you feel betrayed by?
Michelle:  Everyone except the ex's
Jokers:  Would you like to tell the viewers something?
Michelle:  Jee, Justin or Robert are the only people in the house that deserve to win that money.