1) How did you and Natalie meet?

We were both on athletic scholarships at Troy State Univ..And how cool was it to find out she was also from Birmingham like me.

2) How much time do the sisters spend together in real life? the four of you?

Well of course they work together each day,so they are together alot. As far as the four of us, we see each other a good bit but really only hang out once or twice a week. We really try to respect the fact that all four of us lead very on the go lives, so "quality time"with the spouses is very important when given the opportunity.

3) Who's the better hunter, Adria or Natalie? Do you and Natalie hunt together?

I'd probably say Adria b/c Lenny does more hunting than I, therefore he and Adria go more than Nat and I. Natalie and I do hunt together, but she really hates the bitter cold of winter mornings. Dove hunting she likes, b/c its normally sunny and smoldering hot!

4) Was Natalie recruited for BB or did she apply on her own?

You know I'm not very sure about the whole recruitment/application thing. For all I know it could have been either one, She never really said before leaving.

5) Why did Natalie decide to go on Big Brother with Adria? Did publicity play a factor?

Simply for the money! I don't feel publicity really was a factor b/c they were already very popular among the fitness industry.

6) Do you find yourself talking to the TV as if Natalie could hear you (when things happened to her or she did things)

Honestly, only when I'm by myself and find her upset or something of the sort. I've always been that "bring it down to earth" voice for her and her to me, so yes some talking to the t.v. b/c of my helpless feeling.

7) Do you watch BB w/Natalie's family?

At the beginning, Lenny (Adria's hubby) their mom and I would normally meet once a week. But we all have such unusual work schedules that we just watch it when we can and where we can. I play music at nights and have found myself watching the show in a smoke filled bar more than at home. ha ha!

8) Do have the feeds? If so, how often do you watch?

Yes I do have the feeds, but only watch it mostly for gathering of info. when I'm trying to catch up on a few missed days.

9) How was it decided that the twins would play as Adria and not Natalie?

Good question. The four of us actually sat in my livingroom floor and drew names out of a hat. It was 3-1 Adria.

10) When Natalie was packing to go, and could only take so much, what was hardest to leave behind?

Well we searched for a while to find a bag large enough to fit a 6'4 235 lbs person into but we never did. ha!

11) How would you do in this game?

Me without a guitar and nothing to write on= awful. No really I would not have any desire to do it, but we knew Nat and A could handle it.

12) What was your reaction when Natalie and Adria made it to week 5?

Not shocked by it. I played the same similar twist on some of my closest friends who had known Nat well for about 6 mo. We went walking up to a party that "Lenny"was having at his house. He and everyone there had never met Adria before, so I walked in with Adria everyone hugged and embraced her as Nat. Then after about 30 min. I introduced her as Adria Natalie's twin sister. The place erupted! Then Lenny and A fell for each other and were married 3 yrs later! So I knew if I could fool them who knew Nat so well, this would be nothing.

13) Who do you think was Natalie's hardest competitor?

Tough to say considering Natalie was only Natalie for just a few weeks.

14) How do you think the 1st week will go in the sequester house with Will?

I'm hoping it'll be a relaxing time for both of them and they can both find some closure away from the game. I know that Nat really does love Will to death and I'm sure she'll do everything she can to make amends with him.

15) What has been your favorite moment for Natalie in the house? them?

Her stories that she shared to the houseguest and all the world about our little life that we share.

16) How do you feel Natalie was edited? Was she edited into a character, or did we get to see the real Natalie?

During the 5 wk. period she really wasn't herself, but after that she slowly came around into her straight shooting, tell it like it is, fast talking, loveable self. ha!

17) How do you think both Nat and A are being portrayed?

1) Given that Natalie had two hurdles to overcome (1-the amazing task of fooling the houseguests that she was Adria for 5 weeks, 2-the obvious status of being grouped as a target after coming into the house), wouldn't it have benefited her make a greater effort to socially separate herself from Adria so as to make it easier for the houseguests to see her as an individual?

In my opinion they're not being portrayed as the same people I know and love, but nothing that has been done has been greatly upsetting,,,,,yet. I don't feel it would've benefited her to separate herself from A b/c no matter what they were gonna be viewed as one regardless. Its been that way their whole life so they knew before hand that this was probably gonna be no exception. Besides, if it would have worked out with alliances built around them it would have been so strong. Now you have individuals just playing the game as vulnerable as a newborn zebra on the African plain.

18) What do you think was the best and worst move Natalie made in the game?

Being in the viewers position on the game, I feel their worst move was to not assure their relationship with Marvin. He has been that straddle the fence vote that is so important in the game. Losing his trust hurt. Being that we as viewers get to see all the conversations that take place in the house, I feel their smartest move was to get Will before he got to them with his ploy to get rid of the twins. It was almost like they heard what was going on. I don't know.

19) Are you able to talk to Natalie while she is in the sequester house?

I believe and hope so, I'm not sure yet. I'm sure if I do that for the integrity of the game and the remaining house guest, it will be monitored so that everything is kept fair for everyone.

20) Were you able to talk to Natalie once the game had started but she was not in the house?

no contact at all.

21) What's the biggest misconception you think people have of Natalie?

That she's a bible beater. She as well as I do have a great relationship with God, and as do many people who have this relationship find it hard not to share it with others. When it's a part of you and your everyday life it overflows into others life in mere conversation. So the very thought of it viewed as "imposing their religion" on the others was not the intention of the twins at all. They were just trying to be themselves and if someone wanted to learn or have a discussion about God, they felt it their responsibility as Christians and to God to share about his love and compassion for us all.

22) What's been the hardest part of this experience for you?

The empty cold spot on her side of the bed at night. And of course the slander that always hurts, but that's always gonna be their no matter what you're doing in life.

23) What's been the greatest part of this experience for you?

Just being Natalie's husband. That's always been the best for me.

24) Will you be going to the finale/wrap party in September?

I haven't heard anything about that.

25) Does Natalie plan on competing in Fitness competitions again?

If so, its probably not gonna be for too much longer. She has so many goals yet to achieve and fitness is so demanding on her time. We'll see.

26)What's changed at home since Natalie's been gone?

Besides her popularity, My band name use to be called Deputy 5, and now its known as the band whose lead singer is married to Natalie from BB5. haha!

27) Do you think Natalie is going to have difficulty adjusting to the outside world and perception of how she played the game after BB5 is over?

Not at all, we are all so well grounded and know what we want out of life, that other peoples perception of them are based simply on what they have seen on reality show and if that makes someone hate them, then sorry. It's just a game.

28)Other than Adria, who would you like to see win BB5 now that Natalie is out of the running?

Cowboy has a heart as big as Texas. He has plans and goals for he and his family and would do alot of great things with the money I feel.

29)What information would you like to share with Natalie but are not allowed to because of the integrity of the game?

That she didn't have as many loyal friends within the house as she thought she had. But I guess she knows that now doesn't she?ha

30)What kind of band are you in? Have you recorded anything?

I've had the pleasure of finding myself in the middle of some very talented people who now all live in Birmingham, Al. Don Breland- the original Bass player for the Oakridge Boys. Tommy O'Barr- lead guitarist for several big acts like the "Temptations"{with Rick Archer} John Simpson a great session drummer out of Atlanta, Ga. Then there's me Breck Carroll an aspiring Singer/Songwriter who sings country music the way it was intended. We've been together for almost a year now, but we are tight as they come already. We haven't yet recorded any of our own cuts, just covers for demo work. We are in the process of doing so however in the near future. Thank-you for asking.

31) What are your plans as soon as Natalie gets home?

To make love for about 2 days! Thank-you and good night!!!!!!!