With people drinking wine off other's bodies, a food fight that looks like it could start an orgy, and a trying to be sexy photo shoot, this much repeated Sunday September 4, 2005 version of Rockstar: INXS on VH-1 is hysterical! This one is the best behind the scenes episodes and highly entertaining. It’s on again Monday night at 8 pm so tune in. Stop now and make those donations to the disaster relief fund so you can be free to watch tonight!

First the producers show the audience what happened last week. The cast is reacting to Ty's departure, toasting to Ty. Marty calls him a rockin’ bad ass. Jordis feels she should have gone last week instead of Ty, that she is on a downhill spiral. JD tells her to use the feelings to make the next performance even that much better.

The next thing we see is Dave Navarro, walking in with Ellie Mae (not the one from the Beverly Hillbillies) and learn that week’s clinic is a photo shoot for Levi Jeans. The final five will be the new face of Levi’s ad campaigns.

At the photo shoot, Ellie Mae mentions all the different styles of Levis 504, 517, 312, 547, 620, 411, hike hike hike. Before the camera, Marty and JD do the best; Jordis is really difficult to deal with and gets shy on camera. She says she hates being photographed so a photoshoot is tough for her.

Mig is just wearing a small, open vest for a shirt and they wonder if his shots are too gay. The others are more completely dressed. We see mugging, backbends, all sorts of physical contortions. Each finished picture is great as well as the group scene.

Meanwhile back at the mansion, Mig and Marty bring in a birthday cake for JD and JD asks if everyone will go with him on this one. It's his birthday, so without knowing what, everyone goes along. It is a huge beautiful two part cake depicting angel wings. JD picks up a piece of cake and smears it on someone else (not sure who). The others join in giggling, being very silly, and soon everyone's shirts, faces and hair are coated with icing. They all go into the shower together, dressed but the guys are at least half naked--MIG joins in late, everyone still laughing. Somewhere in the montage we see alcohol dripping down JD's foot with Susie drinking the run off his toe. It is very silly and almost looks posed.

Next we see the group fully dressed with clean hair and faces getting their song assignments from a large Dell computer that is placed where the song board used to be. Someone mentions that it is a Dell screen and perhaps lists the model and the 800 number where you can get one just like it. Well, not really but it has that feeling to it.

We see what the MSN voters chose the cast to sing--the choices had included several past songs they sang and also a Wildcard. Guess what? In each case the voters chose the Wildcard. The choices are interesting--JD gets a song he wanted but lost out to Jessica. The songs for Marty (Everlong by the Foo Fighters?) and Jordis will be very tough--Jordis has a power song We Are the Champions. Marty said his song is very screamy and he won't be able to do that--"Count me out." MIG gets Hard to Handle by the Black Crowes. Suzie will get to show off her voice with a Bonnie Raitt song--I Can't Make You Love Me. JD got a Nirvana song, Come As You Are. Everyone, except Suzie, gets a stretch song going against the grain of their style.

Also on the computer are comments for each rocker. They are all nice comments. Mig learns he has a lot of fans. Jordis had a comment from New Zealand. We don’t see the other comments. JD didn't want to see his comments as it might affect his actions. Susie said it was great that JD had Come As You Are because he had fought so hard for it with Jessica. Suzie reads a couple of JD's comments to him. One viewer compares him to Han Solo and notes he is the best collaborator.

They click on a note from INXS. They must each do an original song also--two songs for the performance show. Marty is shown on the curb with his guitar singing a song he wrote awhile ago called Trees that he promises will be "a little bit mad conductor."

Jordis is even more insecure. Her original song, written by her and Marty, is called "Try Not." The house band called it raw. They don't quite like the melody or tempo and Jordis can't imagine the song in other ways or direct the band. Nate, the drummer, has a new arrangement idea that is very soul that Jordis called "poppier." She didn't sound very excited about it. She noted the juxtaposition between her original song, about insecurity, and We Are the Champions, about confidence and success. It wasn't clear if the story line was setting her up for success or failure but my feeling is she is ready to go home and the viewers are prepared for her exit from the competition.

We aren’t told anything about Mig, JD, or Susie’s original songs.

Next time on INXS: Everlong! Can Marty tone down a hard rock song?
Marty: It's very screamy. If I do that, you can count me out."
Can Jordis stop her downward spiral?
And will the rockers own music stand up to the classics.

End # 1--Marty and JD are alone in the dining room. Marty is wet, just out of the shower. JD is naked. JD goes and puts his clean but naked butt on the cake remnants -- mainly frosting. He is laughing, saying:

JD --You know you've had a good night when you wake up with birthday cake around your mouth. You know you've had a great night when you wake up with birthday cake up your (bleep!).

End #2--At the very end, you see Susie coming back into the empty dining room. It looks like she has snuck back there alone. See takes her finger and scoops up cake frosting--not realizing JD just had his clean but naked butt on the cake plate!

It was tremendous. One of the best episodes and really a lot of fun. It was nice to see this hard working group just cut loose.