11:00am BB wakes the houseguests up for the day! Everyone is doing their morning primping. Ronnie announces to everyone that Michelle was talking in her sleep, saying “Russell you are an asshole, quit throwing rootbeer!” Casey still in his banana suit and seems to be making the most of it. Chima & Jessie got to HOH, Chima says Michelle is mad at Ronnie because of him talking about her talking in her sleep. Chima says she also heard her yell "you *****" but didn't hear Russell's name. Jessie tells Ronnie to "use the bathroom bro" and leave. Jessie tells Chima that Lydia told him last night that she and Kevin would vote to keep Casey if it's Casey and Jordan on the block. Chima asks how many people Russell has final 2 deals with. Jessie replies "not me" and Chima says "not me either". Jessie said he's sure he has deals with everyone. He says he's not counting on his vote. Jessie said he's not going to be intimidated by whoever and he will put up two people he wants to go home. Jessie said that if Casey had won veto he would have taken Jordan off to show his allegiance to Jeff. Chima is hmmmmming. Jessie talking down about both Lydia and Kevin saying they don't plan on winning anything. Jessie says, "just to be completely honest with you, I just want to make it past next week". Chima said she would put up Jeff next week if she won HOH. Jessie says "No matter what Casey says to me I am just thinking no your lying" Jessie doesn't want Casey to try and change his mind. Jessie was saying he was glad that Russell wasn't up there yelling at them for scheming, that it was nice to just talk about. Chima said that Russell needed to stop yelling at people for scheming. Jessie is now talking about Casey being a liar. He can't believe anything he says. Jessie talks about him killing 3 fish last year. Chima laughs (ugh). Jessie talks about how the fish were considered "house guests" last year. Chima says, "yeah and America got pissed off", she says she read that online somewhere. Jessie says "sorry general public but you can be thrown off by a general question like that". Chima says "I hate my team - their crazy, at least one of them." Jessie says you have to know that people will go after both of your team mates instead of you. Chima says "What did I do, called Jeff stupid". Chima tells Jessie that she can't believe that Lydia wouldn't vote for Casey to leave, using that clique BS as an excuse. She says she thinks it's jealousy over Nat and Jessie. She says "but she likes you, it's so obvious." Chima laughs. Jessie says "Good observation Jessie, I would have made that choice too" (??) Chima laughs and says you know that will make air time. Jessie says you need to have different voices, like up and down. (I think they were talking about Nat). Chima says Lydia talks in the little Valley girl voice. Jessie says "yeah, what the hell?" Jessie tells Chima that Lydia says that I "never, ever accommodates the girl" but in the real world "I'm the one that gets the massages I'm the one what gets the food". Chima says yeah, but women like that "you're winning over the hearts and minds of all the women in America". Jessie says "oh well..." Chima says she keeps trying to find the "soft side" of Russell, I know it's there and he keeps saying "shut up". He's talking about Lydia counting the number of times he brings Natalie food. Jessie says "you counted?" Lydia says she makes everyone food. Jessie says she targets me, but she does it for EVERYONE. Chima says it's easy for Lydia and Kevin to skate by because Kevin is gay, she can says "we're just friends". Jessie says I see through that, but I see they are a couple. Chima says Lydia was pissed because you had Natalie do your hair yesterday and Lydia is not good at hiding her facial expressions. Jessie says yeah, she goes from happy to pissed, overly dramatic. Chima says when Lydia wakes up she will say "Morning Chima and give me an evil eye - she's crazy”
Outside, Casey tells Lydia he doesn't want her talking to Ronnie He tells her that they were in the majority that week, and because of Ronnie they felt ostracized for four days. And when they would walk in rooms all the rooms would get quiet. Casey said he isn’t going to be a B**** about it, but hopefully this is step three for the four step plan. Casey said his goodbye message to Ronnie will be Ten minutes long. Casey saying he can't read Michelle, that she has multiple personalities. Michelle comes outside and game talk stops. They are now talking about her dream and general chit chat. Jordan & Jeff are in the pool chilling. Casey enjoying his banana suit acting silly, singing “Russell has muscles.”

1:00pm Natalie prepares to throw Chima a birthday party, compliments of Big Brother. They gave her cake mix, streamers, tape, party hats, etc. She enlists Jessie’s help (of course) and Lydia, Michelle and Kevin join in. Ronnie is holding Chima hostage in HOH, I mean…Ronnie is entertaining Chima in HOH while they decorate and make the cupcakes. I tells Chima that he never lied to Jessie or to Chima and in hind sight he should have but he never lied to Lydia or Kevin. Ronnie says I still have your back. Chima says they said they were never voting out Braden but YOU convinced them otherwise. Ronnie says "I love you Chima". Ronnie says first Russell came up here and said "do you trust me". Chima ways when? Ronnie says yes, what the hell do I have to lose. Chima says right. Ron says Russell said he was just acting that way and he would wink at me. Ronnie says "do I believe him, not so much; but in spite of that I'm starting to like Russel." Chima says he doesn't know that I know what is going on. Ronnie says Chima I never lied to you and I cried so much up here. I cried, cried and cried. I just kept reading my letter and crying. Ronnie says it was when Russell said "oh, I bet your wife is crying at home." Chima says she didn't listen to him much and was never really around. Ronnie says still being perfectly honest, after this week Lydia may win HOH next week and we are f'kd. But I honestly want you, Natalie or Jessie to win. Honest. Ronnie says I want to talk to Nat and Jess 'cuz I would never do anything to injure the group. I want to know the "rules of engagement". Chima says well you got Casey really good in the room. Ronnie says he wanted to say "Wow Casey, you spend too much time with your 5th graders" and I could have been a lot worse. Chima says you got him good. Chima says I didn't know what was going on. Ronnie says, seriously, even if I hated Russell I can respect someone coming to my face, but I can't respect someone going behind my back. Ronnie "here's the thing, I kept my word to you and Michele didn't". Chima said she didn't. Russell says Michele is selfish. Ronnie says I told everyone I'm not here to make friends, I'm here to win half million dollars, but, at the end of the day there are only 3 people I really want to be friends with you, Jessie and Nat. He says everyone else flips every week. Chima is agreeing. Chima saying actions speak louder than words, and Ronnie says well by not putting Russ up I showed loyalty to NBK. They want Jeff to go before Jordan, then Lydia. They think by getting Jordan and Kevin alone, that they will be lost and easy to pick off, they pretty much think Michelle will have nobody. They want Jeff, then Lydia, then Russell. Ronnie continues his professing his loyalty to Chima. He says he would be at the Board of Education right now complaining about Casey. He says teachers are held to a higher standard. Ronnie says as an educator he takes it very seriously and doesn't go to bars and drink. He says basically he is ethical because of his dedication to his students. He says his wife is the coach of the debate team in high school. Chima replies Oh, I didn't know. Ronnie basically is bragging about how good he is. He says when he gets out of here he wants to look up in the dictionary the word hypocrite and he fully expects to see pictures of Casey, Jordan (& someone else, didn't get it). Ronnie says he wants Jeff to go first, to leave Jordan along; then Lydia to leave Kevin alone. Ronnie just told Chima that "I will be the silver-tongued guy that talked his way back into the group". Ronnie says Casey has lied 12 to 1 compared to him, he is the puppetmaster not Ronnie. Ronnie says they are all trying to pin everything on him. He says the only people he lied to was the other side. Chima now saying the Jordon would win in the end against anyone in the finals would lose against them because she is cute and nice, endearing. (gag) She is playing that southern thing. Telling anyone who will listen is if you take Jordon to the end then they will lose. Ronnie is now saying that he wants him, Chima, Nat, and Jessie in the final 4 and let the chips fall where they may. They talking of Jessie taking Nat over them no matter what. If we are lucky to get to final 4, Nat would have to go first. Jessie’s muscles would cramp and then it would be us. Just keep it between us, after final 4 all bets are off. Natalie comes in to get Chima for the birthday party. Chima is complaiaing that she doesn’t look good enough for a party that she wanted to be dressed up (ugh). Everyone wishes her a happy birthday and they all sit around the table eating cupcakes and snacks. (Big Brother gave Chima 1 hr off slop to eat for her birthday)….Is Big Brother getting soft on us???

3:30pm Natalie & Jessie go to HOH to have a private chat but instead decide to wrestle around on the bed and have a pillow fight (oh no don’t tell Lydia!) Then they talk to the cameras and put on a “show” asking America what they should do in the house. Nat says she wants to tell him about her conversation with Chima, but she can't. They talk about how nice Michele was to make dinner for them last night when she was on slop. They comment on Ronnie just staring at the pictures on the wall. Jessie says if Casey wasn't running his mouth he wouldn't be up. Nat says and he wanted to put us on slop! They talk that Casey was "flying through" the competition, but he was looking for prizes. Nat says Jeff finished early, he had three minutes left, why did he do that? Outside Lydia & Kevin are talking about how Jessie and Natalie have to be broken up. Kevin, I feel like Jessie and Nat are ** me in the **. Kevin tells Lydia that they need to get Jeff, Jordan and Michelle on their side. He says everyone else has made alliances and that's why they are always 3 steps ahead. Kevin says Jess is using them, esp. Lydia to gain info. He is saying that it's F'd up. He says he, Lydia and Chima have all had outbursts. He says Jessie and Ron play like machines with no emotion. Lydia says they need to break the chink in Jessie's chain - Nat. Lydia thinks they should start hiding Nat's things and that Lydia will start freaking out and it will affect Jess. Kevin worries that Nat will know it's them. They think that Jessie will only lose his cool if there is an attack on Nat. ( ed. I am liking this!)

5:00 pm Lydia in SR with Michelle telling her that she thinks Casey is going up! Jordan walks in and Lydia tells her she thinks Casey is going up and if he does she will be pissed, Jordan looks sad. Lydia tells her not to say anything. Jordan leaves as goes into the red room where Jeff is. They begin joking around. Jeff tells her about a convo he had with Jessie and Jessie asked Jeff if he was intimidated by Jessie’s size ….LOL….Then they start talking about the POV ceremony, Jeff says what if Casey goes up? Jordan says we would be screwed! Jordan tells Jeff he should go talk to Jessie but Jeff says no way!

7 pm HG getting ready for the Margarita Party!! Preparing for feeds to go down but….Big Brother is letting us go to the party! Whoot!! Thanks Big Brother. The houseguests go to the BY and they have a nice spread out there for them. Mexican food, nacho’s, Margarita’s, Sombrero’s and a Pinata! Chima & Ronnie can’t go to the party because they are “have nots” (Michelle can go because she won POV). But that’s ok Ronnie is inside trashing Lydia & Michelle to Chima, so they are having fun! Ronnie keeps spying through the door at the party and reporting what they are doing to Chima. He is unusually giddy about being alone with her and able to trash everyone! He even makes “devil ears” at one point! The party is going well, lots of margaritas being enjoyed. Everyone outside getting along well, except Jessie & Natalie are having their own conversation and pretty much ignoring everyone else and this does not go unnoticed by Lydia.

9pm Jeff tells Casey he thinks the backdoor Ronnie plan is off and Casey is going to be put up. Casey is preparing to talk to Jessie about replacement nominations. Casey says he will spill the beans on everyone except J/J. Casey is seething. Jeff is cautiously advising him to be cool about it, Casey says oh, I know. Casey comes upstairs to couch outside HOH where Jessie and Michele are whispering about Casey vs Ronnie Jessie "What's up Banana Man?" He indicates he wants to talk to Jessie so Jessie goes and clears out the HOH room (Kevin, Ronnie, Lydia, Russell all leave). Jessie tells Michele she can wait on couch to talk more soon. Casey asks Jessie what the plan is and Jessie replies “The right guy will be going home” (ed jerk!) Casey asks who is that me or Ronnie? Jessie says the “right guy” refusing to answer directly. Casey tells Jessie that he is not going after him and pleads his case, Jessie basically hmm hmmming him to death and not really answering anything. Casey shakes his hand and leaves. Michelle comes back in and talks to Jessie some more. Nothing really being said just talking in circles.

12 am Lydia goes outside and says she got kicked out of HOH because they needed a team meeting. Jeff says another one I was not invited to. Jordan says Ronnie just went up there to HOH to. Jeff says to Lydia and Kevin, you guys knew Casey was going up didn't you? They both say no they didn't know. If Casey goes home their click is *****. Jordan saying after she and Jordan are gone Lydia and Kevin will be next. Kevin says they are using us as expendable pieces. Lydia says they don't care. Kevin says Casey openly said he was gunning for them ( Jessie and them ) Jeff and Jordan say when did he ever say that. Jordan and Jeff telling Lydia and Kevin that they think they would put them up. They say no. Jeff says Kevin you would put me up. He says no he wouldn't. The 4 of them are saying that they will promise NOT to put each other up. Lydia says she would put up Natalie. Jeff, Jordan, Lydia and Kevin just make a pact NOT to put each other up. They shake on it and say they have to win HOH next week. Lydia saying Natalie will def. put her up. Jordan says she thought Michele was against Ronnie. They all agree they can't read her at all and think she is playing both sides. Jeff says at least they have a 4 way shot at winning. Jeff says it is a matter of time before they all go so they may as well make a move now while they have a chance. They say Kevin and Lydia will be next and Natalie will want to keep Chima around. Jeff says his word is gold. Jeff and Jordan say they were sure Kevin would put him up for sure. Kevin says NO. Jeff says he never thought of putting them up. Kevin and Jeff say if they are going to leave they want to make some noise. Lydia says we can't let and 18 year old run them.

In HOH Jessie tells Russell and Natalie that as long as them Chima and Ronnie stick together they will be ok. He rehashes the convo with Casey earlier. HOH crew Jessie, Russel, Natalie now trashing Lydia and Kevin. Russell says he woudl vote Lydia out the first chance he gets. Jessie says if one of them doesn't win HOH next week they will definatley be going up for sure. Jessie taking about how he got screwed by the America's player vote last year. Russ says want to go downstairs? Jessie says nah he doesn't care to look those people in the face right now. Jessie saying Lydia scares him right now. Russell saying how awkward Michelle is and Russ thinks she hits on him all the time, tells Jess a story about her telling Russ how horney she is, Russ stated Michelle is very uncomfortable to be around.

3 am HG are pretty quiet, random chit chat nothing exciting getting ready for bed.

Veto ceremony is Monday, I think Casey is definitely going up and I hope he fights to stay in!