10:00 am
We begin out Big Brother day wake up call. House-guests get up, change their batteries for the day then head back to bed.

12:30 pm
Big Brother has called for an outside lock-down. Everyone gets out of bed then promptly finds somewhere to lay down & fall back to sleep.

Jeff & Jordan go sit by the pool and Jordan tells Jeff she had a dream about Jeff last night but she won't tell him what it was about. Jeff wants to know if it was dirty. Jordan shook her head no she still doesn't' want to tell him, maybe later. She does mention that the dream was about them out of the house in the real world. She said she might tell him about it maybe at the finale.

1:30 pm
Lockdown is over. Michele showers, Jeff shaves, Jordan eats, Nat & Kevin are still sleeping

2:00 pm
Natalie & Kevin are finally out of bed for the day. They fix some fruit & cottage cheese. Jordan walks outside and as soon as the door closes Nat starts whispering to Kevin about Michele. Kevin tells her they (Jeff, Jordan & Michele) are really going to try hard today to keep Jeff in the house and today is only Tuesday. They head back to the red room and go back to bed with their food.

Nat talks about the deal Michele was trying to make with Natalie to vote to keep Jeff. She said she would throw hoh to Nat if she would just vote to keep him. Nat said she would be as dumb as he was to take that deal. Kevin said that Michele doesn't know about the deal that Jeff had made with him last week for safety. He was to put Michele & Jordan on the block and Michele was to go home. Kevin decides that Michele needs to know about that deal since she's working so hard to save Jeff.

Kevin: It's like this dude is screwing the girls

Kevin ask Nat what Jeff said to her.

Nat: It started up with "I know I'm going home but I have a sweet deal for you"
Kevin: Talk to Jordan too
Nat: it's 50/50 with them if they are final 2. No matter what, Jeff will vote for Jordan and Jordan will vote for Jeff. Jessie & Lydia are a wash, Jeff & Jordan are a wash.
Kevin: I wonder if Jordan would campaign or enter thoughts if I was leaving?
Nat: No, probably not, don't hold your breath
Kevin: Dude, cock-blocking is so hard when there's 3 people.
Nat: You don't even have to cock-block, do you actually think I would have made that deal?
Kevin: No, it makes them wait. I want them to wait till Thursday and I want Jeff to become a lurker, a schemer. He's too cool in this game, he doesn't want to hide in a corner or wave people over. I want to tell Michele about Jeff's deal with me to create drama. I'm going to tell her that you are acting weird.

2:30 pm
Nat & Kevin start comparing notes and bragging on who was really in the know.

Nat: As soon as Jessie got his hoh key, we knew that Casey was going home. When you are in an alliance with someone and one of you gets hoh, you should feel 100% safe, that's the way it works.

Kevin: Ronnie was going to flip the script on you guys. He got Laura up in his hoh and made a proposition to her. He told her we have the votes to keep her but he wanted her to promise us all safety. Then you & Jessie come upstairs while we are talking to her and we have to quickly hide her in the bathroom stall. Chima told me to run in the bathroom and act like I was going to take a shower to keep you all from going in there so I did. Laura was hiding in the toilet and we were listening in on your conversation with Ronnie & Jessie.
Natalie: Chima was part of our alliance
Kevin: Laura was listening to everything and then after you left we were like OMG. I left Laura alone with Ronnie.
Natalie: We confronted Ronnie and Russell and we didn't know wo was lying & then we confronted Laura and she told us so that was your friend right there. You are lucky that wasn't mentioned because Jessie would have been after you.
Kevin: That was all Ronnie. He orchestrated everything. Ronnie & Russell were together.
Natalie: Noe they weren't
Kevin: Yessssss, they were!!
Nat: Russell was not on board
Kevin: Yes he was, he voted opposite. Ever time there was a kinky vote it was Russell.
Nat: I know Chima wouldn't have done that anyway. I know Chima
Kevin: The votes were there, we were the last pieces. Jessie was all buddy buddy with Ronnie when Ronnie was about to f*ck him.
Natalie: Ronnie was just twisting that sh*t up like he did in week 1. He was trying to make you think the votes were there.
Kevin: I'm just sayin, Ronnie was not 100% loyal. Can yo imagine me campaigning to keep Michele right now? What kind of person would do that? I can't believe Chima didn't tell you. Laura told everyone outside what Ronnie was doing. How did that blow up occur?
Natalie: Because of me
Kevin: There were 2 people lying and it was revealed Ronnie was lying, why would you guys want to still keep him?
Natalie: What he was trying to do was send Russell home the next week, he still wasn't after us, he still wasn't putting us up ya know.
Kevin: That's true, that makes sense because me, Lydia & Chima were always anti-Russell.
Natalie: Ronnie was doing a good job but he pushed too hard. He decided to do that last thing and it ruined it for him.

3:00 pm
Natalie & Kevin try and think of pranks for the week. Kevin wants to hide all the underwear. Nat wants him to hide all their socks. Kevin suggests doing something with the contact solution but Nat said no cuz that's interfering with Michele's vision but they could do something to Jeff's solution cuz he's going home.

Natalie: Dude, did you know that Ronnie got a bucket of water and was about to pour it on Michele? Me & Jessie were egging him on.
Kevin: Yea, that's the point he realized he wasn't going to be saved
Nat: Yeah, he didn't care

Nat says what about the faucet thing, let's go do that right now. And the third will be something with the shower? I would love to have it on top so when the door opens.

Kev says can't do that because they would have there microphones on.

Nat: What about something in their bed.

Kev: Get Michele's mouse and tie a string on it so that when you open the door it scurries across the room.

Nat says that's dumb. If someone put a bug in my bed I would kill them.

Nat Let's make something to eat and put a bunch of "???" something in it.
Let's go do the rubber-band on the thingy now.

Kev: We need the rubber bands from the broccoli. They will know it's us though.

Nat: So what? It's a f*ing prank, get over it!

They both go to Kitchen. It looks like they are putting a rubber band on the Kitchen faucet so that the water will squirt. Nat giggles and says "okay what else?"

They both go back to BB. Nat again says "What else"

Kev says we got both of them, one for Mich and one for Jeff. Kev says if they think you did it then it will be fun and amazing. If they think I did it, oh well.

Kev says I think we should do the rat one going across the floor.

Nat says you can't take that string off the ceiling, you can't do that.

Kev says it's just useless string left up there.

Nat says you should have put different rubber bands, is it too late? Never mind, they will know it's us anyways.

Nat AGAIN says "what else"

Kev: How about we hide you in the trash can?

Nat: How about No.

Kev: I've run out of ideas because a lot of this sh** we can't do in this weird house, you can't touch it.

Nat: Let's make like a fake idol, "find the idol and you can have safety"

Kev: We're not on Survivor. We would need something..

Nat: Can we make a key out of a hanger?

8:30 pm
Natalie decides to drink all over Kevin's Mike's Lemonade (alcohol)
She tells Kevin she's not drunk but wants to stir things up. She's drunk : )

Natalie does her best to insult everything that moves and command people to do things the way she wants them done. She spent most of the evening insulting Kevin to the point that he got fed up & went to bed. Natalie decided she was going to sleep in the Splash room with Jeff & Jordan, telling Michele she has to sleep in the DR. She also made a snide remark that she would be talking to Chima right now if some skank hand't voted her out. Michele's response was Natalie was being ridiculous.

By midnight everyone was in bed with Michele exclaiming this was the earliest they all had gone to bed.

It's definitely F5 time when the house slows down & it's easier for them all to get away from each other, unless you have a drunk Natalie following you around, including to bed.