There are many things to consider pertaining to Deanna becoming F1. First off is how could Brad develop VERY strong feelings for Deanna if he had something solid with Jenni? It doesn't make sense to me.

IMO, I've only seen one layer with Brad and Jenni as where with Deanna, it's like peeling an onion. There's a LOT of layers with Deanna and because of her, I get a sense of Brad's heart and can peel away his layers, as well.

Also, the sun is in Jenni's eyes so much at the FRC that she is squinting and seems uncomfortable. Would Fleiss place the F1 in this position for a proposal? Wouldn't he want the F1 to be as comfortable and radiant looking as possible?

When Brad said Deanna makes him want to be a better person and that she has the whole package, in my opinion, these are just a smattering of strong statements Brad has made when describing Deanna.

The marriage statement is simply a continuation to the next step of their relationship. Deanna is the one in whom he has a "real and true connection" and Brad has said many heartfelt things about her such as, "Words like that coming from Deanna are basically everthing I've wanted to hear from someone like her," and "That's rare," and "I want to get physical, I want to kiss, hug and touch...all of those things that make a relationship what it is," and "I am developing some very strong and extremely real feelings for Deanna...very strong," and "She's everything I've ever looked for in a woman," and "I look at her as a soulmate," and finally "I can see a lifetime with Deanna."

I can't imagine after having said all of the above, Brad saying, "But, gosh darn, that's not what I want!"

Then there is the wonderful connection with Deanna's family and Brad that I could FEEL just watching all of them together. OPA!

Finally, the kiss in the restaurant during their FD. Deanna surrenders to Brad and Brad can feel it. It is an amazing moment.

I could go on but this is the gist of it. I can see Brad and Deanna having kids, working out life problems together and growing in love with each other as the years go by.

That's what I see, for what it's worth.