By winning the America’s Choice call-in competition this week, Janelle won a trip to the set of Two and A Half Men. Both shows are on CBS network although different production companies make the two shows. Two and a Half Men is one of the most popular sitcoms on CBS but sadly it never gets nominated for Emmy Awards but it should.

The trip was Friday night September 9. Janie was blindfolded and taken by limousine. There were rules set as far as what she could and could not discuss while on the set. She was allowed to see some fans but her discussions with them were limited.

From Member #22141 Tyrebious I met Janelle tonight!!!:

Hello BB Fans,

My girlfriend and I work right next to the WB lot and when we heard the AC prize was going to be to visit the set of "Two and a Half Men", we snagged some tickets to go to the taping.

When we got in there they were announcing the cast of the show. I looked off to the right and clapping down off to the side was Janelle. They had signs everywhere saying they were filming BB tonight and by reading the signs we agree to have our faces and voices on camera. She clapped during the introduction and then disappeared for a while. She later came out when the audience MC announced that she was there tonight. I noticed there were several other BB fans in the audience cause they were all screaming. She came out and waved to the audience, she looked very excited. The MC then asked if she would come up into the stands and do a Maggieic trick with him. She said sure. As she went to walk around to go up on the bleachers, she walked two feet in front of me. I screamed "Beat the Nerd Herd Janelle" and she looked at me, smiled, and said "I sure will".

Even through she is just a normal chick on a reality show, I felt like I saw a celebrity. The MC then had her do a card trick where she had to pick a card out of the deck and he guessed it. He made her look through the deck to find it and the whole time he had it on his forehead. She felt stupid. There were several young girls that kept screaming that they loved her and she would scream back "I love you too". The MC then said there were several people that wanted to ask her questions, but a BB head honcho flew out and said no, she has to get back to the house. I then saw her down by the set for a minute or so and then she then disappeared. She looked hotter in person (if that is possible).

From Member #22023 QueenMaggot I Was There Too...

I think I was right in front of you. It was truly exciting to see her. She was gorgeous and I felt star-struck -- which doesn't come easy to a southern Calif girl!

The traffic was light and I was number 71 in line (they usually take 175-200. There was a much longer line to go see "Joey" (go figure!). Yes, you could see it in Janelle's face - that the support and love of the crowd really lifted her up.


From Taffy member # 21160:

Maggie and Ivette are playing volleyball...

They've asked April to join them twice and both times she's replied "I don't want to mess with the integrity of the game", April keeps saying how much she likes the game (volleyball). I think they're on lock down outside I think cuz they have said.."c'mon BB, hurry up".

Janelle comes into the backyard anf they all scream with glee and Ivette runs (!!!) toward her so excited to see her...They are all so thrilled, asking her all kinds of questions about her day, repeating "how cute!"

Maggie: Did anyone recognize you?
Janelle: umh

They ask her what did they tell her(the fans),she says she can't tell...
more questions, more "that's so cool" They're soooooo happy for Janie

They kept insisting that Janelle tell them what the fans said so she finally tells them...

That they would yell "Janie,I love you!" April says that's so cool...Janelle says it was a 14/15 year old girl, Ivette says she can't believe kids that young watch the show...Then Janie says an elderly couple also said "I love you Janie"...and Someone asked her if they had called her "Janie"...she tells them that the cast had no idea who would be coming to the set (ed. note: watch them say later that BB fixed it and no one voted really.) she's now describing the tour she got of the set

From kristinek member #22125

Janie's home! they all act happy!
Asking Janelle if it was private where she was. Janelle saying they were cheering for her! Ivette asking about salami. Janelle saying she couldn't interact with the fans. Maggie saying she can't believe there was BB fans there. Janelle re-iterating that she couldn't talk about what happens in the house. April asks if they asked about the NH? LOL

The response from the others?
Ivette sitting quietly....miserable actually! Jealous again!!!!!!!!!!!

From amynyc Member # 21920

Janie says it was so fun, shows them a shirt signed by Charlie. Says let's go inside, telling them all about it

Janie was not allowed to talk to the fans, Maggie is surprised BB allowed BB fans there

She met Charlie, wasn't really allowed to talk about game or anything. April asking about Charlie Sheen
Lots of questions, they seem interested (jealous) that Janelle has fans. People said "Hey, Janie, I love you!!

Maggie looks like she is sucking on a lemon... Janelle told them her picture was taken when she got out of the limo.

Papparazi types? says Ivette...Yes, says Janie

They can't believe it.
April: Oh they probably hang out there to catch pictures of Charlie
Janelle" No, they were there to see me, they followed me around

From ferretkiss Member # 16875

Janelle: a lot of fans came. Ivette: what do you mean a lot of fans came?

Ivette: what did they tell you?
Janelle: I cant tell you.

They did the taping of the show and then they all came out to meet me. they had this guy who did a card trick and then that’s when I saw the people that came to the show.
April: what do you mean
Janelle: the Big Brother fans.

Janelle: oh my god they had an awesome craft service, i had chicken pot pie, burrito salad... [feeds crapped out]

April and Maggie: what did she look like, that is so weird!
Janelle: and there were old people and they were like I love you Janie.
April: they called you Janie!?!?!
April: there is psycho people that watch this stuff like its going out of style. i think nobody knows me, but the thing is, we all have fans. there are people that love us, hate us...

Janelle: but i don’t think people would come out if they hated me, they were like, FANS.

The other three are trying to ask if the fans came to see the show or if they came because it someone from Big Brother was going to be there. Janelle says because it was Big Brother, she saw a Big Brother sign. (The live feed goes to a picture of a fishbowl).

Maggie: was Charlie cute?
Janelle: Yes! He looks like a dad; he’s not like in his hotshot days. He’s got two kids now.
Maggie: they fed you and you come back and eat this sh*t (Janelle is munching)
Janelle: yeah. i didn’t eat a lot.
Janelle: i was blindfolded.

April: that’s so cute the little kid.
Janelle: he had a scooter. i met his mom too. he does three hours a day of schoolwork, he has to have 15 hours.
Janelle: two days are live, Thursdays and Fridays.
April: that’s cute, he is cutuuue.

Maggie: so they knew about the show?
Janelle: uh huh
Maggie: why cause we’re normal?
Janelle: were not normal.
Janelle: they had music and stuff and they asked if i lost or gained weight, and i said i gained it. Charlie and the cast members.
Janelle: they didn’t even know i was coming today.
Maggie: that is so weird
Janelle: they knew a lot about the show, they'd seen it.
Maggie: did nt you feel that was weird.
Janelle: no. a lot of people watch it.

From Zazny Member #9665
Janelle said a couple fans said "we love you Janie!"

Janelle: I wasn't allowed to interact with the fans; Charlie, etc. couldn't talk about current events or the game.
April: There are some psycho fans that watch this like it's going out of style
Janelle: They are fans of the show
Janelle says one was a teen girl and Iv said "I can't believe they let them watch this."

From memyselfandi member # 18612

Janelle's back showing off a shirt with autographs and telling all about her AC prize

Ivette is saying "Awesome" and asking a lot of questions.

Janelle got a tour of the whole set by the little kid on "Two and a Half Men" and brought her to the trailer where he gets his schoolwork done.

Cameras were following her all around. A lot of people recognized her and there were a lot of fans there because it was a live taping.

Ivette and April want to know what they said.

Janelle can't tell them what they said. But she tells them people were screaming her name after they ask whether that happened and it was fun.

Janelle was blindfolded as she was being brought back.

They ask what she ate. She had salami and a chicken pot pie and a bunch of other stuff at the craft service table.

Janelle wasn't allowed to interact with fans.

Maggie is surprised fans were allowed to be there. Janelle said she couldn't talk to them.

She got to talk to Charlie Sheen but she couldn't talk about current events or the game at the taping. She had a handler with her the whole time.

Janelle: "The whole thing is it was really exciting to get food and see people."

She got to take pictures with the cast and meet all the writers and producers.

Ivette says forget about the whole experience but it was cool that she got to get out of the house and see other people than the houseguests.

The other House Guests are asking lots of questions and congratulating her and interested.

Most of all they want to know what other people told her. Janelle said they didn't tell her about the game. After they push and push her to tell them she finally says that they pretty much just had people saying "We love you Janie." She describes one girl there who was 14 years old and kind of breaking down, not making fun of her, but she said that it was kind of funny that people recognized her.

April: There are psycho people who watch this stuff like it's going out of style.

April says all of them have fans, people who hate them.

Maggie still thinks she will walk out of the house and not have any repercussions from it.

Janelle tells them that even if people do hate her they probably wouldn't bother coming to the set.

She says Charlie Sheen looked kind of old compared to his "Hot Shots" "Major League" days but he does have two kids now.

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