“If it’s time to go, remember what you’re leaving. Remember the best.
My friends have always been the best of me.”
11th Doctor, Doctor Who

Tuesday August 7, 2012

8:10 AM

Boogie is awake, goes to the bathroom then into the kitchen to make his ice coffee. Then goes outside & sits on the couch. Speaking into his mic he asks that if a certain person is there he wants called to the DR.

Flipping through the question cards from the game they got last week Boogie makes a shout out to “Mr. Janelle” telling him that his wife is a liar and he is sending her home to him early- his gift to him.
Boogie says his favorite Janelle quote from yesterday is “I can’t believe I didn’t even have make-up on”. As he begins to call the feedsters weird but stops himself.

8:31 AM

We have Fish- It’s time to wake up!. The day has begun as the house guests begin to rise and shine.

Britney is outside with Boogie, they are wondering about the early wake up time and talk about everyone staying up so late. Brit tells Boogie something Joe told him he heard from Janelle about her husband and the nanny. Then they start the what if’s about the upcoming HOH- both think Jenn is unmotivated to win.

Brit: “Did you hear the golden nugget out of Ian? He got offered an alliance by Joe”
Boogie:”Good group. Powerful” he laughs.

9:40 AM

Brit, Boogie and Ashley talking in the backyard about Brit and Boogies BB seasons. Brit asks Boogie how he feels about not playing with Will this season vs how it was season 7.
Boogie says he got lucky with Frank, that the problem with season 7 was we spent most of the first part of it trying to get rid of season 6. They felt like they had never moved out and it was their house. They had so much power but once it balanced out I had a better time and got along better.
He says there were a lot of boredom breakers in season 7 but people are more relaxed this season. Brit says it seemed like there were more miserable people her season but they joked about it. People don’t do that this season.

Boogie: “if you’re super bored you have the house pet, Ian, just roll up with 4 or 5 questions and you got yourself a story. Brit said yep, he is great.

Ashley asks Britney who the most miserable person her season was. Brit says “probably me, then says Enzo, that they got so bored they were naming parts of the yard, like the bad part of town- conversation were about how bored they were. Hayden wasn’t as vocal about it though.
Boogie loves Matt’s twitter name. Brit says Ian’s like in love with Matt, he is really good- he talks to former house-guests, websites and Evel Dick-we get fish.

11:39 AM

Brit, Boogie, Frank & Janelle sitting on the backyard couches. Brit is read questions from the table top cards- To Frank “Is Justice or forgiveness more important?” He says Justice Brit agrees.
Which is more important Intelligence or common sense? Frank, Boogie & Brit all agree common sense. Frank is called to the DR.
Who would you trade places with for one month? Boogie-“J’z” Brit-“Oprah” Joe joins them outside with his food.

Ashley is laying out by the pool & Jani goes to talk to her. Jani tells Ashley that she talked to Danielle last night & she says she thinks Jani will stay, she agrees she needs to talk to Shane.
Jani asks her if Wil is mad at her. Ashley says he hasn’t been talking to her about it but that he is voting for Jani to stay. They both agree they don’t think he is lying to her & that it would be best to vote out Frank.
Jani asks”You don’t think people would just lie to me & say they are voting for me to stay do you?’

Ashley asks her again if Danielle said she wasn’t the target. Jani says she never said anything about Danielle & it is sad she would just believe someone who made up a lie- she thinks somebody told Danielle that Jani was coming after her & that is a blatant lie.
Jani says “this just sucks” Ashley asks her if there is anything she can do-Jani tells her to let her know if she hears anything & asks if she is voting for her. Ashley says “of course”

When Jani leaves Brit goes over to check on Ashley asking her how the conversation was. “awkward” Ashley says. Ashley says “it just sucks I want to tell her”
Brit tells her she wants to know if Janie says anything bad about anyone sho she doesn’t feel as bad voting her out..

12:12 PM

Joe is talking to Danielle in the HoH bathroom brings up the possible trade of Wil to Boogie’s team, tells her Wil was going to vote him out but something changed his mind so he called a deliberate lie instead. Joe feels the whole reason for that lie was to throw Ian off before the competition. He says Wil was also angry at Jani at the time because of she did on his behalf. After their argument Will went to Frank & Boogie- he tells he he is committed to voting with Danielle and that he feels the one person who is untrustworthy is Wil.

Joe tells Danielle he wants to try and protect her. If he hears one bad word about her he will confront that person then let her know about it. Tells her
Jani floats with the power, Joe tells her that isn’t his game. “I want to live or die with my group. I don’t want to float with the power.”
He believes if you want to go very far in the game, like Dan, you need a strong agreement. Joe wants to be with Danielle to group together to protected one another-Want them to have blind faith In one another.
Joe tells her Wil is coming after her and Dan, that he has told multiple people you are his number 1 target.

Danielle doesn’t want to tell anyone how to vote. Joe “I’ll work with whomever for our team but I don’t want to physically work with Wil. He leaves the room as Brit comes in.

Once the door is closed Dani says “Oh my God” Brit updates Dani about her conversation with Ashley telling her Wil has gone back to Joe & Jani with information. “I don’t trust Wil with any information. I told Wil that Jani thinks it was him, just giving him a heads up, then he throws me under the bus, telling it to Janelle” Dani wants to confront Wil & ask him if he is coming after her & Dan.

12:32 PM

Jani talking to Shane in the arcade room, she asks him if Danielle thinks she is gunning for her. Shane says he doesn’t think she is gunning for Danielle.

Jani asks him where his head is at. He will do what Danielle wants & will go with the house, he asks Jani where she thinks the votes are. Jani tells him she has Brits vote & 4 others.
Shane tells her he does feel bad she didn’t get to play in POV, tells her he still has to talk to Britney about what she is doing.
Jani “I am a straight player, not a backstabber and I don’t backdoor people” If I win HoH next week I want to work with you guys”
Shane tells her he will talk to Brit & Danielle.
Jani trying but can’t pin Shane down on his vote. She says “I hope there isn’t something I’m missing, I’m no good at this game & the social thing. I’m likable but not a schemer.”
She tells him she never wants to be like Boogie, she doesn’t turn on her alliance ever & doesn’t do the dirty stuff. Says the game is also about believing in people & trusting them. She wants the people you can’t trust out of the house. Jani asks Shane to tell her either way, “You won’t lie to me, right?” Shane whispers “I want Frank gone”. Jani says she just doesn’t want to be blindsided.

12:55 PM

HoH camera is here & the picture taking begins. Wil poses with Britney, lifting her on his shoulders & when he puts her down he tells her she has a great Vagina. He tells Jenn the same thing after they get a picture hugging.
Picture of Dan & Britney hugging, he says “you are tiny”.
Dan & Will take some shots doing karate moves.

1:33 PM

Ian is pacing the backyard looking a bit anxious & talking to him self.
Janelle is planning a work out with Danielle. Whispers to Dan & they go to arcade room. Jani is talking about the votes saying she has 4 but needs him to be the 5th. He says sure as long as the others are %100. Talking about thinking it was Wil that told Danielle the lies about her.
Dan: “As long as you know by tomorrow night, let me know.”

Jani:”Shane said he’ll tell me tomorrow. He wants to know what Danielle wants & what the house is doing. You don’t think Danielle believes those lies do you?”
Dan is pretty noncommittal telling her she should talk to Danielle. That Now Danielle figures the house can decide.

Jani:’Next week I’ll put up whoever lied about me, & it isn’t Joe.”
She tells Dan that Danielle told her the person who told her Jani was coming after her was in the HoH room for 4 hours Sunday night. & it wasn't a girl - Jani thinks it was Wil. She says the only votes Frank has is Boogie, Ian and Wil. Jani has Britney, Ashley, Shane, Joe & Jenn. She feels bad for Joe that he has been battling for her. She tells Dan she really doesn’t think Joe is coming after him. Dan disagrees. Jani says she thinks she can get Joe to put up Wil.

Jani says she for sure has Brit, Ashley, & Joe.& Wil says he’ll vote for her. Dan “I’ll wait until Wednesday to see.” Jani tells him she wants to keep the coaches together, even Boogie, though she hates him.

Jani: :Wil said Boogie approached him several times to work together.” She's seen Wil & Frank talking together. She is telling him that Wil thinks the game is all about lying & backstabbing. She thinks there is something not right about Wil.
Jani: “he got mad at me & wouldn't talk to me for 24 hrs.” Now she's explaining why he was mad at her. Says Wil was going to vote Frank to stay.
Dan: “Can't trust anyone in here.”
Jani: “Yes, you can.”
Dan talking about his season, how he trusted Memphis, then Kisha, Reney. But this time around it's not like that.
Dan heads outside to Ian. Dan “Sorry, I got caught in the blonde web”

2:40 PM

Wil talking to Danielle in the HoH room.. Danielle repeats what Joe told her, that Janelle has never said anything bad about her. Wil disagrees, says Jani is a two faced, bold faced liar & makes stuff up. He does think she may be nice outside of the house. Wil starts to talk bad about Britney, saying she is wrapped up in the lies, Danielle is sticking up for her, Wil backs down. He thinks they can’t let Joe go to jury. Danielle tells him Jani thinks she has Wil. Ashley, Dan & Joes votes. Wil says Janelle is so fake & that nobody knows he and Danielle met yesterday. Wil”she is going to go & Joe is going to be *****up a creek”

Danielle tells Wil that Joe & Jani keep taking about her giving Wil 5K and then taking him off the block.
Dani “Joe wants to make a deal with me & Shane. I also took up for you against Dan the other day.”
Danielle tells Wil his speech about the hair was hilarious. Wil laying on the HoH bed going on about how Janelle thinks she has the votes to stay. Danielle tells him how Jani told her “If I’m your target well I’m staying.” She repeats the Jani talking to Shane story again about Janelle just wanting to know if she is going to go. Wil says he has no problem not telling her ahead of time.

Brit comes in complaining about how ruthless Janelle is & how she keeps bugging her about working out. They go on about how Janelle can’t work out alone & why should Brit change her schedule for Jani. Brit fills them in on the conversation she had with Jani earlier by the dryer. Wil “Jani likes to make people do what she wants when she wants them to do it.” He thinks she is also making a pity party for herself.

Brit: “I can’t take it anymore it is too much. That is why I tread so carefully in this game, I don’t like the go between.”
Dani: “you and I are NOT working out right now I put my f’ing foot down. Let’s go out to the pool.”
Brit:”She is going to get so mad”
Wil:” just tell her to stop or I will vote you out.”

Janelle waiting “patiently” for Britney to get Danielle to work out. She looses patience and heads to the HoH to round up both Britney & Danielle. Ten minutes later Jani is leading a Brazilan butt work out in the LR with Joe, Danielle & Britney, while Dan & Boogie sit on the couch watching & eating.

4:53 PM

Joe & Shane in the arcade room- Joe going over his conversation with Danielle. It is my opinion that is doing a lot of lying.

Shane: “I’ve heard that”
Joe “something is going on, I think they are working together. Wil told this elaborate story to scare Ian But the day before that..
Shane “I know what you are talking about”
Joe “Well Jenn knows about the trade now. They knew it was going to come out so they told her.”
Joe “It is not going to hurt my feelings, I will go with the house. But I think Wil is deceptive.”
Shane “Everyone likes him”
Joe “but he lies”
Shane “I heard he was coming after me.”
Joe “ I heard you & Dan. He will come to the hot tub and say we have to get rid of Danielle because she is so tight with Dan”
Shane “Hmmmm…
Joe “Now I hear that he went to Danielle and gave her a love party.”
Shane “of course she is Hoh”
Joe “Frank and Boogie are cominbg after us. You first and me second.”
Shane “ Yea. I don’t know why she did that because she should have put up Boogie”
Joe “I think it was Boogie, Frank & Wil who got in Danielle’s ear, I think we are in bigger trouble if Frank stays, for you and me than if Janelle stays.”
Shane “Yes Janelle told me she is not coming after me.”
Joe “you know who she will go after, maybe she put Jani up to put the fear into her”
Shane “Yea maybe, Jani has always been about getting Boogie out”

Jani is telling Jenn about Allstars and how Boogie beat her butt in the final competition badly. Jenn is keeping that in mind.

Janie: You are not the target. I am going after the men. If I leave there will be the double amount of guys than girls. There has been 2 girls that have left the game already. You need more girls at the end of the game because the guys do the bromance thing. Will you let me know either way?”
Jenn: “Yes”
Jani: “I"m not into the blindsided thing about it.”
Jenn: “Were you blindsided by this?”
Jani: “OMG, yes. I don't want to talk about it.”
Jenn: “No, its ok. It is just a yes or no question”.
Jani: “She was told some lies about me going after her.”
Jenn: “We'll talk tomorrow. I was really surprised.”
Jani: “ she was my friend. I'm in the dark. Is there a large alliance in the house? What is going on? I'm in the dark completely.”
Jenn: “It seems like you talk to a lot of people.”
Jani: “I think a lot of people may be lying to me. They tell me I have your back 110%. but I get this feeling. Something is up.” Jenn: “You have to trust your gut. I trusted my gut and I was right (re: trade). I know how Boogie rolls. He picks one person and rolls with them.”
Jani: “I'm not a manipulator like Boogie. I'm not a mind screwer. I am a competitor. But with Boogie, he blindsided two of my best friends in the house. He’d tell me he would vote for one of my friends to stay and then vote them out.
Jenn”We can touch base tomorrow. You are a bad ass competitor.”
Jani”Okay, We’ll talk tomorrow.”
Jenn “ Alright, Mama.”
Jani “ Thanks.”
Jenn “ Anytime.

6:43 PM

Dinner time. House guests gather around the table. Everyone eating a bit awkward but normal chit chat going on.

Britney “Clay Aiken, whatever happened to that guy?” Wil telling them about a day dating website Clay is on, they decide Clay Aiken does Broadway. Talk turns to internet dating sites, other former American Idol folk- Kris Allen was from where Britney lives. Will George Clooney ever get married? (Jenn jokes that he is in the closet) Miley Cyrus is engaged, Who is hotter Chris or Liam Hemsworth? Fun family dinner talk.
Dan is putting together a poker tournament, set to start around 10:30pm BB time.

Jani & Wil talk in the bedroom, Ashley and Joe in the bathroom talking.
Jani tells Wil that surely she is on the block for a reason, Wil tells her he thought he was put up as part of a bigger plan. He asks Janelle if she thinks that Dan, Britney & Boogies are all working together. Janelle says no, because they definitely want me to stay. But I think they are planning something for next week. Trying to divide our group because we’ve been so tight.
Jani “I seriously don’t understand what is going on. I’m so in the dark.”
Wil joins Joe & Ashley and tells them he was lying when he just swore his vote to Janelle, his fingers were crossed behind his back.

7:30 PM

Janelle decides to talk to Ian, she heads out to join him at the hammock. They talk about Janelle’s times on the block, Ian tells her he was active on the forums back then. They talk BB history & game play, Janelle says she coached Porsche (BB13) They both can’t wait to watch the season they agree it will be funny especially the invitation bits. Janelle says if she goes home she can see her puppies,(feeling him out a bit- he gives nothing away) They discuss Survivor, they both liked Rob.

Jenn comes and get Jani and Ian-they have Alcohol, Ian says he wants a Bud.
Brit and Ian back in the hammock- Ian tells her that Joe is pissing everyone off. Brit apologizes for telling Boogie Joe propositioned Ian to join his alliance. Everything being fine between them they swing on the hammock and talk about both wanting this Hoh

Britney moves Ian's mic then whispers in his ear. Afterward she says my name is Britney that starts with B, and apples begins with A. Sounds like they are working out a cheat for “majority rules”
Ian says “I’m the sneakiest person here, so sneaky. He says he has great hearing-Brit says “you have a bionic ear” Brit asks do you hear anything interesting? Ian said most of what he hears is junk.

Brit asks what Janelle talked with him about earlier. Ian said just BB history stuff. Ian said she (Janelle) tried to ease into a conversation, but he wasn't interested.

Brit says she's had her doubts about voting out Janelle, but even if she wanted to save Janelle at this point, it is a lost cause.

Ian agrees. He says it has to be obvious she's supposed to go. Ian says he feels less bad about voting her out than voting Frank out. He hopes Wil doesn't get the f*cking Veto.

8:39 PM

Ian on the hammock now and Janelle is laying on the ground- he talks about oiling the hammock Janelle asks him if he would look after Ashley if she goes, she says there are only a few people who she can trust in the house. Jani says she is a huge poster at Survivor Sucks and that she knew Willie was a Hantz, that Brit was the only one who didn’t know. (fish)
Britney and Danielle in the HoH room trashing Janelle, , Wil and Jenn by the fire pit discussing Jenn’s chat with Janelle.

Janelle, Joe and Ashley talk in the arcade room, Jani says Wil told her he didn’t talk to Danielle into putting Jani on the block. Ashley asks why Jani thinks he did it. Joe just glares at her & says he was the only one in the house that heard it. Jani then admits there were a lot of people there including Dan & Britney. Ashley asks her if she has the votes, Janelle says Dan will vote for her if Shane does- Ashley then you’re ok unless you don’t trust Britney. Jani “if Britney doesn’t vote for me that sucks." Janelle says right now everyone is pretty much voting for her to stay but who knows Danielle is off her rocker.

Jani “There is always a chance they could be lying to me”
Joe “ what do you think all of Wil’s secret conversations with Jenn are about, trying to get you a vote?”

Jani “I don’ think so but what does it matter?” Ashley confirms she was with Wi all night Sunday night when someone told Danielle Jani was coming for her- Janelle says we will find out It could be an elaborate lie.

9:20 PM

Janelle, Danielle & Brit drinking wine around the hot tub. Ashley & Joe join them and they offer Ashley some wine she takes a sip then gives it back, Joe has his tea. Wil and Jenn decide to go say hi to the hot tub crew. Wil is called to the DR, comes back with plastic cups and tells them no glass by the hot tub. They talk about “the hunger games” it reminds Jani of BB and if you are the best of the best they ask you back, she is upset she spilled her wine.
Danielle drunk in the HoH with Shane (or at least acting drunk) she told him she drank the whole bottle of wine herself but she shared a glass with both Brit and Janelle so who knows.

Shane, Danielle & Boogie trash Janelle, going on about how she thinks she has the votes and Danielle says she has been over Janelle since week 1 and can’t wait til she is gone.

Janelle, Britney and Wil dancing in the backyard (dancing for more wine.) Janelle twirls Britney around and Jenn joins in the dancing.

10:30 PM

Poker tournament begins. Boogie wins the first hand and Joe wins a big pot as Shane goes bust.
Jenn and Ian talk a bit of game. Ian tells her the HoH competition will be a quick one after last weeks endurance.

12:28 AM

Poker game is over, house guests have all scattered.
Up in the Hoh Britney is trying to explain to Shane and Danielle that they want to keep some distance between themselves so they aren’t put on the block together and that after September 19 they can do what they want.- Shane totally gets what she is saying but Danielle remains clueless,(or chooses to ignore the advice) Brit tries to give the happy couple a bit of therapy. Danielle not real happy about the counseling.

Danielle gets up and goes into the Hoh bathroom. Shane and Britney talk about Joe- Shane recounts the conversation he had with Joe in the arcade room room this morning. Joe told him that Janie thinks she has Wil, Ash, Jenn, Brit & his (Joe) vote. He wanted to know how Shane was going to vote and also asked that he let him know about the vote because he would like to vote with the house.

Brit says that she thinks Janie only has 1 vote (Joe's) she says that Ashley is going to tell Janie tomorrow that she isn't voting to keep her.

Dani comes back into the room but instead of getting back into bed with Brit & Shane she lays down on one of the HOH couches. She is not participating in the conversation with Brit & Shane at all and looks angry. Brit asked her why she was over there and she said because she wanted to.

Brit & Shane continue talking about all of the votes against Janie. They don't want Joe to know how the house is voting because he'll be the lone vote to keep her which will put a target on his back. They both agree Joe has to go. Shane says that Joe is Frank's target too. Brit says it makes her nervous because people's targets change. She tells Shane if you feel safe you should be really worried!

Britney says good night and leaves the HoH- Shane says he owes Danielle a back rub but she tells him not to worry about it. She begins the ancient ritual of the “pissed off pay attention to me now or pay latter “ dance with Shane.

1:18 AM

Joe and Janelle talk- she asks if she should just stop campaigning. Janie “and if I leave Dan, Danielle, Brit and Shane definitely have an alliance….I like Jenn but she’s totally scared of me as a player. I mean I know I have a reputation..." she says the longer everyone leaves Frank & Boogie in the house the stronger they become and the closer they'll become. Jani tells Joe “I do not want to go to jury if I lose”

Jani “Q&A HOH is my specialty, endurance not so much. I’d love to win HOH if I stay…I’m sick of this stuff.”
Janie "Sometimes in the back of my head I think I am leaving" Joe says that's only human.

Janie "I was never on the block during All Stars, I wouldn't have survived it" she tells him about the times she was on the block during S6 and she says she knew she wasn't going home. "I don't know if I'm going home Thursday"

Joe says she'll know more tomorrow.

Janie "If Wil's lying they're all lying." Joe says his gut is that Wil is lying. Janie asks him what his gut is on her leaving. He says he needs to get the votes tomorrow. Janie says Brit told her that she is voting for her to stay for sure. She thinks Brit will at least throw her a vote unless she is completely lying to her.

Joe and Janie talk about Danielle. They both think she is really insecure. Jani says she’ll tell her she looks pretty and Danielle will reply "What I don't look pretty everyday?"

Janie "I hope she grows up and feels more confident in herself"

Joe says she has had a lot of tragic relationships where guys have cheated on her and he thinks that is a source for her insecurity.

Janie "I wish she wasn't so insecure and childish but she does have this sweet side too but then she'll say the weirdest off the wall comments. I hope she isn’t putting me out because of jealousy" She is starting to really think she is going home.

2:25 AM

Lights out in the HoH Danielle goes to sleep.

Shane and Janelle talk about the Bachelor/Bachelorette. Shane tells her that right now he is voting to keep her. Jani is surprised “You are?” Shane says he is pretty sure that him and Dan are voting to keep her. Jani says Frank acts like he is staying. She tells Shane how Frank said he was gunning for Shane and that he already put Shane up once – Shane says it is better for him if Frank goes. Jani tells him for sure she isn’t coming after him. Joe tells Shane he no longer trusts Wil.

3:42 AM

Jani “Goodnight Internet!” Joe “Goodnight Feeders, Love Ya” both head off to bed. Lights out
House-guests are all asleep, the house is quiet

(As always special thanks go out to all the Joker Updaters- without all of you we would just have Fish)