BB5’s Jase Sounds Off About All-Stars, BB6, and Life After Big Brother

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Jase Wirey, Big Brother 5’s most memorable Houseguest, about many of the things we fans are so interested in. From the rumored Big Brother All-Stars, to what his life is like now, Jase answered in the usual candid and fun loving manner that made him such a popular Houseguest. Jase declined to answer questions regarding the Infamous 6-Finger Plan that got him evicted, and his even more infamous relationship with fellow Houseguest Holly. Got to respect someone who wants to keep PART of their life private, right? (Better late than never! Why is it that we fans feel we should know everything after the HG’s leave the House, anyway? Oh well. Guess we’ll just have to use our imaginations!)

L4K: Hi Jase! It’s really great to talk to you today, thanks for the opportunity! As an ardent fan of BB, I have some burning questions that I can’t wait to ask. The question on most people’s minds is, what happened with you and Holly?
J: That is something that her and I have agreed to not talk publicly about. I mean, who wants a public breakup?

L4K: Well, that's fair enough. On to more interesting matters! By now we’ve all heard the rumor about Big Brother All-Stars, possibly happening as soon as next summer. Do you think you would be interested in participating if given the chance?
J: When I first got out of the house it was like, “what the hell just happened and what did I do?” After time, you realize being a Houseguest is like being on crack. You find yourself in the fetal position on your bathroom floor with peanut butter smeared all over your face shaking for another hit.

L4K: OK, I’ll take that as a yes. Can you tell us if you have been approached for All-Stars yet?
J: I have heard some interesting stuff, like “we put a man on the moon…” We’ll see what happens.

L4K: Do you think former winners should be included in BB All-Stars?
J: In regards to Drew, NO. Didn’t he put us to sleep enough last time? In regards to Will Kirby, Yes. He is quite a funny entertaining fellow, now isn’t he?

L4K: He definitely is, and I think that you fit right into that category as well. Since the players would now have experience with the game, should the prize be increased for the All-Stars Edition?
J: I think there should be BIG prizes throughout the season: Like bowling shoes, or a $20.00 gift certificate to Red Lobster. Ya know, really nice stuff.

L4K: Kind of like the jumbo peanut butter jar! Now, on to this season. Did you watch the show, and was it strange for you?
J: Yes I watched, and I liked Howie and Janelle...
When people start talking smack about the HG’s (all people do), I am always the voice of reason. I say, “Look, you don’t understand. So-and-So is not a complete bi*** or a**. You are watching TV”. And, “You would be the same way, blah blah”. I stick up for my fellow BB’ers.

L4K: Well, that’s noble, especially after being the target of a strong alliance that eventually evicted you (Nakomis' 6-Finger Plan). Your Season had many strong alliances. What did you think of this year’s Friendship Alliance VS the Sov6 Alliance?
J: You know, I really don’t follow the APPRENTICE all that much, so I am not sure what corporations those are. Sorry Donald!

L4K: Very funny. Upon entering the House, you told a little fib about being a volunteer fireman for strategic reasons. After seeing how a real fireman (Eric) was received on BB6, were you surprised?
J: All I have to say is that Eric has a Napoleon Syndrome (and I’m not talking Napoleon Dynamite either, <geesh, stupid, gawd!>). Rumor has it the elf talked a lot of s*** about me in his interview process. What a douche bag! Santa needs to spank him.

L4K: I really have to agree with you on that one! So, now that you’ve had a year to think about it, how do you feel about your time in the BB House?
J: Big Brother is truly a lot more than you see on TV or the internet. It is a huge mental challenge! If you would like to play the ‘at home’ version, get 11 strangers to live in your dark basement for just one week. Then you can appreciate the insanity that all Houseguests go through! What you see on TV is a person in their most heightened, wacked out state. Things that are insignificant in real life are a big deal in the House. Personally, I am now deathly afraid of spider monkeys, and I pee my pants every time someone fires up the dishwasher. The psychologists say we will never be normal again.

L4K: When did you first get interested in Reality TV?
J: It all got started when I was seven and my family was on COPS. I got my cameo telling the nice officer just how much Pabst Blue Ribbon daddy had drank before crashing his lawn mower into the neighbor’s trailer. A star was born.

L4K: Ha! So,why did you originally try out for BB?
J: I was sitting in a witches chair in a cemetery at midnight and it hit me. It was a ghostly voice saying, “Jase, Jase, go on Big Brother, ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. You’ll shoot your eye out”!

L4K: Okay…I always suspected that you heard voices and now I know for sure.…Well, we’re glad for whatever it was that motivated you, because you had some of the most memorable moments in BB history, including advertising for an alliance with a billboard, and your bathtub snuggling scene. What are YOUR most memorable moments, personally?
J: I don’t remember a damn thing, wait, there was this one time…um damn.

L4K: Good thing it’s all been recorded for posterity, huh? What was it like after you were evicted?
J: It was all so crazy. Three words: “airplane glue”. Without it I would have never made it through with my sanity.

L4K: Do you miss anything about the House now?
J: I wonder what happened to the sock that slept with me. We got separated at the wrap party and we haven’t seen each other since. We had some special times.

L4K: Did you keep in touch with any of the Houseguests?
J: Marvin and I talk a great deal. He is my Dr. Phil and I am his. He is helping me with the spider monkey thing and I am helping him to stop exposing himself to blind dogs. It’s a win-win friendship.

L4K: Has being on BB changed you as a person?
J: BB has changed me as a person in many ways: I now fear that my friends may vote me out at any time. I have a shrine to Arnold Shapiro in my house, for he is The Creator. Ohh, and the Night Terrors…

L4K: Did you know that there is a Jase ‘Scavenger Hunt’ going on? Fans spot you everywhere! Did you have appearances on: Arrested Development, Summerland, Blind Date, Will & Grace and She Spies?
J: Yes.

L4K: Good, we can all still get our Jase Fix! On a personal note, something fans might not know about you is that you served in the US Air Force for four years. Do you have any opinion about the state of political affairs today, i.e. the War in Iraq?
J: No comment!

L4K: And finally, The Headband. WHY?
J: I believe the finer fans refer to it as a MANDANA, but the question is why. Well why do birds fly, man? Why does Charlie Daniels have a beard? Why are carnies cool?

L4K: You have a point there. I guess you just wouldn’t be you without your signature headgear! Jase, thanks so much for taking the time to answer these questions. I know that you have answered many of them before, but BB fans always appreciate hearing from our favorite Houseguests. After talking to you, I may have to consider changing my name from 'Luv4Kays' to 'Luv4Jase'!Keep in touch, OK? We’d like to see and hear more from you!
J: Thanks. I really do appreciate all the Big Brother fans. Everywhere I go I get to meet more and more of you! Even those that are always talking smack about the houseguests are cool in person. I realize that we are there for the bashing, and I love it. Personally, that is why I do and say the things I do. It really is for you all. In the future I plan to do many things for you to trash me, but that's all part of the game now, isn't it? Love ya, Jase.

-September 2005
A. L. Cronenberg is a freelance writer and avid Reality TV fan from Denver, CO.