For many CBS Big Brother fans, there is no better competitor than Janelle Pierzina. During her first appearance on Big Brother 6 she won every America’s choice award and numerous veto and HOH comps. She was in the final three and made it to the final three again in Big Brother 7 All-stars so there was some satisfaction, anticipation and excitement when she returned this year as a coach/mentor for Big Brother 14. But there was a dark and sinister force working against her and that force of evil prevailed.

Boogie’s first true love is his ego but he put that on the shelf long enough to fall in love with Dr. Will and now in some twisted logic he decided to avenge Dr. Will’s BB7 demise at the hands of Janelle by persuading the house she was a dangerous threat and forcing her eviction.

Some have said that Boogie’s hand was forced because his new love interest, Frank, was up on the block and looked to be leaving but when the pressure is on, people invariably revert to their true core and at his core, Boogie is not a nice Big Brother player. There is a chance that horribly sad things happened to him in his childhood or he is just really angry that he looks like a leprechaun (his words, not mine) but whatever the reason, Big Brother chose to subject us to his personal summer of suffering and boy is he making us suffer. His personal circumstances may have changed but that hasn’t tempered his need to be the slimiest misogynist creep since, well since Boogie circa BB7.

Gathering his evil minions Britney and Danielle, Boogie soon had the whole house forgetting the his history or BB history and in a twist of fate few saw coming, Boogie masterminded Danielle using the Veto to put Janelle on the block and with a few well-placed half truths and flat out lies from Danielle and Britney, our Big Brother Amazonian Princess Warrior was shown the door.

Thankfully, she was evicted before she made it to jury, an agonizingly slow part of the Big Brother summer that she dreaded away from her beloved husband and darling daughter. And, back to Minnesota she flew.

Before she left the Big Brother set, Joker’s had a special opportunity to speak with Janelle and ask her a few questions about her Big Brother 14 experience. This is time with Janelle Pierzina:

BestBBever: Hello Janelle, this BestBBever from, we really appreciated all your shout-outs this year?

Janelle: I love Joker’s Updates, one of my favorite websites!

BestBBever: I’ve got a lot of questions for you

Janelle: Ok, I’m ready......I knew I was going home, the fix was in for me to get backdoored but I am still surprised by Ashley & Wil. I knew there was a deal that had been made but I figured that Ashley would throw me a vote, same with Wil, I helped their games.

BestBBever: I think one of the things going on was that while it seemed Boogie was orchestrating your demise, it was really Britney. Britney is a master manipulator and it seemed like the moment your name came up as a possible evictee, everyone else passed on it but Britney latched on to it and ran with it. Boogie & Dan loved the idea and Boogie is clearly in love with Frank and has made Frank his new Dr. Will, did you see that in the house/was it as obvious in there as it was on the live feeds?

Janelle: I knew that Britney.... I knew she betrayed me and was trying to get me out of the house. I mean yeah that is what really hurt me, I love Britney, she is so nice and we spent so much time together in the house and did I know she was lying to me.....Yes, there were definite signs this week especially when Joe told me that she went to Wil and said that Britney threw me under the bus to Danielle so I knew when she betrayed me that day, I knew she was doing something to get me kicked out of the house.

BestBBever: It was bizarre to watch it on the feeds and Wil and Ashley completely capitulated and went with the house majority. It was suddenly a mob mentality, nothing you did was right and even the air you were breathing was taking up the “good people’s” air, it was hilariously twisted.

Janelle: Yeah, I felt that. I always felt like Britney, I do like her as a favorite but she did not like that I was such a fan favorite. I don’t know when it happened but clearly she had a vendetta for me.

BestBBever: I agree and it seemed like she is used to being the big dog in a sorority-mean-girls clique and she immediately became the submissive with you and I think she started resenting you because of it.........

Janelle: Yeah, I see that, it was.......[Janelle got very quiet here, there was a long pause]

BestBBever: I don't think jealousy has always played a part in other Big Brother females not liking you but I do think intimidation has been a huge factor, you are clearly a gorgeous “Blonde Bombshell Amazonian Earth/Mother/Goddess” and it always amazes me that you can speak the same language to the lowly lifeforms that pass as houseguests. [no sucking up, just fact]

That being said, is there ever a chance that we will see you on CBS in a setting that showcases your talent, are you interested in being a talk show host or an Amazonian Princess Warrior with her own show on CBS?

Janelle: I don’t know! I would hope so if there was an offer on the table but I do have a life back in Minnesota with the love of my life and my daughter so, probably not because I don’t live out here like Jeff and Jordan and I will never move, my life is in Minneapolis so...........

BestBBever: That last comment Boogie made about doing this for “Will & Erin” was because Boogie believes that you forced Dr. Will into a shomance with you on the BB7 Allstars show, what do you have to say about that?

Janelle: I definitely did NOT force Dr. Will into a shomance. Again, Boogie is clearly making this a personal attack on me, he clearly was and is in love with Dr. Will on BB7 and he probably still to this day is in love with Will. Yeah, he thinks I stole Will from him in Season 7 and I did!

BestBBever: Most Big Brother players are very diplomatic at the end of each season, saying it was only a game and forgiving each other of some pretty heinous behavior; except for what we’ve discussed about Boogie, do you feel forgiving towards everyone or do you feel the need to have a chat with some of your former houseguests about their lies & backstabbing?

Janelle: Um.......ok, um I think Wil & Ashley, I so forgive them because they are so new at this game and so easily manipulated. Dan, I completely forgive because he obviously gave me the heads up that I was leaving on several occasions and I appreciate that, you know he was the only person that said that to me, everyone else swore on everything that they were voting to keep me and why would they do that, you know like, just tell me I’m leaving, why can’t you tell me? You’re already sending me out of the house why can’t you just tell me that you’re doing it?

When I played Big Brother in [seasons]6 and 7 I always gave people the courtesy of saying; “Hey, I’m not voting for you, you’re leaving this week” or GOODBYE or whatever you know, but with this season it was all about all these little white lies and stuff that goes on that makes it so frustrating.

Even like week two, I never hesitated to tell Britney the truth. When she asked me if JoJo was leaving, I said yes, she is getting voted out but she [Britney] couldn’t have the same courtesy for me.

BestBBever: Did you know Danielle is a nurse just like BB6 Maggie?

Janelle: O WOW, well that really....[gasps, then laughter, then a heavy sigh and more laughter] I don’t even know what to say because everything is now kind of starting to fit together.

BestBBever: In my humble opinion you were very lucky to get out when you did, some patterns were repeating themselves that weren’t very pretty.

Janelle: Oh gosh, thank goodness!

BestBBever: There was a great deal of fuss made about a female leaving a baby at home to do a JOB while very little was said of a male/Mike Boogie doing the exact same thing, do you have any comments or thoughts about the prevalence of this antiquated double-standard?

Janelle: Yes. That’s just RUDE.

BestBBever: Did you know that Frank won the HOH after you were evicted?

Janelle: Well Wil and Frank are probably on the block then, Frank could win this or Shane. I like Ian too.

BestBBever: I have some more questions for you Janelle from Joker’s Updates.....

Janelle: I love Joker’s so keep going!

BestBBever: In an ideal situation where you ran the BB house, who would you align with for the long haul, who would you evict immediately & who would you take to the F2?

Janelle: I would have liked to work with Dan & Danielle, Britney & Shane & Wil & Ashley and bring Joe into the mix even though he was pretty hated and had a big mouth.

I would love to be sitting in the F2 with Joe or Ashley, especially Ashley because you know that would have been a really easy win. You know it would have been great to sit next to a newbie because then I would have had a really good shot of winning.

I would have gone after pretty much Boogie’s entire team because I talked very little game with them, I didn’t trust them and I think Ian is a really big threat in the game, even though he doesn’t look it. I definitely would have tried to make Boogie the first to go.

BestBBever: Did you know that when the coaches were put in the real game and then Frank was nominated, Boogie got furious and even spoke about DOR and then suddenly he got the “idea” to put you up for eviction and all of the Houseguests anger over Boogie & Frank trying to be another Chilltown was forgotten and you were house enemy number 1.

There were suddenly numerous stories about all the lies Janelle had been telling different people and how untrustworthy you were and Wil and Ashley were two of the biggest proponents of your demise, do you know why that happened?

Janelle: I don’t know why Wil & Ashley would do that except they have that kind of flip-flop mentality where they don’t what’s happening in the game and they’re not strategic players, they don’t know what they’re doing basically. They will do anything to stay in for another week so they don’t plan ahead and only see one week ahead.

Maybe I misjudged their tight alliance. They saw an opportunity to get Wil off the block so they took it and ran with it but they didn’t understand their was a bigger alliance in the house, they didn’t look at the bigger picture.

BestBBever: You rarely cry on Big Brother but you did tear up at your eviction, do you know what the exact thing was that got to you and made you tear up?

Janelle: Um, yeah it was the fans. Oh, there was this really nice girl as I was coming out & she was so sweet to me and I just didn’t want to let her down....or the other BB fans down.

BestBBever: Did you know that repeating JoJo’s comments about Danielle being fat were twisted and suddenly you were the architect of the whole conversation and comments and that was used over and over as reason to evict you?

Janelle: That is just.....oh just the way BB works. It backfired on me and I was trying to protect Danielle.

BestBBever: Who do you think will win BB14 and who would you like to see win it all?

Janelle: Ok, well I think, I hope that Dan is going to win or someone like Ian, being such a huge fan, I’d like to see him get to the end and win. He is a really nice guy, I don’t know a lot about his game because we never talked game....we talked a lot about science and nature and stuff like that.

I don’t think Wil or Ashley have any shot of winning this game nor does Jenn, I think Britney’s got a great shot and so does Dan. I’d love to see Joe win but he doesn’t have any allies so I mean how is he going to make it to the end, he doesn't have anyone! It is sad!

And sadly, that was end of our time with Janelle. I know she will be talking to her fans and foes on Joker’s Updates and Twitter and I can’t wait to see her home and happy with her wonderful family. CBS may not have found the right vehicle for JediJaney but I hope the CBS affiliate in Minneapolis finds the right on camera position for her because she is a delight!

I will admit that Janelle’s answer about what made her tear up actually made me almost tear up but I am far too cynical for that and just kept on typing. And while some thought Janelle’s comments about Boogie’s genital warts and on going personal litigation were sketchy, she made the valid point that Boogie chose to get his genital warts removed by Dr. Will on national TV. You put it out there, it’s fair game. Play on!

And thanks for playing this season Janelle. I personally hope to never see you in the Big Brother house ever again. Take a chapter from Kaysar’s book and move on, you are far too good for the cesspool the place has become.

Something changed in the Big Brother house during Season 9. And now they need to call in a Shaman to sage the whole house or get a priest to perform an exorcism or something. Maybe if they stop inviting lecherous leprechauns back into the house, Big Brother could be summer fun once again. I am not ready to give up my favorite guilty pleasure and so I will continue to hope.

The one small glimmer of light I see is that we may be able to vote for Janelle as the winner of America's Choice. Boogie seems to think that only players who make it to the jury are eligible and that may be true but I hope Janelle wins it anyway. The force is strong in Jedi Janey so still........I hope.