9:00 AM
As we check in on the houseguests this morning, we find Shelly has been up a couple hours by herself before Big Brother wakes the house.

Most everyone begins moving about their morning routine.

Well, except for Jeff. He is a little slow to motivate today.

Everyone knows the drill and assembles out back without Big Brother even calling a lock down.

The feeds go to Trivia at 10:45 for the Veto Ceremony.

11:30 AM
When the feeds return it’s pretty apparent that Jeff saved Porsche from the block and nominated Dani. Kalia and Dani have a cry in the Have Not room. Kalia says she won't campaign against Dani. Dani tells her to stop. In this conversation Dani says, "If I go home, both Jeff and Natalie have to quit and production [doesn’t] want that." (ed. They are apparently part of the BB Diary Room staff and this comes up a lot throughout the day).

This house gets very active with nonstop conversation will into the afternoon.

Outside Jeff, Jordon, Shelly, Adam, and Rachel are gathered. There is talk of how awkward it will be now and they need to stick together.

Porsche joins them and thanks Jeff for taking her down so she doesn’t have to pack. Jeff kids that it was her speech today that convinced him.

Jeff and Jordon retreat to the quiet of the HoH and are joined almost immediately by Rachel. She is surprised and happy. They ask her to just keep it together.

Rachel leaves and they chill out. Jeff wish's the 5 vets could have stuck together to the end. Says Dani took a big risk, it didn’t pay off and now she is paying the piper. They decide to talk to Porsche, thinking she’ll be on their side now.

Out back, Shelly (with Adam there) asks Dani what she is thinking. Dani acts bitter and says she is up because it’s a personal attack. People can look her in the eye and tell her one thing and do another. "Worst birthday week ever!"

After Adam leaves, Dani lays things out to Shelly. Nobody wins against Jeff and Jordon in final 3. Everyone wants Rachel for final 2. When Shelly shows she is receptive to flipping the house, Dani swears she will NEVER put Shelly up.

Inside, Adam talks about food and Kalia says you can't talk about food, “No talking about food”.

Dani strategizes with Porsche. She can't campaign against Kalia. She asks Porsche to make sure Adam and Shelly know that Kalia has a deal not to ever put up Jordan. She also wants Porsche to follow Kalia around the house and make sure she doesn’t talk game with anyone, “Do the total talk block against her.”

Dani pulls out her color coded corn to explain that Adam and Shelly are at the bottom of Jeff's totem pole.

Convince Shelly that she is below Adam in the alliance and convince Adam that he is at the bottom of the alliance.
Porsche is very engaged in this conversation.

Porsche spends some time with Kalia doing the mean girl thing towards Rachel. How can they get Rachel to self-evict.

Porsche follows Dani’s orders and tries to plant seeds with Adam. She follows the script (how Kalia and Jordan have a deal). Adam doesn’t think Dani will stay.

Meanwhile Kalia asks Dani if she thinks they want to vote Dani out. Dani says, “Well they have me up for a reason!” Kalia says she will campaign to everyone ‘just because’ but she is not going to say anything mean or anything. Kalia asks if Dani is going to try and make a major move in the game? Dani says, “Like what?” Kalia says, “I don't know but if you do just tell me.” (ed. Weird convo #1)

Shelly approaches the subject of flipping the house with Porsche and Adam. She stays to the script that Dani and she discussed earlier. If they take out Kalia, they'll have the numbers on their side and can proceed accordingly. Everyone would have a "fair shot."

Porsche is on board but Adam is resisting. He wants to get to 6 before flipping because you can play in every veto. He also doesn’t trust Dani.
Jeff comes out and the conversation ends.

Not long after Shelly is alone with Adam and starts up again. Adam thinks the two of them are safer with Kalia in house. Jeff comes out again and they do a really good job of pretending they were talking about other stuff.

Adam alone with Jeff indicated he prefers Dani out. He does not mention that Shelly is pressuring him to flip. He says, “I’m just waiting for [Dani] to try to blow some up this week. She's going to keep digging her own grave.”

Adam mentions the POV ceremony speeches were great and funny. He says people forget to have fun playing BB.

Inside Kalia asks Dani for advice on who to campaign to. Dani says, “I don't know what you want me to say, Kalia. You have all the votes. I don't know what you want me to say.” (ed. Weird convo #2)

3:30 PM
Shelly asks Kalia who she thinks Rachel will vote for. Kalia thinks she’ll vote with the house. Shelly now starts going through the ‘flipping points’ to Kalia (ed. Not the intended recipient). She also tells her she is not going to let [the three vets] win and tells Kalia that she's completely safe and has nothing to worry about.

When Rachel and Jordon chat about votes, Rachel says Dani would have to do major talking to Shelly to get her to flip her vote.

5:00 PM
Porsche reports to Kalia and Dani that Rachel wants to talk to her later today.

Elsewhere Adam asks Jeff, “I was a little confused on why you didn’t nominate [Dani] to begin with? Jeff says, “I was planning on back-dooring her the whole time.” Jeff says, “If you wanna switch teams you can. Take Porsche or Kalia and lead the charge. Adam responds, “Why should I?”
Adam says, "There is nothing Dani can tell me or offer me to keep her."

Shelly fills in Dani on her ‘flip the house’ activities, but that Adam won't budge. When she mentions he still has trouble trusting Dani from the times he was on the block with Dominic, Dani says she will talk to him.

Shelly says she likes Jeff and Jordon but it's only a game and they need to get rid of them now, this is the time. Dani says it has to stay a secret. Dani wants everybody to think she believes she is leaving.

Folks are working out in the Backyard while Dani and Shelly try to discreetly talk game on the back couches. Shelly says Jeff thinks Jordan is on track to win again. She was shocked when Jeff put Dani up.

Rachel and Jordon are walking laps past them and Rachel makes a point to ask them a random question every time they walk by. Dani says to Shelly, “Sometimes I wish this were a cartoon and anvils would just fall from the sky.

Later Dani and Porsche are in the Have Not room scheming about how to make a deal with Adam to keep her.

Up in the HoH, Jordon doesn’t think Adam and Shelly will flip. Jeff agrees and tells Jordon she needs to win HoH.

8:00 PM
Most everyone is eating a meal that Shelly prepared.

Outside Dani is irritable and Kalia asks, “Do you want to talk?” Dani says, “I don’t know what to say, I am going to jury. I don’t want to spend 4 weeks with Brendon or any of these people.”

When Dani leaves, Kalia talks to herself, “I don’t know what she wants me to do. I am up on the block also and she wants me to cater to her? Whatever!” (ed. Given weird convo #1 and #2, this would be weird convo #3).

Rachel retrieves 4 beers and a bottle of wine from the Storage room. Jeff tells Rachel to keep biting her tongue. She has 3 more days. Just go get it out in the DR.

9:00 PM
ShoToo Crawl
Jeff is the current HOH. Jeff chose Porsche, Daniele and Kalia to be Have-Nots for the week. In addition to slop, the Have-Nots are allowed to eat hardboiled eggs and jalapeños for the week. After advising that Daniele was not one of his targets, Jeff nominated Kalia and Porsche for eviction. The next Veto competition and ceremony will air Wednesday.

Dani and Porsche are in the Kitchen trying to think of more ways to get Adam to flip. Maybe have Shelly tell him she has a final 3 deal with Jeff and Jordon.

Porsche leaves Dani when Rachel comes in to wait for Adam. There are some steely glances shared and Dani finally gets up and leaves. Rachel makes her finger into a gun and shoots herself in the head. Dani can be heard in the back saying "Seriously?!"

Outside Porsche has the Bible and reads it out loud as a "bedtime story" to Shelly and others (ed. It was very strange but oddly amusing).

While playing pool, Adam and Rachel talk briefly about JokersUpdates.com.

Up in the HoH, Shelly informs Jordon that Dani is saying Jeff and Jordon went back on their word not to back door her. Jordan swears on her Mom and Brother there was no such deal and explains Dani’s unwillingness to offer a straight up deal. Jordon tells Shelly about catching Dani in some lies when they met and afterwards she and Jeff both felt Dani was being sketchy. She makes sure Shelly knows Dani offered putting up Adam and Shelly if she stayed.

Jordon tells Shelly she is final 3 with her and Jeff and final 2 with her if Jeff leaves before then.

Shelly brings up that Daniele stated if she leaves the game then Jeff and Natalie from production will have to quit their jobs. “I was freaking out because those are the guys I talk to.”

Jordon says, “I feel like you're gonna flip. You're making me feel like that.” Shelly, “No. I just wanna talk to you as a friend.” Shelly says she only trusts Jeff and Jordan and she would trust them with her life.

Jordon asks her if she made a final 3 with Dani and Kalia. She responds, “I did just to get info from them. Jordon, “Daniele said you had a final 3 with every single person.”

Rachel is called to the Storage room and comes outside with a bag containing a badminton set, paper folding kits for airplanes and some bendy pieces to build things they call Bendaroos. She thanks Big Brother and they say, “Your Welcome.”

11:30 PM
Everyone is outside playing with new toys except for Dani who is trying to sleep in the Have Not room. Rachel makes a wedding chapel out of her Bendaroos so she and Bendaroo Brendon can be married. Porsche lights a bendy piece on fire and BB tells her to Stop That!

Jeff and Jordan are in the hammock going over Jordon’s talk with Shelly. Jeff is very unhappy about what was discussed and casts much dispersion on Dani and even Shelly and eventually gets around to all the Newbies.
He is particularly amused Dani would think production staff would quit if she leaves. Jordon tells him this is just the beginning [of the fallout for nominating Dani].

Jeff finds Kalia and tells her not to believe anything Dani says about Jeff's word or his character.

2:00 AM
Dani, Kalia, and Porsche are in the Have Not room with Dani stating her case against Jeff again, "Jeff told me multiple times he would not backdoor me including before Veto. To deny it now makes him more of a liar. Jeff can fall off a cliff for all I care".

Porsche and Kalia talk that they should put Jeff and Adam up if they win HOH with Jeff as the target. Porsche is playful and posing.

Porsche finds Dani crying in the backyard, “It’s so unfair that I did nothing but look out for Adam. And Jeff has done nothing for him.” They wonder how they could sabotage Kalia. They will both work on Adam again tomorrow.

Meanwhile Jeff is in the HoH blowing his top to Jordon about Dani saying he lied. Jeff doesn’t think Adam and Shelly are pulling their weight.

3:30 AM
Dani and Porsche are still commiserating and plotting out back. They make Bendaroo nooses to put on the Bendaroo people and laugh at their efforts.

They are pretty noisy and wake Kalia up when they go to bed at 4:00 am and the house goes quiet.

Will Adam be convinced to flip? Will Kalia catch on? Who will blow first, Dani or Rachel? Will it change anyone’s mind? And who’s side is Shelly really on?!

A fun day on the feeds. Thanks to the Updaters for keeping up with it! And as they say...