9:30 AM

The houseguests get the wake up call and the first significant activity is Jeff and Jordon in the HOH talking game scenarios until Jeff throws covers over both of them and pretends they are fooling around. He jumps out of bed and says, “Quit messing around, I have church going Grandparents!”

Later Michelle follows Jeff up to the HOH to see where his head is. Jordon is there too but listening to music with the headphones on. Jeff says it depends on POV. Michelle offers that she and Russell are annoyed with Natalie, but want Kevin to go. Jeff wants to know what Russell has been saying to Michelle. She says he’s been quiet.

Off camera, Russell is called to the Diary room several times in a row (ed. That struck me as odd).

11:00 AM

Jeff and Michelle continue chatting. Michelle eludes she does not hear things right sometimes because she is sort of deaf in her left ear. In her past she had fallen down stairs with a q-tip in her ear. Jordon and Michelle start talking about having a girl’s night. They all three take a nap in the bed.

Russell went up to HOH, but went back down when no one answered the door. Later Michelle finds Russell in the Green room and lets him know that things are ok.

Elsewhere, Kevin and Natalie go over past events preparing for Veto competition.
Feeds are cut just before 2:00 PM for the Veto.

4:20 PM

Feeds return and we piece together what happened. They had to find bananas with the Houseguest’s name that matched the question asked by a big gorilla. They had to run up a ramp littered with banana peels to offer up their banana. Last person to get there was eliminated.

Jeff was the winner. Jordan was the first one out, followed by Natalie, Russell, Kevin, and Michelle. Michelle fell several times. They got to wear shorts that they all want to keep. The ramp got very hot in the sun and burned them when they touched it.

It was another comp where everyone had to shower afterwards. Jeff and Jordon are in the HOH bathroom. He says this season is about saving energy so from now on they should shower together. Jordon doesn’t go for it, though she does manage to flash us when she turns around in a towel.

Jeff seems set on taking Kevin off and put up Russell with intent to have Russell voted out. He wants to get assurance from Natalie and Kevin that Jordon and Jeff are safe next week. He wants a final three with Jordon and Natalie.

5:30 PM

Everyone except Russell sits down for dinner and they are getting along well. Russell has been in the Green room by himself for quite some time.

They chat about movies and then serving drinks at bars. Jeff is leading most of this discussion. Natalie says she is taking notes, eluding to her age. They talk about Jessie at length. Jeff didn’t understand how he got two girls cooking and doing his laundry and fighting over him. Natalie justifies her actions and that she was playing him, not the other way around. She throws him under the bus for all the things they did. Kevin just throws him under the bus.

Russell joins and is barely acknowledged. Jeff observed that Jessie would always disappear when there was conflict in the house.

Jordon says in the first weeks no one ever talked to her and Jeff unless they were upset and then they came out to the backyard to ‘throw stones’. When they calmed down they would disappear back inside.

7:00 PM

As everyone is getting ready to leave the table, Natalie makes a comment about everyone hating Jeff in the beginning. Michelle, who had been biting her tongue during several revisions of history, says that not EVERYONE hated Jeff as she leaves in a huff.

Michelle makes her way to the HOH to complain to Jordon about all the lies Natalie was telling at the table. Jordon is not acting very receptive. Jeff and Russell join and Russell makes it known he was biting his tongue too about things being said at the table. Jeff says that is all in the past.

Meanwhile Kevin and Natalie play pool out back. Kevin tells Natalie what she did at dinner was very risky. Natalie says, “I told you that is what I do.”

Upstairs Russell ends up getting very defensive about things that happened with Jeff early on as well as his voting for Casey and Jessie to stay. Jeff recalls circumstances (incorrectly) about giving up his bed to Russell early on, saying Russell should have just come to him instead of listening to others. Jordan is still there listening to music, not saying anything. When Russell leaves the room Jordon says he is going to be “so pissed”. Jeff admits to Jordon he lied about how the bed incident went down.

8:00 PM

Jeff and Jordon continue talking in the HOH about how things will play out and that Russell and Michelle probably realize something is up.

Not long after Michelle returns to the HOH all flustered. She tells them she was sleeping when Natalie and Kevin came into the Splish Splash room and took all the comforters back to the Red room. She leads on they even took the one Michelle was using at the time.

Jeff goes down stairs and questions Natalie and Kevin. They say they didn’t know Michelle was even there and when they went to get the one she was under, they let it go and apologized.

Jeff returned to the HOH and told Michelle that it wasn't intentional. Michelle responds, “Sorry, I'm just really grouchy. They keep stealing my stuff.”

Meanwhile Kevin and Natalie continue working Jordon in the Kitchen. They want it to remain calm and drama free. Jordon goes right along and bashes Russell to them.

Natalie and Kevin go outside where Natalie points out if this works, it’s all because of ‘LML’ (Last Minute Lie). Jeff joins them and they give him assurances of a Jeff, Jordon, Natalie, Kevin final four. Jeff points out if he uses the Veto, he will have saved them twice and they owe him big.

9:00 PM

Sho2 Crawl: The House is divided into three alliances, Jeff and Jordon, Natalie and Kevin, and Michelle and Russell; Jordon and Jeff have been keeping to themselves which is making Michelle and Russell suspicious of their final four deal; Kevin and Natalie are trying to get along with everyone and keep the target off themselves; The conclusion of the HOH and nomination ceremony will air tomorrow night.

Jordan and Natalie chat out back. Jordon is volunteering details about losing her virginity and is called to the Diary room. (ed. Of course this isn’t the case, but I’m picturing Jordon’s mom calling the studio to get her little girl off camera NOW!).

Russell and Jeff play pool and laugh about today's POV; mainly about Michelle being clumsy and injuring herself in yet another competition.

Natalie tells Kevin she would backstab Jeff, “It makes no sense for me to keep the deal with him!” She tells Kevin something in Spanish and BB goes bananas with a flurry of ‘Stop That!’ announcements. She doesn’t think she is breaking any rules and continues taunting BB by talking gibberish. BB is not amused and hits the ‘Stop That’ button a couple more times. She gets Jeff and Kevin to try talking in Pig Latin and BB hits the button again.

Having enough, BB boots Jordon out of the Diary room and both Kevin and Natalie are called to the DR. Natalie takes the opportunity to talk game in the DR hallway and we hear the first bit of their DR. Kevin says it was all Natalie’s fault. Natalie justifying that it’s not a rule.

When they return to the back yard they say they were threatened with expulsion if they kept it up, even the gibberish. Kevin says the guy was very upset at them. He could tell because his voice was even shaky.

Later, Kevin explains to Natalie that he has stopped doing things that Jeff hates, like complaining and not getting up to change batteries. He tells her they have to be on their best behavior for the next day and a half. Natalie has it all planned out. She is going to win HOH and put up Jeff using the same speech Jeff used when he put them up, “You thought Jessie was running the house. Well, you're running this house now and you've been running this house since Week 3. Now I need to change it to give myself a fair shot and everyone in the house a fair shot.”

Jordon asks Jeff if he wants to take a bubble bath later. Jeff declines, “unless we make out!” Jeff asks Natalie how to say cockroach in Spanish and tells Jordon that it is her new nickname, Cucaracha. (ed. Could that have been a ploy by Jeff to get Natalie to keep speaking Spanish?)

Eventually Natalie returns the favor of the intimate discussion with Jordon earlier by answering questions about how she met her boyfriend.

Jeff is walking through the house and here’s music in the Green room. He goes out and tells the others. Russell comes in with him and recognizes it is the BB theme music. They both make playful poses for the cameras until BB shuts off the music. They wonder if that was a hint that there is beer in the storage room. Jeff checks. No luck.

They join the others outside where we learn the reason Russell was called to the DR several times in succession this morning. It seems he had a case of morning wood and was asking for them to give him a second.

11:00 PM

Russell explains that Jeff and Jordon are the showmance of the season. They both say they are not.

Elsewhere Kevin was asking Natalie questions about her job and was surprised that she was a manager at such a young age. She say’s it is because she is good at what she does and back peddles on how much responsibility she has.


Jordan takes her long anticipated bubble bath in the HOH.

Later she tells Kevin and Natalie she is sleeping in the Splish Splash room because she and Jeff have been bickering.

Outside, Russell and Michelle talk alone. Russell is frustrated because he thinks he is getting played by Jeff. Michelle is wary too. They have been observing how much Jeff has been talking to Kevin and Natalie lately. Russell says if only they hadn't been heard by Kevin and Natalie last week (ed. *Thud!*). They think Jeff was helping and rooting for Kevin in the POV today.

1:00 AM

Michelle and Russell continue their pity party. Michelle observed that Natalie’s "not walking around like she's worried." Russell threatens to go off worse that Chima if he gets nominated at the Veto meeting. He asks, “Where did we go wrong?” Michelle says, “We didn't win HOH”.

Jordon, Jeff, Kevin and Natalie are in the Red room. Jordan talks about getting drunk and peeing in her bedroom. She wonders what makes you forget stuff when you’re drunk. Jeff goes to bed, Jordon remains. Natalie tells Jordan to stop being mean to Jeff, “at least give Jeff a kiss tonight.” Jordon heads up to the HOH.

In the HOH, Jeff warns Jordon about giving out too much information. He doesn’t want Jordon to get too chummy with Natalie and Kevin. He doesn't want them getting too confident. He thinks it was mean of Natalie and Kevin grabbing Michelle’s blanket today.

Jordon is concerned that Jeff will pull a 'Drew’ and she will be embarrassed. Jeff reassures he would never do that.

2:00 AM

Jeff’s going to tell Michele that Russell was lying about her the whole time so that Michele will still be on their side. Jeff asks if Jordon thinks Kevin and Natalie would put them up. Jordon says, “Noooooooo! Natalie sounded so sincere today!” He says if they find out Natalie is lying, she's out!

Jeff thinks Russell would keep Jeff safe but not Jordon, so he will protect Jordan and go with the Natalie and Kevin deal. They start to drill about events in the house.

Russell and Michelle are still alone in the back yard, silent for a long time. They wonder if Kevin and Jeff have a final 2 deal but decide against it. Michelle is mad about Jeff trying to throw her off in the Veto comp today. She also thinks Natalie’s age doesn’t add up with the things she says, like watching 90210. (ed. Russell are you listening? A well thought out confrontation could save your behind!)

The house goes quiet with all House guests sleeping at 3:30 AM

It was a subtly entertaining day in the house. Will Jeff go through with using the Veto? Will Russell quietly accept his fate? Will Jeff and Jordon just ‘do it’ and get it over with?

Thanks to the updaters for staying on top of it all!